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MucciJones's SoundClick blog - In a perfect world.
In a perfect world.
A Hotel..hires a father...a African dude...whom is low in iq...but I who blog daily like slavery have to suffer another man being poppet master...why would you hire a guy who doesn't get it! no lil ceasars as the center...everytime I microwave it taste like spit PERIOD. I spend my life like Ghandi an idiot doesn't get even if am analayzing the food just being wet...I don't appreciate it! why is it wet if the plate is dry? is lil ceasars mad? WELL ASK HOLLYWOOD WHY THEY POISON THE MIND? can a pyschiatist repay me? why spend money on a lady that looks at you blank but says sex a stress realiver to another? she makes you talk? she on the other end does the talking..without a perfect world.FURTHER MORE A MAN DOESN'T UNDERSTAND I'LL NEVER LOVE SOMEONE WITH INACCURATE MATH...EVERY TIME A MAN STARES IN MY EYES AND I SAY WINE HE HANDS ME WATERMELON. WHATS THE POINT IF YOU TURNING ME INTO THE DEVIL? in a world you throw world like trust away the perfect heart shaped diamond I have inside my chest will never be love. HOW? I say no to pizza and you buy pizza? WHAT DOES SIMPLE ARITHAMATICS TELL YOU? EVEN IN THE BIBLE "MAKE YOUR YESES YESSES AND NO'S NO" its like sex I don't care if am your wife no means no....80% in trash. even now...I say "yeah, its just water" but am still going to vomit. BUT ASSISTANT MANAGER AT A HOTEL? in a perfect world.LOVE IS HOW HIGH! maybe things don't work out for me because I told you right...but you LEFT. LEFTY Paul Mulenga. You look like a servant...who can't get it together. AS IN PICK TWO ITEMS UP AT THE SAME TIME...both the personal bottle and cup with one hand!NOW AS I MAKE I HATEFUL STATEMENT DAILY ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE? CUASE YOU A DEVIL TO ME SCARYING ME IS ALL YOU DO...I FEEL LIKE AM STANDING UP TO YOU BUT AM A HOLD ON TO JESUS BY THE ROBE. Next time you hand me an object make sure you holding a two hands and hand her to me? does that require muscle?ASHES TO ASHES DUST TO DUST!never think love exist where am mad...if I said blue diamonds for a kingdom and you brung me red would I not know what I want for myself? am a be angry forever...PERIOD. What makes you think I don't design my own lyrics?AS I SUFFER EXTREMELY..HOW MANY PEOPLE MADE HIS LIFE AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER? what if he ruled the world?
posted by MucciJones on Fri Jun 16, 2017 @ 08:08 PM     post a comment
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