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uploaded on 10/04/10
viewed 37127 times
duration: 04:30
category: Music
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Octubre 14    play the video   
uploaded on 10/14/10 @ 06:14 AM     [post a comment]
viewed 627 times   |    duration: 04:15   |    category: Music
.SlowJimmyBlues.!    play the video   
uploaded on 10/04/10 @ 05:46 AM     [post a comment]
viewed 37128 times   |    duration: 04:30   |    category: Music
'Night Smell'    play the video   
uploaded on 06/20/10 @ 06:03 PM     [1 comments]
viewed 1253 times   |    duration: 04:60   |    category: Music
description: Video Montaje de mi viejo tema 'Night Smell' producido como no por Natacha!!!
DREAMS DELAY    play the video   
uploaded on 04/16/10 @ 10:44 AM     [post a comment]
viewed 895 times   |    duration: 01:45   |    category: Music
description: Otra produccin de Natacha sobre esta paranoya que hice para una publicacin, espero os guste Gracias Natacha
MIAMI    play the video   
uploaded on 03/23/10 @ 10:15 PM     [post a comment]
viewed 2067 times   |    duration: 00:60   |    category: Music
description: Otra vez nos sorprende Natacha con sus superproducciones y arte en montar estas cosas, los musicos ya los podeis ver en el video, mejor descritos imposible, grandes amigos y excelentes artistas Gonorreo: Guitarra y 2 bajo Fankel: Bajo electrico J


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