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Eric Heisman and the Formation
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Eric Heisman and the Formation's SoundClick blog - Edits, tired ears and hours at mastering
So we went back at the song to finish it up - adding guitar tracks and backing vocals - then we did some quick mastering and i copied the exported file to my thumb drive in mp3 to check it out on the ride home - it was messed up, badly. The vocals were way hot, which, i sing, i hate that sh*** more than anything. i would err to the side of too low in the mix if i had to choose imperfection, lol. Sometimes i do, not on this song, though, thankfully.

so as i examined the mix throughout, i recognized some other mastering we got a bit off. The intro, we had an amazing first few seconds, like so freaking lovely it brought to my mind a perfect Eagles-sort of intro. The guitar noodled in and the acoustic came in on the one and it was soft and building and a magical moment - and i had trimmed some quiet bits out while mastering and had diminished that acoustic strum so it was no longer interesting, let alone magical. who cares resounded in my head as i tried to figure out what i had gotten wrong with it. So we fixed that - we fixed the vocals, too. we put a mastering affect on the whole thing and chose one that didn't boost the vocals back into yuck-land.

Then we examined the guitar tracks, snipping and boosting and cutting more,... and i felt the main guitar track needed a boost, did that, and then, having done so much with the vocals, the drums started peaking out as too loud. so we ducked that stuff and listened like forty times at varying volumes and in and out of headphones. What we had was gorgeous, but we switched to another whole-song-mastering affect which added vinyl pops and some other analog stuff, and this was now an amazing tune.

on the way home, i listened several times, and on the morning ride to work, more critical listening with fresher ears. Before, it was a song with more potential than most of ours, as the performances were more solid and the structure more defined. so we spent hours, a rare thing for us, mastering, and it has paid off. The song was called, My Dog Brother, after the lyrics, which are about Diogenes, the Greek Cynic philosopher. Dave asked if we shouldn't change the title to "The Mockingbird" and since i get to make so many calls, we have changed the name to The Mockingbird, a superb composition and a solid demo. smile :) peace and love and as always, best wishes to you forever. j
posted by Eric Heisman and the Formation on Sat Dec 23, 2017 @ 05:25 PM     post a comment
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