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Ed og Lys
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Ed og Lys
name: Ed og Lys
age: your guess
hometown: [unknown], Norway
Me and Eye
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Life. Love. Death.

There are three basic pillars of the general concept of our music we called ..Project Ed og Lys...
(Ed Safinn - voice, synth, programming, guitar, mixing, sax, design, photo, lyrics and Lys S. - voice, guitar, synth, piano, mixing, photo, design, lyrics) ..Project Ed og Lys.. it not only music, but also design and photo, as well as video, and literary tests and painting...
They supplement each other.

Having tried to achieve harmony we .. the members of the project and former inhabitants of megapolises - have left the noise of greater cities behind and moved to the small settlement on the Far North of Norway to be closer to the nature and disengagement.

March of 2006 could be called the date of a birth of the Project as it was the first time we have tried to create something together. Before that Ed has already had an experience of working with various groups, with actors of the most styles but only sketchy and casually.

In 2000 Ed using various games hookups, cassette tape recorders, mobile phones and to that similar techniques has created his solo album of synthesized sounds "Kald Juni ". In 2001 there was a second album "Tann" where sounds of techno music were getting mixed up with classics.

Coming back to the general concept of our music we would like to say it is an alloy of sounds surrounding any person in contemporary world, the medley of the big cities rhythms and internal human nature. That..s why we use man-caused sounds along with
Ed og Lys: Choice
Ed og Lys
Lys S.
main album
Lys S.
main album
Ed og Lys. Flax (ban)
Ed og Lys
THX for ADD! smile :)
National Holiday - Hot day with rock'n'vodka smile :)

Ed og Lys
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Ed og Lys
Ed og Lys
Electronica - Industrial


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