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The Super Unknown
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The Super Unknown's SoundClick blog - #6-The Dynamic of Evolution and Facebook
#6-The Dynamic of Evolution and Facebook
My new album, The Dynamic of Evolution, is now released on Soundclick and Last FM. Take your time to discovers it.

Moreover, you can now become a "fan" (let's say "a supporter" instead) on my Facebook page.
As you can see I also added some graphics and pictures, and I have done some house cleaning on my profile.

Goodbye everybody !
posted by The Super Unknown on Wed Oct 7, 2009 @ 10:42 AM     2 comments    post a comment
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I listened to a number of your songs. I thought them all extremely creative, beautifully played and recorded. I hope you have great success in your musical career. Vous le merité. Your English is much better than my French by the way. Good luck in all your endeavors. Cheers, Victor
:: posted by victor compton on Wed Oct 7, 2009 @ 03:10 PM   
Hope you make the cut!
:: posted by brenny on Sun Oct 25, 2009 @ 05:10 PM   
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