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Shadow Soulja
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Shadow Soulja's SoundClick blog - This Is My Hip Hop
This Is My Hip Hop

Sup, This is Shadow Soulja a pure bread Canadian emcee coming with a new style of Hip Hop like no other. Most people call my style of Hip Hop music unique, why? because I don't talk about 'money', 'bitches', and cars all the time. I personally rap about real things that the average guy or girl can relate to, such as the diffrent dirty bullshit that the government is up to, the streets that surround your's and my communities, but most of all I rap about the experiences I've lived through or that I've seen or have been part of.

How Far Do I Want To Go With My Music?

As far as I can take it in the underground, and if the style Im bringing to this game is respected I'll try taking it even further. My main audience is well I want my messages reach the youth because there still growing and they need some one to speak some real live sh*** to them, not always "money, money money fly bi***es pimped rides" all the time, feel me?.

I will try to play live shows after I put together my next mixtape "Think About It" featuring 10 solo tracks in July 2007, right now I feel Im not ready just yet thats why I've decided not to upload anymore solo tracks because I feel my flow still needs work along with my lyrics.

I am currently ghost writing songs for another Canadian Female emcee from Windsor Ontario, and her stage name is Crystal M, I'll let you know more about her and her projects that I work on.

my links are below if you want to hear my recent collaberations with diffrent artist across the globe.
or my myspace page
posted by Shadow Soulja on Thu Jan 11, 2007 @ 03:00 AM     3 comments    post a comment
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