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Nfeeltraita's SoundClick blog - I move at my rate....
....I put down my date" MI on Feeling good off illegal music mixtape, damn near my fave song on that album yall.
But back to the matter at hand, i move at my rate and put down my date? That's a real Boss talking right there,
You cant be an entrepreneur when u're still like a little child getting tossed about with every wind of doctrine,
I say this cos i just realized that when it comes to taking people's advice, the onus is really ON YOU!
You reserve the right not to take anyone's advice, and strangely enough,contrary to what i earlier believed, sometimes that includes PROFESSIONAL ADVICE as well,
cos sometimes the rules and regulations change and you gotta be sure you've taken the right decision.
I dont ever want to be scared about taking a decision, only thing is ima consult with my creator first, then it's on.
if i feel strongly bout something- about how and when i'ma do it, then i'll go ahead and do such.
Under some circumstances, what might be a wrong time to do something or a wrong way to do it might turn out to be right and vice versa,
So yeah, i'ma move at my rate and do things at my date like man MI
posted by Nfeeltraita on Fri Jun 3, 2011 @ 12:59 PM     post a comment
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