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Vonee's SoundClick blog - LIFE AT sOUNDcLICK
I came to be a sound click Chic May 2003
I had been writing my little songs for a while I can't believe
I have had a site here for 14 years and I love sound click
t I had no tracks to sing with when I first joined So i would sing along with my
keyboard...or my karaoke CD's A good friend taught me
how to make music files..I met Harry Todd (the git picker)
and he let me record his midi files to sing with I met Jerry
on line and he asked me to sing harmony with a song he
had written and we recorded a few songs and had a Cd made
I think it was made for us by Mp3 ,com which didn't last long
I lost touch with Jerry after a while and joined Sound Click
where I met a lot of folks there .my songs were not that good
but I uploaded them and cringed every time somebody played
one...then at a friends suggestion Band in the Box 11
and I was on my way I didn't know a lot about how to work the BBB
but I knew chords and keys So i started making music tracks for my
songs Then I got help from other artist who would make the tracks for
my songs as co writers Well that's my story

! do notice that we have new members joining up
so it would ne a good idea if some of us older members play their music
and get acquainted..Maybe Sound click might let us have a forum again...
It would give us a place to Socialize,,

Well this is my story and if you would like to visit me
just look me up at my music page WWW,Sound Rose Music
you can message me here also
posted by Vonee on Wed Aug 23, 2017 @ 08:21 AM     1 comment    post a comment
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Hope all your sky's are blue and all your dreams come true
Music is a tonic for us all..Sometimes when you think nobody cares
what you do and you walk around with a case of blues
Get those favorite CD's and tapes you have stored away
Got records too? Well dust them off and play them too
You would be amazed how those old tunes you loved so well
is just what you need to chase away your blues Let me tell you
my friend That music we loved so much way back then
Will always be with us and playing somewhere again my friend
Ahh music new or old is our Memory's to be told in song
you will feel young again as you sing along
:: posted by Vonee on Wed Aug 30, 2017 @ 09:56 PM   
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