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musiq stole my heart!
musiq stole my heart!: becuz musiq took it away!! when i make a beat or ryght a ryme!! i feel it in my soul!! i du this becuz i love musiq!! i have it playin alday almost everyday!! and + im from indiana and it not to meny people that has blown up from here! well maybe the beggest star M.J but thatz about it!! bug i want to be tha next thing check me out i try not to have the same style with every song i want to do everything!! so check me out and juss show some luv
posted by b5fam on Thu Sep 6, 2007 @ 08:33 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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Feel you on the “musiq.”

I think this is a quote from Derrick May:
“If it wasn’t for the small little cities, the few ghetto guys trying to make music, none of this would have ever happened. Some of us will never made a dime. Some of us will die poor and alone, but in the process we have been the true renegades. And the rebels always walk alone anyways."
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