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Black Dog Talks
name: Ron
age: 52 years old
hometown: Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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Love Hangover Feat. William Harmon
Mz.Dyzihre is back with her single "Love Hangover" Feat. William Harmon. This heartbreak R&B ballad is a story of love and Hate. The song will release April 2018 and will be featured on the album "Femcee Chronicles ".
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The Environmental Saboteurs Part 1: The Environmental Saboteurs (The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla In The Room) Part 1

So who are "They"? The wizards behind the curtain, the puppeteers behind the facade, the hidden hands behind the politicians, ... world leaders, ... talking heads, and the big agendas? --- What are the agendas, the real agendas? And what happened to our skies? Is there really this much airplane traffic out there?

Have you been brainwashed into thinking us regular folks are to blame for all the environmental sabotage going on these days or are you too busy maneuvering through the environmental sabotage to even care or question the air you breath?

Have you even noticed the ever increasing airplane traffic...
The Environmental Saboteurs Part 2: The Environmental Saboteurs (The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla In The Room) Part 2

I'm just trying to get you to acknowledge the obvious! But when I try to discuss such questionable yet obvious realities like what is causing the majority of the bad air these days ... and I try to get the dumbed down mass consciousness to acknowledge the obvious heavily-polluting airplane traffic and strange patterns methodically draping the skies almost daily --- and I don't know who's to blame and what the exact agenda is ... well, most folks seem to conclude, I don't know anything ... and such talk is just crazy. Of course they themselves know stuff because they trust all their controlled sources they're ...
Who can expose? Why doesn't Anyone talk? (a poem by Black Dog): Control. What is not controlled? Even the frequencies you sleep in are set to steal your soul. You try to change the channel but some things you can't control.

The program is not your own my friend so tell me what is true?
The story you think you know of is not the real news.
While real stories have been told, so sad and oh so true.
They are not the ones that get to you in a world where evil rules

Must this show go on my friend until some bitter end?
It's not the show we know of, can't you see it's never been?
No one talks, how could they? Figurative whispers in the wind.
The plot so thick you're sleeping until the very end.
Eternal sleep reveals to you each and every thing?
Computer and Phone Addiction / Orwellian Gateway: Computer/phone addiction results in a decrease in physical activity and social life (AKA 'real life', remember that?). This is not just due to our behavior but others as well, like having time to socialize with someone or a group and someone or all are on their cell phones constantly at the ready in case anyone brings anything up they don't understand. This is usually the case with me because things I don't understand have always been my favorite subjects. In the past these were the key moments in life when we could talk, actually talk, and learn from each other. Not through random results from a nefarious source such as Google - as some hidden artificial intelligence is monitoring your ever
Shaking The Ugly End of The Stick: Don't spend too much time hating what's bad.. or 'shaking the ugly end of the stick' so to speak. Evil has existed as long as good has allowed it - from the beginning I guess.

"Wise men say.. only fools rush in.. but I can't help.." Yes, the 800 pound gorilla is in the room, how can we pretend that it's not there? Especially when we see it slowly and methodically devouring everyone around us..

Well, can I just get the **** out of this room before it's too late — alive, please?

“Nature” we need more nature.. without nature.. or removed from nature we have two types of dwellers: The worker who buys stuff and the unemployed who wants to work so he can buy stuff or me the unemployed who...
Beyond Antarctica: The moon rising looks bigger then when above but we are told this is an optical illusion. The sun, less noticeable due to our limited ability to actually look at it, regardless seems to retain it's size throughout it's cycle. So, are these things just as we've been told? Yeah sure, I guess ... as long as you don't go BEYOND ANTARCTICA!
Blasphemy: Blasphemy is defined as "... disrespect for God or sacred things ... something done or said that shows disrespect for God or sacred things" — Look around — We live in blasphemy.

How did we get here in this blasphemous condition? — And furthermore, how did we get here in this world? This information seems to be the best kept secret keeping us all down — and keeping us all in this perpetual downward spiral, spiraling further down all the time! "Control" — There is no doubt men who know these things and are simply not sharing them with us.

"The good, the bad, the rich and the poor", all for the most part living in a collective blasphemy. Few aware, few not afraid to see things for w...
Disillusion Software: The contemplation, the dream, the weaving, the spirit, the searching all improvisationally formatted and uploaded to the ether, the net, the web, the illusory. To the cognitive, the dissonant, the creators and created: Formulate, propagate, deviate! — Disillusion Software.


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