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Scientek Basement
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Scientek Basement
name: arno
age: 37 years old
hometown: Cologne, Germany
*NEW* NITE TIME (YNB Nahmir x 6ix9ine type)
marital status: Single
sexual orientation: Straight
smoker: I smoke and I love it
drinking habit: I do not drink
socially: I'm fine being by myself
hobbies:Music & Scientek Basement ;)
favorite bands:Scientek Basement
favorite movies:2 many 2 list
favorite TV shows:Harald Schmidt Show
ethnicity: Other
body type: Athletic / Fit
self-rated hotness: 10 - Total knockout!
religion: Not religious
humor: Dry / sarcastic
children: Someday
  :: Scientek Basement is a member since 02/01/2003 --- this profile has been viewed 227,169 times
At first were here for Networkin and showing our Music. Just feel free to add us, add our Friends. Just get this Profile thing goin here at Soundclick. We have a great Community with a lot of Talents here. Lets stick together!

Project Name : Scientek Basement

Members :

Robert Quester (The Dude) - Guitars, Bass, Synths, Keys big grin :D
Arno Bege (Dj Headz) - Beats, Bass, Synths, Keys, Percussions, Scratches wink ;)

Scientek Basement = Drum n Bass, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Turntablism, Lounge, Trip Hop, Electro, Downbeat, House, Techno.

Were always lookin for good Singer/Rappers! If you want to collab just write to us. We will produce new Songs with your Vocals. You can send them via MP3(320kb) or WAV Format to me. Maybe you only got a Hookline ? Thats just enough for us to produce a whole Song. Any talented Singers/Rappers no matter if Male/Female are invited to talk to us.

NOTE: Were a unsigned Band/Project looking for a Record Deal.

Scientek Basement Music Store @ Soundclick


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New Track List ! : All Tracks will be posted here. Lets start

1.Title : "Harmony"
Genre : Acid Jazz
Song uploaded: Mar 05, 2007

Actually some Jazz Drums combined with Piano, Acc. Bass, Violins...

Your Feedbacks/Critics are always WELCOME! Just leave a comment here.


2. Title : "Evoltion feat. Koko Nagaan"
Genre : Breakbeat
Song uploaded : Wed Nov 14, 2007

Description : Finally it was time for some Breakbeat again. Koko Nagaan lend us his voice for the new Evolution smile :) We hope you enjoy it. You can now comment the Songs directly, via the "Comment" button below the Song title...
Our new Album : We finally released the best 11 Drum n Bass Tracks of 2006 in our new Album "Differences" . Track List below... Enjoy. wink ;)

Scientek Basement Music Store @ Soundclick

1. Quintessence
2. Aint no Rain
3. Ambient Rave Jazz (ARJ)
4. Karma
5. Visions
6. Hagakure
7. Focus
8. Basic
9. Differences
10. Chainsaw
11. Sorrento

You can listen to a preview (128 kbit only version) of all tracks
here at our music page.

The new Album "Open minded" is coming out soon... 11 Tracks are finished a...
Soundclick Radio Stations: Ive added 5 new Radio Stations to our Profile.
1. For our own Songs called "SB - Quality", which features only the best of our Tunes.
2. "SoundClick Pearls - the best of" features only the best Tracks/Songs on If you have any suggestions your very welcome to post them here as a comment. Only a Selection of the best Songs will be added. Favorite Genres are : Electronica, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, World Music and Urban R&B. Songs from any other Genres will be considered.
3. "Mixed Up Station - The Selection" features Songs/Tracks from the same Genres like the "Soundclick Pearls" Station. We will add any good track you suggest.
4. "Hip Hop - The Finest Tunes at Soundclick" fea...
main album
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main album
Horn Designz
main album
Horn Designz
main album
Album Cover (back) by HornDe
main album
Album Cover
main album
Artwork by Horn Designz chec
main album
Scientek Basement Artwork by
main album
Scientek Basement Artwork by
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Scientek Basement Artwork by
main album
I got a few tunes you might like 4 ur stations. wink ;)
:: posted by fendrguitplayr on Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 03:03 PM     
*gutentagsag* wink ;)
:: posted by zaungast on Mon Apr 2, 2012 @ 10:05 AM     
Your music is very cool...
Much love and peace to you and yours...
happy 4:20 from CPT Dave
:: posted by cptdave1 on Wed Apr 20, 2011 @ 10:47 AM     
Hey was geht los bei Euch in diesen unruhigen Zeiten,.. alles okay :) GrĂ¼sse Jones
:: posted by jones danby on Thu Mar 3, 2011 @ 08:49 AM     
Hi friends,

Just here to say hello!

Good music on your page as always.

Keep up the good work!

Have a great weekend!

All the best,

Svante / Clubsville
:: posted by clubsvilleproductions on Sat Jul 3, 2010 @ 05:40 AM     
10000&1 Hours of Music
Rock, World Music, Metal, Alternative etc....
Hip Hop
The Finest Tunes at SC
Mixed Up Station
The Selection
Scientek Basement
Scientek Basement
Electronica - Drum n Bass


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