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While most describe themselves as bloggers, I simply self-desribe it as song-blogging. The reason is obvious. On one hand, I love "painting music" (tunesmith-ing) in my ART SONGS and HYMNS adventures, since 2009 I was kind of thrown into something I didn't know I was capable of doing, i.e., writing lyrics for another songwriter. Funny, because it does have the appearance that I write with purely secular and "hard-rocking" lyrical themes. Kidding aside, this expereince has actually given me an opportunity to introspect, imagine and dare on putting together words I never had the experience of doing early in my songwriting journey. In a way, I am thankful to my friend, Romeo Mascarinas (RCM) for pushing me (or, shall I say, he won't take no for an answer) that now writing lyrics, too, has become musch easier than I once imagined. In fact, I find song collaboration even more interesting and less-stressful than "a do-it-all" style of songwriting. Well, that's where I am right now in my creative writing journey. On the side, I still do my "tunesmith-ing" and collaborating with prolific writers (hymnists) long gone writing newer musical settings for Christian poetries and hymns, which is an altogether different adventure. (Fro 4/28/17)

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One of my most recent collaborations with Romeo Mascariñas. The lyric was first written in 2006, right after Hurricane Katrina, about my trip to Austria in 1992. It really took a while for the song to take off... wew, finally! (2009 version) (2016 revision)


"I look at Vienna as one, if not the most beautiful place in the world, not to mention how music plays an intricate part in my appraisal." (Fro)

Email: meomascarinas (at yahoo)


Words by J. Roel Lungay
Music by Romeo Mascariñas
Performed by Romeo Mascarinas

Took an early train
From Salzburg to Vienna
Mood was very quiet
The sun a little bite
Looking out the window
'Twas quite a lonely ride.

In a flash of light
An angel passes by
My heart was set ablaze
By that gorgeous face
Though I can hardly breathe
I wanna touch her face.

So this is the tune
Of the grooving Vienna
I feel so in love
Oh, City of Vienna
Sing me your songs
At the winding Danube
Is this just a dream...
Don't wake me up Vienna.

This is quiet a dream
I really wanna scream
What is happening
The magic on this train
And everywhere I go
I sense a smell of you.

(Repeat Chorus)

The majestic Glorietta,
Schonbrunn's little moon,
The waltzing Danube
And the beer drinking nook...
All dancing with the beat
When Vienna and I meet.

(Repeat Chorus, fade)

Copyright © 2009 Roro Music
International Copyright Secured
All Rights Reserved

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Roro Music on MySpace

We've decided to go "songblogging" to other sites besides Soundclick and we've just updated a whole project on MySpace: Big Bang! by Romeo Mascarinaas (aka Romeo Romeo). Needless to say some of the songs are already available here and in many stations at Soundclick, but for purposes of listening to them, or just checking them out, in one package, we invite you to take a look at them there. Please follow the link provided to get there. Thanks
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Love Somehow Will Find A Place In Our Hearts

Words by J. Roel Lungay
Music by Romeo Mascarinas
Performed by Romeo! Romeo!

There's no telling where it'll end
There's no saying we're just friends
All I can say right now is don't say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.

I'm in no hurry I can wait
I'll just tarry 'til it's here
All I can do right now is not say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.

I know what love does for you
There's not much explaining to do
Love somehow will tickle our hearts
And settle inside [that's why/that's right].

The joy that you feel inside
Is much like taking you off for a ride
Love somehow will take its flight
In joining our hearts in love.

I can imagine what I feel
Yet I wonder, if it's real
I'll just close my eyes and not say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.



I'll just close my eyes and not say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.

Copyright (c) 2009 Roro Music. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.

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New Orleans' recording artist, Lorraine Hess, cuts Fro's Music's signature song, Dear Jesus, in her debut music album called WE SHALL BE HEALED, a treasure of contemporary pop, rock, gospel and jazz songs, eight of which are written by Hess herself. For more information visit
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