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MusicDish's SoundClick blog - MusicDish Review: Canadian Singer-Songwriter Melvin Alan's "Wonderful
Melvin Alan, a singer/songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, crafts appealing tunes filled with hooky choruses, great melodies and pleasing vocals through his acoustic handmade Takimine and vintage telecaster. He focuses on groove, feel and finesse, meanwhile using improvisation as his primary method of creating music. The sounds of his music are known to examine one's inner journey, touching on life's ups and downs, struggles and realisations. His upcoming album "Wonderful Life" is a foray into his consciousness, consisting of 12 alto-rock tracks. With Corey Curtis(bass), Alvaro Rojas(guitar), Sam Cartwright(drums/percussion), Tyson Nelson(keyboards) and himself on vocals, he presents tracks such as "Ragged Mind", a strong opener with a catchy yet sullen vocal line, "Down On Your Knees", a ballad that gets under your skin, and "I Fall For You", a sensual and reminiscent power-pop.

His title track "Wonderful Life" is uplifting and powerful, a song that leaves space for minds to pause and reflect on life. With lyrics like "it's a wonderful life, forever in your heart, forever in your soul, forever rock and roll", we sense the optimistic mood flowing out of Melvin's charismatic vocals, the soaring guitar accompaniment and the saturated drumline. The track's intricate instrumentation and stellar vocal performances keep the listeners hooked with Melvin's emotional story. Meanwhile the music video is engaging as Melvin explores the city, appreciating the beauty of the beach and night markets. Colorful and groovy, the music video certainly presents us characteristics of Melvin's music as dynamic, exciting and bouncy. "Wonderful Life" is the perfect example of the kind of songs that simply begs you to hit the replay button.


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