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Eric Heisman and the Formation's SoundClick blog - 2017 cars and Audio CDs - hmmm,...
2017 cars and Audio CDs - hmmm,...
i bought a new car last week and my ability to enjoy the songs i make has been derailed. The car has no CD player, and i like hard copies of songs, you know? so i have a portable CD player, maybe i can use the headphone jack as an output and into my cell phone which will transmit the sound to the car's bluetooth system? maybe i can hook a USB to headphone adapter right from the portable CD player to the usb port?

i have loaded some songs onto a thumb drive and am planning on trying that tonight, in a few minutes, but choosing a track may not be doable.

Not sure how i will make this happen yet, but i will let you all know if and when i get to hear one of the songs Dave and I make on my car's new system.
posted by Eric Heisman and the Formation on Sat Nov 11, 2017 @ 05:53 PM     post a comment
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