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Eric Heisman and the Formation's SoundClick blog - Making a new trippy tune and what fun!!
So we were listening to the new tracks of our new song, tentatively titled "Crispies in A. Dave on Bass and me on a drumkit. as we're listening, we're editing for future tracks and Dave keeps singing along "It's cryptical" and again, "It's cryptical". and then he says, "man, this song needs some skat. can you do that? you know, skat some 'biddly-bop' sort of thing? i am like, "sure, no problem."
so we go to the next tracks, Dave firing up some crazy synth, ambience, stuff. and i was scribbling lyrics. as we started recording, i added in Dave's "It's cryptical" a couple times then into the lyrics. each verse started with those words and the song ends, after some improvised and some penned skat, with more of the "It's cryptical" lines. I penned a new "skat" word - "Poor-to-duomo" and then some more common skat stuff like scoob-ee-pop and such. It was a joy, and the mixdown is almost perfect. we need to EQ the vocal because my bassy voice muddies up things, and we need to adjust the start and ending parameters, too.
Oh and also, Dave kept referring to us as freaks, which we are, i reckon. so in the beginning, i searched out an audio clip - via youtube - of the classic film Freaks and played that in the introduction of the piece, with some spoken interjections to make it most applicable to the piece. The song is a fun one. Makes me smile even though i know the next session will entail a bit of editing and a new mixdown. we added two new tracks with Dave on his S-2 and me performing backing vocals.
Ok, been a few weeks, this writing moment needed to come out. Too much fun to leave it all untold, you know? peace and love, eternal, j
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