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building a new song from scratch, to mix metaphors, was fun last night. We cooked up a fine drumbeat and guitar section - and i suspect it is a bit difficult to nail down a drum track when the guitar drops out for 16 and plays for 16 and drops for 16 again and again - but our last take shows Dave capturing that oddity. sometimes, when doing duet tracks, we stop when one of us stops - you know, so we can start another take, as that silence probably signals one of us lost it and are waiting for the next attempt. So after we managed to capture a glorious guitar and drum track, i went to the bass and Dave went to a synth. Gorgeousness!

Our ears were tired by then, but i think we have some wonderful stuff to build further upon. No lyrics yet, but i am feeling that first Roxy Music record now so maybe some inspiration will came from there. I really would love some more guitar, since the rhythm is ducking half the song away smile :) We'll see, maybe we'll hate it, maybe it'll fire some brain waves that push it another way than Roxy. Maybe anything, because we go where our inspiration and muse takes us. I'll tell yous all about it soon enough! Have a super day and thanks for reading! j
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How do we show our support to local music?

I was at a show last night to show support for a band that three close friends and another good friend perform in and so i went to the club, bought a pizza i wasn't hungry for and gave slices to friends as they visited the table. typically i don't sit, but the place was somewhat busy and so i needed a table to order and when one opened up, i grabbed it and ordered. See i stopped drinking mass quantities years ago so spending money to move the cash register - that is how the owner recognizes a band did well playing his or her club - is not so easy, i try to be creative. I used to by a soda and tip $5 maybe twice the night, but that does not move the register total. so i spent 28 with a tip and had one cup of coffee.

I see folk slide in, pay $5 at the door and dance and cheer and socialize all night long without spending another penny - that is not getting the attention of the club owner. and they often scan the floors for folk with drinks in hand - simply, they notice. i played at clubs that required register movement on the top floor where the band played so i told friends when they came there to be sure to show the owner their band support by waiting until they got upstairs before they bought a drink so their purchase would be there for the owner to see and so the owner would ask us back.

This stuff matters. Please, if you have the door cover but nothing else, maybe stay home, you aren't supporting the owner that risks all to book a band on a weekend night. you're taking. if you go, don't drink a soda and tip $5 even, it is not showing the owner that you support financially his booking that band you love.

Please, when you can do it right, do not hesitate to support local music smile :) with love and understanding, j
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a local band that is drawing a good and kind crowd is playing this evening in Dayton. I plan to make the trek even with our first measurable snowfall piling up in the driveway. It's been a couple months since i have been able to catch them. Arrows of Neon, a line from The Grateful Dead song Truckin' is the band and some of the members i love to support in whatever musical thing they're making happen.

So it is, at best, very likely i'll get to be shakin' my bones in a Dayton club. It is a good one, called Ladder 11 - as it was once a firehouse. the pole is still there, and some excellent furniture - i recall one night taking about a hundred pictures of feet of fancy tables and amazing chair-backs. These cats really tear the roof off the sucka with their covers of classic songs by The Grateful Dead. Wish me safe travels, please, and have a super night yo'-bad-self! j
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I am craving orange cake. i found a box of orange supreme cake and started looking for orange frosting, none to be found. so i bought the orange vanilla confetti type and plan to add some orange flavoring.

I am not sure i need an orange flavor frosting, but i am planning to go for it. Dave contacted me and asked about collaborating, i can't tonight, so hopefully we'll be back at it soon! I want to run my bass guitar purchase ideas by him, he is a wealth of knowledge that has never steered me wrong. Well, i have to go before i am really done, but more again, soon! Love yas! j
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I was pouring over the music instrument websites looking for a bass guitar last night. I want a bass but am not in the market for anything more than a few hundred dollars. I am wondering if a $250 four string is a better grab than a $350 five string.

