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Marcus Anthony
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name: Marcus
age: 27 years old
hometown: Alexandria, LA, USA
marital status: Single
sexual orientation: No answer
smoker: Non smoker
drinking habit: I'm a connoisseur
socially: I'm fine being by myself
hobbies:Songwriting, Poetry, Class, Socializing, Being myself...I don't do trends.
favorite bands:Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige, Maze feat. Frankie Beverly, Earth, Wind and Fire, Janet Jackson, Phyllis Hyman, Prince, Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin
favorite movies:Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, Set It Off, Motives, Kill Bill 1 &2, Black Caesar, Crazy As Hell, Skin Deep, She's Gotta Have It
favorite TV shows:Girlfriends, House, Pysch, Law and Order: SVU, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Nip/Tuck, Boondocks
favorite books:Light in August, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Othello, Their Eyes Were Watching God, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
favorite magazines:GQ, Blender, Jet, Ebony, Vogue
ethnicity: African Descent (black)
body type: A few extra pounds
self-rated hotness: 6 - Still hot, stands out of the crowd
religion: Christian
political: Very liberal
humor: Clever / quick witted
lovestyle: Spontaneous
children: Someday
education: Some College
income: < 25,000
living: With roommate(s)
employment: Student
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Under Construction
A Defining Moment: What is freedom without restraint? The ability to accomplish so so much and deny myself everything I want. The true question is...do I want it. Best for me but unaccommodating to my lifestyle. So systematic and cold. A picture frame with no warmth, no pride, no want. Why do I toil to disown my own achievement? Because it is not my want, nor my drive. My throttle is the pen with which these letters form from my blackened blood. So much to say and so few words to put the pedal to the floor. Now down on my luck, and I have arms to run to, but shall I cry...ALMOST! as I lay in darkness wondering what do I change? What new routine do I create? For the old is destroyed among its convoluted ex
If Only It Were True: Evidence taken. Thoughts expected. None received. Words end at the heart's departure and disregards arrival. Sex. A process. A creation. Divine at times, shattered dreams for me. I don't remember...where it was I lost my way, and still I find my way to you. Now, I ask myself is that good or bad, right or wrong, glorified or demonized. I would if I could, but the strength escapes me like the words have suddenly to you. There is no message. There is no commitment. No decisions in the night. Drowned doubts in confident waters filled with memories and blessings. Now I'm the one drowning. Will I ever wake up from that lonely slumber to only find that it hasn't ended? Am I playing the scenarios in
Hoes and Heartbreak: Somebody's face is on the floor and it ain't mine...but I'll let you think it is. Yep, you just got dropped and you think you did the dropping. No, No, No...I'm a mastermind of convoluted words, meanings, ideas, and control. That's right...I controlled your every move and made you do what I wanted you to. So what are you going to do about it?....Oops I forgot you don't know....Damn, I wish I could tell you but I never actually saved your number in my phone like you did mine...soooo YEAH....ANYWAY...I hope you understand...You never 'peaked' my interest. Just something about you that didn't sit right with my soul...or my dick. Yea, I said it and I don't give a damn. What are you going to do o
Why The Fuck Do I Love You?: ...And still the pain exists. Thought I let go of you when you said you were through. Thought I could live with you as just a friend.Thought many things about me and you, but all have proven to wrong. I accepted the fact that you'd love someone else, knowing all along you couldn't help but love me. But when it comes down to it, to know you're not with me hurts the most. Cause I was the solution to your problem and the answer to your question, that is clear as day for anyone to see but if this were a test, I'd have to give you an X cause you were wrong more than once before. I'm bleeding inside cause my heart just burst knowing another was the one o so close. Whats insane is that I feel this
Will You...: Verse 1:
There's no excuse, for me loving you
all I know is I'm stuck, on you
thinking I let go, of the feelings I had
but I see in you, the truth

I can't stand to look into your eyes
cause your smile makes me glow
so head down I contradict my heart
you know my love is never far

Am I in love with you?
knowing what I'm getting into
better yet who loves who?
I know you do, I know, you, do

In love with your essence
I don't want anything else
cause I'd give my life for you
but will you?

Verse 2:
How do you fall in love?
If you've never fallen out
and how do I long for you
If you always know I do

Just think, in the back of your mind
the days we were repla...
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