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Eric Heisman and the Formation's SoundClick blog - a bass guitar question, want new but under $400,...?
I was pouring over the music instrument websites looking for a bass guitar last night. I want a bass but am not in the market for anything more than a few hundred dollars. I am wondering if a $250 four string is a better grab than a $350 five string.

I've never owned a five string but when bass was my main instrument, i had gone the distance to play the Music Man i bought in 1996. now, decades later, i am thinking i need a bass for recording these new original songs i am putting together. Any thoughts on my dilemma? do i keep it cheap and grab a four or do i splurge for a five even still shopping with under $400?

anyway, have a lovely eveing and if you are posting new music, please let me know in the comments so i can visit your page and help you get those numbers up smile :) j
posted by Eric Heisman and the Formation on Thu Dec 7, 2017 @ 05:17 PM     post a comment
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