I've never owned a five string but when bass was my main instrument, i had gone the distance to play the Music Man i bought in 1996. now, decades later, i am thinking i need a bass for recording these new original songs i am putting together. Any thoughts on my dilemma? do i keep it cheap and grab a four or do i splurge for a five even still shopping with under $400?

anyway, have a lovely eveing and if you are posting new music, please let me know in the comments so i can visit your page and help you get those numbers up smile :) j
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while i ate a delicious bowl of chili, bombs fell, IEDs exploded, women and children were killed in the name of oil, heroin, and colonialism, and the distaste of being told how a people should live created more hatred of future generations of my neighbors. I mean to say, that chili was awesome, and it was yet void of any comfort or satisfaction.

I am so tired of my warrior, hawkish leaders and their colonial quests. Without question, because history has shown without exception, colonialism will raise up billions of people hating the country where i live. No protesting, no calling of lawmakers, no vote is stopping this. I am so sorry to all the people the interests of the USA is displacing, killing, injuring and trying to force into an ideal. It is not what i want, nor is it what anyone i know closely wants. Billions will hate the USA for centuries for the past our leaders have created and continue to create. Maybe it is not my place as a citizen of this country, but as a citizen of this world, it is more important for me to distance myself from the interests of the leaders of this nation and to say these are not shared interests at all and the powerful folk in this country have crushed the spirit of so many here. Not all! but the idea of utilizing the rights our nation affords is coming up short in stopping this hateful, violent aggression. To anyone who will hear, i am sorry i cannot bring about meaningful change in our leadership and their agendas.
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We had everything but the guitar and vocal track, as mentioned in the previous post. The song would not see too much fuzz or too dirty of a distortion, but the guitar is rockin' and leaves room for the listener to ride along with the melody brought in by the keys and by the bass. The lyrics were scribbled again quickly and other than some pronoun switcheroo and a few article changes, they came out very good, and fun. The song's lyrics came from some research i was doing about the passage between Antarctica and South America - The Tierra del Fuego, dragons, which became eventually ice dragons and the folk that lived along the southeast coast of South America.
I couldn't find much about folk living there, but i did find a children's book called The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin, and illustrated, first, by Alicia Austin. So i started writing about an image Ms. Austin created for the book that had critters standing around watching an ice dragon decorate a Christmas tree. a little girl in the book had befriended the dragon, so she is in the song, and i mention some of the critters. i wrote some about the sea, which is rough, so rough to traverse that the seaways used are between the islands on the south coast of South America. The Straits of Magellen, for example, is not around the continent, as i might have guessed, but through a bit of sea that provides calmer seas, between the islands.
Well, the song is almost mastered completely now, some minor tweaks would make the song ready for prime time. We have a shakers track that, while it fades out in the end, it doesn't fade in, and it is too dominant for the intro to be as gorgeous as it can be. We edited some drum tracks to unclutter the sound and some volume adjustments on those tracks can also make the composition shine. I also would like some of my bass tracks to get the unclutter treatment, but these are minor, easily done adjustments.
Ok, this tune got the name Alicia Austin, who is the first of three illustrators that have created art for Mr. Martin's story. The song, after all, is more about her artwork than it is about the story. after some tweaks, we will get to another tune. something with fuzz or distortion, maybe, lol.
Peace, friends, j
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yesterday was another great day in the studio! this tune started out being two guys talking about fuzz and distortion plans for their next song. well, the muse takes over. what we have is some nice rhythm tracks, a couple drum/metronome tracks Dave created led us through a round of Dave on drums and me on bass. the tracks are very good, but i was trying to make a melodic bass track, which it wasn't. so yesterday, i told Dave i wanted to create a melodic bass track off the bass track we had. i guessed it would suffice in providing me parameters for someth8ing melodic. he was cool with it and set up his synths and my bass, using his J bass. we managed to add two cool tracks and with maybe fifteen minutes left, we through together tracks with me on a synth and Dave on a sitar. no time for editing, so we'll get back to it soon, i hope. We need some distorted or fuzzy guitar, if it has surf-level reverb, i am ok with that, too. and lyrics. ok, that is today's update. not all of these blogs are updates, but this one is. have a super day full of music and love, peace, j
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inspiration hits, the seed of a new creation!
so i am standing outside waiting to give someone a lift home and i cannot stop, i am counting 8 and then 5 and then starting over - as in 13/8 time signature. it is burned into my psyche now and it is all i am focused upon.

