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Sambinha had a great gig last Saturday in Vogt, of all places. We had been booked into the Flammenhof some months ago, and I didn't really know what to expect. I had thought that it was some sort of restaurant or bar or something, but it turns out that it's the name of the concert room owned by the commune. Oops!

Well, that's not so tragic, it's not like we'd play different sets, but my attire of jeans and tropical shirt just was't exactly the right thing. The good news is that because it was a concert room, setup was easy and painless with lots of room to move around. No stumbling over tables, or being quiet during souncheck while people eat here!

Vogt (pop. ca. 1500) is a small town near Ravensburg in Oberschwaben, but I've got to tell you that there must be some spiritual connection to Brazil, becuase they got it. They were groovin', clappin', jammin', and dancin' like it was Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It was thilling to have such a positive reaction to our Brazilian Jazz.

We were playing this time as a Sextet (we vary from Quintet to Septet), which is really a very comfortable sound. Vox, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Saxophone/Flautist/Percussionist, and Congas. The sound was hittin'. We'll be playing in the same formation next week in Singen for a Musiknacht.

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