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RonSolo1's SoundClick blog - Who can expose? Why doesn't Anyone talk? (a poem by Black Dog)
Who can expose? Why doesn't Anyone talk? (a poem by Black Dog)
Control. What is not controlled? Even the frequencies you sleep in are set to steal your soul. You try to change the channel but some things you can't control.

The program is not your own my friend so tell me what is true?
The story you think you know of is not the real news.
While real stories have been told, so sad and oh so true.
They are not the ones that get to you in a world where evil rules

Must this show go on my friend until some bitter end?
It's not the show we know of, can't you see it's never been?
No one talks, how could they? Figurative whispers in the wind.
The plot so thick you're sleeping until the very end.
Eternal sleep reveals to you each and every thing?
Jesus metaphorically speaking as all pretend, pretend.
posted by RonSolo1 on Mon Dec 4, 2017 @ 08:57 PM     post a comment
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