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Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
System Reaktion
name: Pascal
age: 50 years old
hometown: Lubbecke, NRW, Germany
hobbies:Chatting, reading, disturbing my Cat
favorite bands:Alan Parsons, Delerium, Shpongle, Thomas Newman
favorite movies:Lola Run
favorite TV shows:Boston Legal
favorite books:2001, Fahrenheit 451
favorite magazines:Keys
  :: Syngularity is a member since 08/28/2004 --- this profile has been viewed 66,382 times
SYNGULARITY started 1997 with a couple of melodic electronica tracks. During the years we touched the symphonic/soundtrack genre, also with elements of rock and a special sound design. International singers and instrumentalists soon joined the project, and we feel honored to work with all those talented artists who help us to keep the musical output colourful and fresh. SYSTEM REAKTION is the second project of Pascal with the collaborative support of the neighbourhood's artist Axel Messerschmidt.

The most important partner for the project is and always has been co-writer and arranger Minouche, who created with Pascal the track "Sensual Moves" in 2004 (CANAIMA side project). This one was among the winners of a competition of - Jon Lord was a member of the jury - , and was chosen as a part of the musical background for the exhibition "Olympia, Art and Greece" at the Airport Gallery in Frankfurt a. M., Germany, August 2004. We were end nominees for several awards (last one was for Leanne Bugut's dance mix of "Heal the Child" - Australian contest "Song of the Year", Autumn 2006).
June 2007 - Pascal mixed Bob Forbes' album "From the Church of St. Ann", all profits will benefit his local Catholic church of St. Ann in Deming, NM. Please visit Bob's special profile on soundclick (see below - Top Friends) for more info!
THANKS to all listeners and online communities for the great feedback, and so many thanks to Mario Franke for his brilliant art!
Invisible - featuring Bob Forbes: Finally, after having the idea for 17 years, I took the chance and produced this song with the talents of my most faithful partners Bob Forbes (vocals, guitars) and Minouche (lyrics).

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Cradle of Life - featuring Andrea Stüwe: A 'piece without lyrics', music performed by Pascal, featuring Andrea Stüwe on vocals.

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In the Distance Part 1 (Instrumental): Opener for the new instrumental album 'A musical Guide to Cosmic Wonders'... vintage electronica.

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Moon Prospector (Instrumental): What happens when natural resources get very low...? Can you imagine that men would simply go on and start to rape the beautiful landscapes in space - the moon, asteroids, the planets? This is the story of one of these men.

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Dying World - featuring Andrea on vocals: The second collab with Andrea Stüwe from Hannover, singing Minouche's lyrics. Music, composed, arranged and produced by Pascal.

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when the warming sun's about to spit frozen breath
and the singing days of birds come to an end
when amor's arrows start to miss their mark
watch the hourglass the sand of time
in its untiring run to the lowest line

listen to the last melodies you still can hear
sighing whisper of deserted fields
before deepest still makes us paralize
soon it will be and tears
pour down from every eye

Astrobelt (Instrumental): Space electronica for the album "A musical Guide to Cosmic Wonders"

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Just as Before - featuring Andrea on vocals: Minouche - Lyrics Andrea Stüwe - Melody & Vocals Pascal - arrangement, engineering & production

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When I sometimes question the condition
we live in and take refuge
in repeated indecision
drive like on fast-moving water
onward the next remission
and it starts all again
when I face destiny's decision

I'm always under the delusion
you'd become estranged from me
doubtfully by constitution
from the bottom of my heart
what's the out of our discussion
do you not see not feel
I'm once again close to deep confusion

More to Say - featuring Mike Lockett on vocals & guitars!: First collab with Mike who performed the superb guitars, brought in his magic vocal power and also wrote the lyrics.
Please visit his website at:

Lyrics below!

Click "HERE" to listen!

Lying there to find you
And take you by surprise
To sell your heart
To those who are “more wise”

They found how to control you
And taint your every dream
So craftily they mold you
Til you’re part of their machine

But I still think you can hear me now
And I remember your name

And I believe that you’re still in there
And you'll ...
The Rings of Chronos (Instrumental): Another track for the soundtrack/ambient genre... this one will be part of my first concept album "A musical guide to Cosmic Wonders", watch us to get more details soon!

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Feeding Guinea Pigs (feat. RedEyeC): I like rabbits, cats, guinea pigs... , well, animals in general, they are beautiful. I'm not sure if you'll find a clear reference while listening to this tune - I was just in a happy mood :-) Bob Forbes was there to help me again to help me with his shining guitar performance - Bob you're a Legend!
Artwork (c) by Achim Hasse

Click "HERE" to listen!
Thanks for listening and the nice comment about Bob, truly gifted artist and great vocals.

:: posted by ramolly on Mon Feb 26, 2018 @ 08:09 PM     
Bob and I thank you, Pascal...and have a great weekend!
:: posted by fendrguitplayr on Fri Jan 27, 2017 @ 04:46 PM     
big grin :D
:: posted by fendrguitplayr on Thu Oct 6, 2016 @ 12:34 PM     
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