ok, i made Thanksgiving dinner - deboning the breast before cooking, following all the directions to great pie, taters, broccoli, stuffing and gravy. but now, as i type, i am tapping out thirteen time. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,1,...

man, i am on fire with inspiration! this song is going to be cool - and i will admit, i listened to Nongon Infinity yesterday and their song Mr. Beat is resounding sometimes,... with lines of a song i wrote ten years ago and the line, "Nobody was here - inked on my skin - the faces i see shooting blanks at me."

I reckon the drumset will be getting some company soon after i reset my recorder with the mixing board.

Have a super and very much a Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! j
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The attempts that failed: an adapter from the audio cd player to the phone, did not do anything. the phone may have a setting to transmit data from the headphone jack to a blue tooth device, but my ignorance is holding that option back - also, the thumb drive failed - because i loaded WAV files and the car doesn't see them, unless they are MP3, then, that did work, eventually - also, the cord i could not locate, a headphone tip to a USB tip, so can't just run the headphone out of the cd player and into the USB port.

However, i heard i can load a song i just made onto my phone, then transmit it via blue tooth and then download it to the computer to burn it then rip it to MP# then onto a thumb drive, but i haven't tried that yet - so far, just decided to export the song as a WAv and as aan Mp3 so i have the lossless version and a version that the ride home can use for enjoying.

i am learning that reluctance to get with technology has pitfalls. don't be like me, keep up, have fun and keep writing! j
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2017 cars and Audio CDs - hmmm,...
i bought a new car last week and my ability to enjoy the songs i make has been derailed. The car has no CD player, and i like hard copies of songs, you know? so i have a portable CD player, maybe i can use the headphone jack as an output and into my cell phone which will transmit the sound to the car's bluetooth system? maybe i can hook a USB to headphone adapter right from the portable CD player to the usb port?

i have loaded some songs onto a thumb drive and am planning on trying that tonight, in a few minutes, but choosing a track may not be doable.

