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MusicDish's SoundClick blog - Organic Music Marketing Is Leading The Way In The Atlanta Music Scene
Organic Music Marketing Is Leading The Way In The Atlanta Music Scene
In just the past few years, the world of music marketing has fundamentally changed. The popularity of streaming music services like Spotify, the rise of social media as a new form of promotion, and the growing importance of alternative media such as music blogs have all created the need for a new type of music marketer that can navigate this new competitive landscape.

Atlanta-based Organic Music Marketing, with over 10 years of experience in the music industry, has kept pace with these changes, developing relationships with labels such as Atlantic Records and Epic Records along the way. Since it was formed, Organic Music Marketing has worked with a wide range of music industry professionals, record labels, and artists, including Cam Kirk, Resolve Media Group, DC Young Fly, Bernard Flowers, Cyhi The Prynce, Jean Kelley, Hero the Band. In each case, the company helped to give a boost to their music careers.

What Organic Music Marketing understands better than others is that "getting your music heard" is harder than ever today. It requires fresh thinking about how to get in front of new fans, as well as a focus on understanding how people are interacting with music. It's no longer just a matter of trying to sign with a major label and getting radio airplay. It's now a matter of building buzz at the grassroots level by leveraging all the digital and social media platforms available.

As one of the most established music marketing agencies in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Organic Music Marketing has formed relationships with the types of music industry influencers who can help to get your music heard and shared. Influence is the new currency that can get people talking about and listening to your music - and it's the key to getting the best music blogs to notice your new work.

Organic Music Marketing helps music artists create, build and then launch a marketing strategy that’s designed to get results. For some artists, that might mean a website re-design or an e-mail blast campaign. For others, it might mean a blog and social media promotion campaign that’s timed to coincide with the release of a new album.

Where Organic Music Marketing really excels is by matching your visual identity with your music identity. Today's digital web is highly visual - the way people connect with music artists is not just via their music, it's also by their presence on Instagram or YouTube. In today's music marketing world, having concert clips or other video clips being shared on Instagram is just as important as being heard on SoundCloud.

For Organic Music Marketing, that means creating an organic music presence on the web that fits in with the way fans and music lovers are connecting on the Internet. It's all about getting the right music to the right people at the right time. If people are spending time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then that's where Organic Music Marketing is going to be. And, as tastes change, Organic Music Marketing will evolve as well. It's all part of the company's focus on getting your music heard.


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