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All MANE R Boys...
I don't know when women will consider thoughts and feelings...all men are just on one tree. a strawberry true...why say money? why say dick? or beauty? when all is determined by a greator whole? who doesn't know every time you in bed with someone there is someone unborn?? true born by a woman but not a momma's boy or a bad boy even with cocaine used. I mean I don't know when a girl my age my beauty my strength my beauty brilliance sex organ will say you ok. I hate being a even beauty knowing science. Unborn to women as rejected by the immature means mommy can't be up the streets with Tyronne Marshall...especially in handsight if we both rappers...and am great and he was ok.HOW WILL GOD JUDGE RAPPORT? YOU LOVE MEN THAT NEVER BOUGH A RING A DAY IN THEY LIFE..BUT SHACK HANDS WITH A JEWLER YOURSELF. AM PISSED AM LIL PENNY TO THE POINTJEWELRY STORE AFTER JEWELRY STORE ALMOST HIRED ME...but yet even as though they pick me out the crowd in a room full of people beauty watches secretly. HO W can you not see am OOCHY? Nas in belly? even now I don't know who can talk to Nastro? gas station do I go 3 am with wine and beer or a girl? everytime you see bin laden or hitler or escobar you dealing with how many women loving the man? me in bitter pain don't can you say me? not talking leads to accomplishment? when you the gas? UNBORN to the flesh but born in spirit my mom is dead she your after life forever because in total and utter darkness am black Dracula look at me I embody romeo so why do women in gas at 0 expect me to score a point?THAT'S LIKE BENCHING LIL PENNY. LOOK AT BIG L THE WORST RAPPER EVER AS A CLASSIC MAYBE EVEN THE BEST BUT NOT ONCE DID YOU VIEW...BLUE...AS I WAKE UP AGAIN I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MORE FITCH BUT NO HOPE WITH A bi***..WINE TO MAKE IT TO EXXON NEXT OR ANY MEX? BOYS OR MEN YOU ENJOYED? FLOWERS THAT GREW DUE TO FLOWERING? UNBORN, PUT A SON IN MY SKY ESPECIALLY IF LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR EYES AND NOT RELIGION. LIL PENNY...ALL MEN ARE BOYS.DON'T you know depression Is a desease? pain a burdon? don't you know everytime I ever hit a location you were a statue? what am I to become a vampire to say you have breathe? every man you esteem you give a easy trip to to kmart? is he cute? but what if he Luby? he could be Bizzy but I jay-z. IF THIS IS NOT SO LET ME BE A PROPHET...LET ALL SAY I HAVE GYM SYNDROME. AM ON THAT SIDE AND BOYS ARE ON THAT SIDE..LETS ALL LIVE IN EDEN. SO WHO IS KISSING? A PROFOUND SIN? KISS BOYS AND THEY GROW WINGS..AND EVERYBODY KISSIN AND ONE ALL ON CLOUDS WHY LEAVE ONE ROAMING? NO KARMA FOR THE ONE WITH A MOMMA BUT IF HE SWEET WHAT KILLER SITS IN MANSION? OR A MOVIE? WHAT IS JEALOUSY?"CHEATERS CIRCLE" NOLLYWOOD. AM I TOO LIKE BETTY BOOP? OR DO PEOPLE PULL THE STRINGS FOR HER TO BE BETTY BOOP? 100 YEARS FROM NOW SHE WON'T BE CUTER THAN ME, ROMEO AND WHO CAN CONFUSE MY EMBODYMENT? UGLY FOR BEAUTY? MANLY FOR WHOOMPY? IS A SNAKE A ROCK? AND A ROCK A SNAKE? SO WHEN? ALL STOP? ONE DIRECTION? ONE COCK Open my eyespiritually.. do I live where sex and drinking are the same? cause after me will life be the same?unborn in going back to women between they legs but why? in simple math am a A OOCHY a male betty boop figure but boys why take the see man down? so why kiss a strawberry if it killed me? poison love is just poison made for jealousy and envy.
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