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Eric Heisman and the Formation's SoundClick blog - multiple takes and orange cake
round two coming up today. we have a new song building up, so far, it has drums and bass and guitar and an ArpOddysey synth track. what will we add? Dave suggested we use some of our knowledge of Bard's tale and advanced dungeons and dragons to pen some lyrics. so, probably that. and i haven't heard the last thing we did to it but i suspect some editing and slicing and dicing may help get some of those synth sounds into ideal spots smile :)

i also made a cake last night. it is an orange cake with orange-colored vanilla icing and to make it more amazing, i put a thin layer of Marmalade with the frosting in the middle. it turned out amazing, which is how i describe any decent cake smile :)

have a lovely week, soundclickers! j
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