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MusicDish's SoundClick blog - U.K. Progressive Fusion Artist Anders Helmerson

U.K. artist Anders Helmerson announced that his third and latest album, "Triple Ripple" is now available on the Musea Records Label. The album is being digitally distributed in over 20 countries at present, and will soon be available in CD format. Triple Ripple can be purchased through major online retailers, including iTunes and

"Triple Ripple" is a five track album that Helmerson proudly proclaims to be of the genre Progressive Fusion, one that he created himself. He stated, "It is of course a mixture of fusion and progressive rock. Fusion, in itself, is a style that mixes jazz and rock and started in the seventies, which is also around the time that Progressive music got its inception."

Anders Helmerson's new CD "Triple Ripple" is a Jazz Rock Fusion Tour de Force! The band features Marco Minnemann on drums, Bryan Beller on bass and Anders Helmerson on synthesizers. Marco is a master at driving the group and smoothly intricate interplay with Bryan Beller's lyrical bass style. Helmerson leads an ensemble of virtuoso players who will amaze listeners with the power of superior technique, and great composing. With five tracks on the album ("Touchdown", "Triple Ripple", "Yodas Dance", "Helix of Eternity" and "The Search Of F"), each one similar in style but definitively distinctive, there is no tempo that seems beyond the mastery of Helmerson and his crew. With the release of "Triple Ripple," is appears that a new genre is born – Progressive Fusion, and it's one you'll definitely like.

Born in Sweden in May 1959, Anders Helmerson has had a life-long love affair with music. In the 1970's, Helmerson played in various short-lived bands and studied classical music in Denmark and Sweden, all the while becoming more and more interested in synthesizers and progressive rock. Helmerson completed his debut album, "The End of Illusion," in 1981. The album's lack of success caused him to turn his back on music for the next several years. He worked as a surgeon in Copenhagen, a GP in Norway and a ship's doctor on a cruise-ship, eventually discovering Rio de Janeiro, the catalyst for his return to music. In early 2002, Helmerson release his second album, "Fields Of Inertia" on the Brazilian label, Som Interior Productions.


Anders Helmerson



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