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Foot out the door, Head to the wall
Stepping forward is an intimidating venture, especially when it means becoming your own boss and taking control of your own space and time.

I recently contacted a music licensing company about working with them. Expecting not to hear back for a little while, I was surprised to get a response so quickly. The guy on the other end was super nice, but swift to say that none of my current pieces were going to work for what they do. My stomach had that sinking feeling you, who are reading this, might be all too familiar with. Those demons came out of my head and just began doing what they do to a sensitive artist. You know. The "you probably just aren't supposed to be doing this" speal. Well, you know what's funny. That was my first try. My first try at ever breaking into an oversaturated, diverse, competitive industry.

Go on. Snicker for me. Clap your hands and laugh. It gets better.

That email came in only fifteen minutes before I set my fingers to typing on this keyboard. The email I sent was my first attempt ever at breaking into the licensing business. Sure, I had some expectations built up and some delusions of grandeur; bank account exploding shit, but this was attempt number one. Does anyone ever make the first jump? Sure, someone out there always does, but there is always hard work, trial, and perseverance no matter what.

So, I'm gonna wrap up this blog and say that I'm gonna keep on barreling through to the other side because that's where I want to be. The next time I hear those demons yapping, you can be sure you'll see another blog pop up.

Signing off.

Ein Doble
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