Not sure how i will make this happen yet, but i will let you all know if and when i get to hear one of the songs Dave and I make on my car's new system.
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A sculptor's theme and paraphrasing James Brown.
so that's what we did! Last entry i figured we'd be adding guitars and vocals to the new tune, and it came to be. so after i added a track of guitar with chicken scratch alternating with some soft wah chording while Dave played a new Moog synth he purchased, a hand-held job with lovely sounds. Dave set up his guitar rig and my vocal mic, as i scribbled lyrics frantically. This tune is funky, and Dave and i both wanted funky lyrics. so i searched google for James Brown song titles. I stumbled on one i am not familiar with called Make it Funky. Now i think i've heard it, but can't rattle off a line with confidence. so as i read the lyrics, i saw "what's it ever" in the first line, and i had half a page before i looked back at James' lyrics. i saw "I can't help it" so i scribbled the line, "how can i help?" because that's me, i used to have that tagline on my myspace page when my songs were "torture for purists." then i noticed "neckbones,....and turnips" so i scribbled food i know and love, homemade "pizza burgers, shakes and pie. slice of honeydew in the sky." along the way, i wrote a song about carving marble, taking away from a thing i heard about Michelangelo or someone of his time saying they were removing the marble that was hiding their artwork/subject. they weren't carving a block into something, it was there, they were merely helping us all to see it. so lines about tapping marble all day long and such are in there. Dave asked the title as we prepared a mastered mixdown export. I said, i dunno,...carving marble? he wrote the title on the disc and said, "here, i added a letter." he handed me the cd and i saw Carving Marbles, so that is the song we burned.
so looking forward to a quick adjustment, if the song requires it after multiple listenings, and back into a new one. Hey, i have so much to say, and a zillion questions, as i have written before. Keep writing, if that's your thing, and keep on keepin' on, no matter! wishes to you of love and understanding, my friends, j
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Heading over to work on a song some more. We started this one in a twenty minute spontaneous combustion of improvisation a week ago. we had just mastered the song before this one and with a few minutes left, i asked Dave to record us jamming.
Well, that set of tracks held some inspiration but little else - my basswork was timid throughout, which i find difficult to enjoy, so we saved those track version and went at it again last thursday. The drum and bass track came together quickly which led us to the next bits, which i was jonesin' for some synth fun, and Dave worked a percussion track. In the first decent take, Dave had sung, which is uncommon - so i wanted to use it, but my bass was still wanting. so i saved his track version and erased my bass lines. The next take we had was wonderful! But i wanted Dave's vocal - so i pasted it into the right place and deleted all his percussion so we could put some weirdness on his vocals - he was not in favor of using them, he told me.
Well, because he was being a goof saying something like, "we have to start over, might as well just start over and we know we will have to start over" some lame studio whining, lol - being a goof - so we used a treatment called tantra and this had Dave exclaiming, "we have to use this!"
What is left? we have bass and drums and shakers and a repeating synth oddball track - we discussed it then saying guitar. Dave was hearing something with a autowah and i was thinking chicken scratch guitar with intervals of fuzz.
I reckon i'll be letting you know what happened with the tune, soon. Have a super week, my friends, and thanks for reading!! jg
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not giving up on a homemade audio cd just yet.
so after discussing my research with my dear friend and collaborator, Dave, i am not giving up. i mean, if the ink is good enough for a label-printer to use, why can't i use that same ink and a paintbrush? seems if i use a little cup and if i dab the brush enough that i don't leave a puddle, there should be no problems using that ink and deteriorating the "printable cd" material. so here is my plan. i will price some ink for the label-printing devices and if possible, i'll buy two packs - one for testing using globs and smear and very light amounts of ink to observe and test the "printable cd" surface and it's risiliency. leave it set for a few days and prepare to make 20-30 cds to be burned. Dave will help with the cd artwork for the jewel case, i hope, and i will work on creating a lyric insert.

if any of you have tried this, (labeling audio cds in place of fancy professional labeling or a pricey label-printer) your experience would be of great help and would be much appreciated.

however it works out, i will share so you can benefit from my trials smile :)

peace and love eternal, j
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I dug into the songs Dave and i have produced since January 2016 to compose a cd to maybe produce. the editing got done rather honestly. all cut were more lacking in performance, best representation of the compositions, sort of thing. i do think all were at a level to make the final disc, they are demos, but they are well done.

i took the disc over to Dave's to show him, and hopefully have him master the disc, particularly to boost three or four tunes to the level of the rest. He got right on it and they are a beautiful set this way. So i burned a couple copies, thinking i'd hand them to two people that inspire me and that have shown an interest in my songs. i did gift one of them, the other, i backed out and handed it to another dear friend. The discs were very well received. so, the next step, right,... packaging. so i started shopping. inks, acrylics, oils, markers, space pens, label the audio disc.

then, before buying anything, well, i did buy a space pen, lol, i thought to google "hand-painting audio cd labels" or something like that. as i looked into it, my mind was on the idea that i wanted to use a sponge, and dab the sponge into runny tarnsparent inks and blot them onto the surface of a "printable cd". but this search informed me that the solvents in inks can deteriorate the printable surface material. in fact, virtually everything does, but the problem is the bits can flake off and muck up a cd player. labels, cause wobble and warp i have found, and anything less bulky seems to deteriorate the recording, pens and markers eventually bleed through to the data, (sharpie claims otherwise,...), or the player, inks and oils and acrylics.

