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Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS's SoundClick blog - A 17-Month Run of OSMOSIS FUNK #1's!!!
A 17-Month Run of OSMOSIS FUNK #1's!!!
Right now, "Better Ask Somebody!" is the current #1 URBAN/Funk Song on Soundclick, but it's only the LATEST. WOW!!!
Recently, there was:
"66.6 WGTH (Satellite Radio From 'Down Below')" -single version,
"Lawd! Funk A Duck-Face!!",
"Return Of Da' Monsta!!"-single version,
"Blood-Sucker Blues!!"-single version, and
"Python (More Snake)"-single version.
And, those are just the New OSMOSIS tracks!!!
There were also a couple of "vintage" Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra "cassette-era" tracks:
"Meddle With It!",
"Cosmic Funk Squad (Turnin' Yo' On!)"-single version, and
"The Ice Age (Hey Baby, It's Cold In Here)"-single version
COMBINED, that's a total of 9!!!! (between May 2012--September 2013).
And, as long as I help to keep the Soundclick Funk Charts FRESH, there may be many more.
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"Quack Quack?!"
BANG, Sucka!!!
I've had it with all those "Duck-Faces" on Facebook, so I'm joining "The Duck Hunt"--musically, of course!!
Got a hot Funk Hit on Soundclick (as OSMOSIS) called "Lawd! Funk A Duck-Face!", which ain't nothin' but one evil chant, backed-up by some nasty Keyboards, sick Dums, finger-popping 'Space Bass', and a howling Lead Guitar! All ME--no Filler!!
SO, if it has the FACE of a DUCK.....FUNK IT!!! (that's the CLEAN version of what's on the song!! LOL!!) N-Joy the New FUNK from OSMOSIS.
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I first uploaded "FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar)" in 2007, as part of the OSMOSIS MP3-Album, "The TERRORIST Speaks!!". And, as a single--on behalf of The Daily Dose ofFunk collective, of which I'm a part of--it's been doing great. So great, that I've had the idea to ALWAYS place it at the top of my Player Station EVERY Fall, just in time for HALLOWE'EN. Well, in 2009, something happened: "FRANKEN-Funk" shot to #1 on the COMEDY/Parody Genre Charts, and held for about 2 weeks. Since then, it's been hitting #1 every year at this time for 3 years. THIS YEAR (2012) IS NO EXCEPTION. "FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar)", a collab between myself (OSMOSIS) and The BEATMASTER 1, has become the "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" of Soundclick---an annual favorite. N-Joy....uhhhh, I mean, "DAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNCEEE!!!" To the BRIDGE, Ygor!!
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Some Psychedelic COSMIC FUNK ORCHESTRA Grooves
Ever since I've acquired a Gibson Axe, I've been doing a LOT of Guitar-based experimentation, for BOTH my Projects. Currently, as Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra, I have an instrumental single that's been bouncing between #1 and #3 on the ROCK/PSYCHEDELIC Genre Charts for about 2 months. It's called "Sharing Drinks With A Butterfly Fairy". N-joy.
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A VAMPIRE Trying To Make It In Today's World
A very funny OSMOSIS Novelty-Funk Song, called "BLOOD-SUCKER BLUES", has been #1 in the URBAN/FUNK Genre Charts for just about 1 whole month. It's the first volley of a second OSMOSIS MP3-Album I'm putting the finishing touches on for a late-2012 upload. I'm trying to, at least, finish the vocals for ONE MORE Pre-Album Single, which I'm planning to upload just in time to celebrate Hallowe'en. So, get ready for it. And, N-joy the Funk!
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Right at the TOP of my Song List (and directly on my YouTube page) is "FUNKY THANKSGIVING" by OSMOSIS and GothaDelic. The song's mission: to become an annual tradition, just like my other main HOLIDAY TRACKS, "FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar!)"-Halloween, and "EVIL CLAUS!!"-Christmas. It's my way of saying, "Let's NOT FORGET the HOLIDAY-in-Between". N-Joy!!
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Mon Nov 7, 2011 @ 10:22 AM     1 comment    post a comment
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To put it simply--
We just don't get earthquakes of "decent" magnitude on the United States East Coast. So, after it happened we all said a collective: "MAN!! WHAT THE f*** WAS THAT?!?!"

Luckily all my masters are still in one piece. But...WOW!!
Wednesday, August 23, 2011 @ 1:54 PM (EST) will remain in my memory (some belated Birthday Present THAT was, for me.)
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Mainly because, I just love to show ya'll that, YES, Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra (a.k.a. OSMOSIS) is the REAL DEAL and NOT--repeat--NOT some 'BOT.