seems to me i am left to purchase a cd labeling gizmo after all, to make these home discs at a quality that is acceptible. glad i looked into it, and there are printers with trays and printers get replaced, lol, and there are labelers, and i still want to do this, so for now, i may be contacting a print shop nearby that has quoted me good prices for 50 to 100 discs with my artwork. wish me luck, as i am wishing you the best eternally! jg
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Sage, a new song from earlier this month.
Dave and I finished this song a couple weeks ago and i blogged about it. I had tried to upload it but failed, as bandcamp wouldn't upload my mp3, it wasnt a WAV file, which i do prefer. Soundclick at no cost limits access to an extent, so i am trying bandcamp out some. so after a few misses, here is Sage, the link has a few details on the page about composing the song, but the blogs are more in depth. Enjoy, please, and have a wonderful day with your music! j
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Unknowns, Unexpecteds and Music that Soothes the Soul
so after Dave and i burned a copy of Sage, we started again, me on my acoustic and Dave on a synth. The resulting composition is unlike any we've done. We have constructed a repeating 8 measures that leads to three different changes. we nailed the parts down and called it a night. me driving home with Sage blaring in the car stereo speakers, Dave went to work treating the acoustic track, making the waveform more balanced and more present and EQing some of the pick noise and the boominess of the instrument.
Last night, we got back to it. Dave had constructed a drum pattern for us to use as an enhanced click when we captured the first tracks, that was still there when i started scribbling lyrics and Dave fired up his J-bass. So,...the lyrics had this in mind, a love of a lifetime- -weather lost to death or lost to break-up - but my words had taken a turn to the morbid, limiting the accessibility of the diction. Dave asked me about ways to remove the finality bits and leave open all possibilities. I had planned to resolve the loss with hope, but fixing the lyrics made that unnecessary. The name of the song has yet to come together, but after a hundred takes or so, we had captured a fine lyric and bass performance. I sat behind the large diaphragm mic with some percussion items Dave has and Dave started seeking out a synth track that could be atmospheric. I wasn't happy blowing flutes and slapping Dumbeks, so i sat behind the drum kit and gave it a shot. what we had last night was a drum track that failed to nail the click throughout, but that showed possibilities for a fine drum track to be included. we're going back to it this evening. The song, for my part, needs a guitar solo and a drum track. Dave probably has ideas as well. I'm looking forward to not saying boo until he shares his thoughts, then i may or may not contribute my thoughts. They may change with his input, so, to keep the spirit of improvisation alive and thriving, I'll be playing it all by ear smile :) Have a wonderful night, and may your music fill you with the love and appreciation to get you through another day of unknowns and unexpecteds. <3 j
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Composition by capturing duets
I've gone on some about the way Dave and I compose/collaborate, but it's been a while. We pick instruments and capture takes in duet - so we can grow the composition from the music and together as we interact. after decades, we really do grow these songs organically and together. Four sets of duets and a few hours of editing and we have another song, this one is called Sage. I started out on drums and after four hours, with Dave on a synth, we had something to build upon, so we took a break. we got back to it the next week, Dave on another synth, this one sounding like a nintendo NES game song instrument, gorgeous, and me on his Squier J bass with the POD treating the bass to a low growling fuzz, not unlike Steely Dan's Monkey in Your Soul, which also garnered exclusive credits on that record for its magnificence. Then i threw in some lyrics, with Dave on a chimey-synth, and me on a rainstick - vocals and rainstick big-work ahead,... then another duet with Dave on an organ-synth and me on backing vocals and a theremine. again, theremine and vocal on one track warranted excessive editing. Then we burned a cd that was unedited and unmixed and took the night off. We got back to it for mastering/editing and mixing down. so, that is three sessions and four dueting tracks and literally hundreds of takes. Hundreds. the result is gorgeousness. Dave had taken the time to treat my vocal track to a gizmo that compressed and powered up my vocals, and other than one passage of lyrics that become a