So, since I haven't signed on and blogged in a while (there are those THANGS called "LIFE" and "WORK" which kinda get in the way of making music), I've decided to do a little "housecleaning" and sniff out all the "friends" who are obvious 'bots, and DELETE 'em. (I have a good eye, and an even better nose---if I can't SPOT ya', I can damn sure SMELL ya'!! WOOF WOOF!!).

Anyhow, I'm still kickin'; still jammin' on SOUNDCLICK, MyFUNK, MySPACE (although, that site is becoming kinda "FOXy", capice!) and more recently on SOUNDCLOUD, as well as YouTube (and, for you anime lovers, YEP!! I'm the SAME dude responsible for "My Anime Fix" on LiveJournal!!), and of course, like everyone else SHOULD be, on FACEBOOK.

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Keep At It, and it All Works Out Eventually. After nearly 3 years on Soundclick, my FIRST "Hit" mp3-album (under the OSMOSIS banner): "AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE FUNK (AND IT'S GOOD FOR YA')". Not only is it the top URBAN album seller (as of May 12, 2009), but it has fluttered between #11 and up for the past two weeks (currently, it's #9!!!), on the Soundclick MP3-Album Sales charts.

Just keep at it, ya'll. Lots of folks call it quits if they don't get a #1 track right off the bat--doesn't work like that, ya'll. WOW!! 28+ Years (since 1981), and finally. Hard work gets rewards. Plus, being priced right for this 'recession', at $3.99, helps a whole lot.

And, that's just the OSMOSIS-side. Now, if I can get a HIT Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra MP3-Album, then that'll be MY 'Hat-Trick'.

posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Tue May 12, 2009 @ 02:09 PM     post a comment
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OSMOSIS 2009:   Ya'll Git Ready Fo'

The brand-new OSMOSIS MP3-Album, available for download at MY Soundclick Music Store. Special 'album-length' versions of the singles (with the singles STILL POSTED for FREE DOWNLOAD).

Yea, $3.99. 8 tracks and not 6 (after 19 years, I BREAK the OSMOSIS-Album Format)--giving you MORE FUNK for LESS BUCK.

So, stop by my MP3-Album Store Page and download this badass album. Remember: "AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE FUNK!! (And It's Good To Ya')!!"
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I like to experiment. I like to (musically) break thangs. I like to pull your chains. I like to keep evolving.
Right now, I've got a little serial-type project going on: "2087-UNITED PLANETARY FUNK". Still working on it, still uploading to it (finally re-furbished the instrumental to INVASION just the way I wanted; now to hit the lyrics!).
Plus, the parent-project, Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra, is still laying down weird-sounding experimental instrumentals (mainly to keep my chops sharp), while on the OSMOSIS front, I have GIRLS WITH MUSCLE MAKE BOYS HUSTLE!! proving to be my FIRST Video Hit on YouTube.

So, all I'm tryin' to say is: Don't Expect Even The Unexpected. Just Freak Out To What I'm Slammin' You With---
And It's All Good To Ya'!!!
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Wed Mar 25, 2009 @ 03:12 PM     post a comment
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Because, it sure would be nice, especially in MY case. It will be almost 2 years since I've begun work on the Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra-concept album project "2087-UNITED PLANETARY FUNK".
And trying to CLASSIFY it has become a 'story' within itself. So far, I've redone/reformatted a couple of the first tracks I've posted for this project almost 2 years back ("LEGEND" and "CRASH LANDING[Joyriders]"). And, as more of the story begins to take shape, I'm posting it "Serial Style".

Like I've mentioned in previous blogs, BOTH of my projects (Cosmic Funk Orchestra and OSMOSIS) are 2 completely different animals, and the "2087-UPF" project is affirming that.

Which brings up my main question: Is there a "SCI-FI" genre on SOUNDCLICK? If so, I'd love to be the FIRST to post these tracks on there.

I mean, seems like we have EVERYTHING ELSE (from SEASONAL/HOLIDAY to SPORTS), including FICTIONAL STORIES, so why not SCI-FI?

This is what I LOVE about Soundclick: the all-out DIVERISTY of the music and artists. So, bring on the SCI-FI genre (it could be a part of ALTERNATIVE, if so inclined).

(And by the way, CHAPTER 4 of "2087-UNITED PLANETARY FUNK" is coming soon. Keep listening.)
-Lawrence (a.k.a. OSMOSIS)
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HALLOWE'EN is coming fast this year (and it only makes thing funkier that it's on a FRIDAY), so what I did---in case you haven't noticed--was to "reactivate" 'Da MONSTA', "FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar)", and set it loose to invade the Soundclick COMEDY Charts.