smidge hard to cypher as a listener, close enough, we have Sage. A song dipped in treatments and in counter-elements that produce a trippy tune with heart. the lyrics are about walking home, seeing the lights on at the lover's house and stopping in, and how time flies as if no time was spent but that clock never stopped for a tick, and it's late. Mostly, it is about losing track of time when you're doing what fills you up the most. We even had time tuesday night after mastering to start a new song, a way-gone composition has been established. something like i've never written - so there is a six chord 8 measure bit that comes up three times, each time a different change follows that bit, making it all more accessible. more on that tune soon. Much love to you readers, Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks so much for reading! j
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Jams in the Garage - November 2016
Last night Tom and Dave and i set up in the garage for another garage jam. Typically, we play covers, but Tom has written a few, and Dave and i write, so originals aren't unheard of, but normally, it is cover material with big extended jam arrangements. What started as Grateful Dead sets has evolved over the past twenty some years into classic rock and current jam songs. Last night, we worked a bit on Phish's meat Stick and Tom was breaking out some rare or untried Dead songs. The night was magical. Ok, so, Tom is on keys and he pounds out a rhythm and nails chords down. Normally, i am a rhythm person, but this allows me to venture out some. I still love supporting the rhythm, but i had another breakthrough on the lead-fret board. I connected a couple areas I've already worked a bunch with, so, always good having breakthroughs! My gear, last night was an acoustic with a Behringer Filter pedal and a EH Big Muff and a VibraChamp Fender amp. I mention this gear because it can be all about fuzz and feedback and working out that aspect of the instrument. I play a clean model with either a delay or a tremolo going, then i stomp on the filter and the muff and things get weird! Dave has an amazing pedal board and was playing electric guitar. He has great fuzz and tremolo and feedback stuff to work with as well, and some filter-like effects, too. I'm writing about this because we were playing some amazingly trippy music with those feedbacking, fuzzy, tremoloing sounds! I often consider buying another pedal, but i am so much in love with what i have already, nothing seems missing. I may get a volume pedal. I also write this to share with you a bit of the garage jam. I have one video of us playing I Know You Rider from a decade back on youtube at the Eric Heisman video page. It has almost as many plays as any other song we've written. Ok, Have a wonderful, rockin', jammin' weekend! Love yas! j
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No Busking, No Problem
Yesterday I felt the need to play music out of doors. I grabbed the acoustic and a pick and drove downtown, sure i would end up in the park, away from folk, but as i rolled toward the park, i decided downtown would be best. so i set the lyric books on a bench beside me on the town square and tuned up - jumped right into Long Black Veil and as i started the second verse, Blang!, - popped the G. - the strings were old, and i knew it was time to change them, but when you need to play, i go home and restring for another day,... i had a set with me, and so i changed the string. smile :) When i opened my eyes while playing Foot of Pride, a Bob Dylan song Lou Reed covered on Bob's 30th anniversary tribute release, a young man that has joined me before by shakin' his bones was standing nearby. When i had finished, he applauded and said encouragingly, "that was 6 minutes and 50 seconds long!" I said that i loved the song and he said he liked it, too. He was with me applauding and saying nice things until i was about done, almost two hours. i think i played one more song after he had gone, my hands were in pain from the changing-to-quite-cold weather. It occurred to me, that as i played songs, several people came by, he knew most of them by name, and them, him. Then i realized that this young man was the star downtown yesterday; that is for sure. i had a speck of self-loathing that had made me want to play songs, maybe for something else to focus upon. so i don't want to put myself down, and trust me, i am not, i played pretty well yesterday and everyone listened and said nice things, but most of them folk knew this young man and he held a spot quite reserved among them. It was clear, it was lovely and it is always such a blessing to be able to perform music for the people of this town as i continue to learn, always the student, with love, j
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