Plus, Brand New this year, the OSMOSIS-project also put forth a Second Collab with MIKEY BLANCO (a.k.a. WHITEMIKE PROD.) called "INNER BEAST". So, you've got BOTH 'Da MONSTA' and a 'Werewolf' funkin' up your iPods and MP3-players.

That's right----they're BOTH DOWNLOADABLE, FREE OF CHARGE. Plus, my Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra-project has two creepy-funky instrumentals for you (also FREE DOWNLOADS):
"SHEER TERROR (Too Scared To Scream)" and, of course, "YOU'RE IN HELL, CHARLIE BROWN!!".

Just like I said LAST YEAR: "Don't have your mama turn TRICKS for TREATS!! DOWNLOAD some of this FREE OSMOSIS-COSMIC FUNK ORCHESTRA CANDY for your earhole!!" Yummy!!
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Re-Establishing My Thang!!!
I've been taking the majority of 2008 to re-establish the sounds and styles of Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra and OSMOSIS. No regrets, either. Right now, the new Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra mp3-album, "PsycheCosmicFunkeDelix" is posted and available for DOWNLOAD at My Music Store page ($7.99), and I'm working on the first all-OSMOSIS-project in a long while.

No collabs on these tracks (and nary a sample--except maybe on "THE GRIND"). So far, 3 New OSMOSIS tracks are up and running: "KEEP IT LOW", "AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE FUNK!"---possibly the upcoming Album Title--and "THE GRIND".

Plus, I have completed at least 2 more backing instrumentals for the new OSMOSIS project (both have a POP Groove going), and laid down the Bass Groove for another.

Not to mention the TWO Non-Album Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra tracks I have posted: "SHEER TERROR (Too Scared To Scream)", and (the now-infamous) "YOU'RE IN HELL, CHARLIE BROWN!!".

Moving right along. And, not even glancing back.
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Wed Aug 20, 2008 @ 04:43 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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<strong>FREAKIN' YA'LL OUT (and LIKIN' IT!!), 'Cuz I Can!</strong>
So, under the banner of Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra (my PARENT PROJECT), I finally have a--truly completed--NEW MP3-ALBUM:


All the tracks are posted, and the album is ready for DOWNLOAD. And to me, this feels good.

LAST YEAR, I was working on a Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra project which couldn't be completed, due to being SIDETRACKED by all the OSMOSIS-Daily Dose of Funk collaborations and material. It was all good (my first time being a part of a powerful Cyber-Band, as well as making up for LOST TIME by adding not ONE, but FOUR OSMOSIS Albums to the cataloge!!), but, this made it all hard to put the finishing touches on the Cosmic Funk Orchestra project:


Believe it or not, "CRASH LANDING (Joyriders)" still has legs, making it the Highlight of that project. Well, now with most of the OSMOSIS work out of the way, for the time being, I can take the time to redo some of those tracks, and finish the concept-story for that project.

NOW, about that last OSMOSIS Album;

pissed-off the leader of the DDoF (The FUNKASAURUS), having him "FIRE ME" from the band. No Problem. So, I took an ANGLE ("Funk Religion") and ran with the idea. It made some badass grooves for that album. But, alas, I wanted to get back to some Cosmic Funk experimentalism ('sides, all this time, I was still learning the ins-and-outs of DIGITAL RECORDING).

Didn't sit well with The FUNKASAURUS. Well, so be it. As for this brand new Cosmic Funk Album, he'll probably be scratching his head over it. GOOD---that's the point!!

Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra is the real, psychedelic deal. Lots of instrumental stuff here (as well as the original instrumental backing tracks for a couple of OSMOSIS songs: "BIONIC FUNK[-LORD]", and soon, "3-G [GORILLA-GUERRILLA GROOVE]" and "HEAD-BUSTIN' BONE-CRUNCHER!!"), and some very freaky electronic-funk, space-jazz experiments.

Then, there's the real FREAK-OUT Track: "WASHINGTON, D(ead) C(ity): JET-TIME (7:47)"!!!
On the OSMOSIS song, "BIONIC FUNK", I said:
"The LORD Hates Us, And The DEVIL-He FEARS Us...And YOU SUCKAS, Ya'll Just Don't Know What To MAKE Of Us!!"

That sums up Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra perfectly. I'll do the P-Funk-Shake-Your-Ass thang under the banner of OSMOSIS, then turn back around and get all SCIENCE-FICTION-EXPERIMENTAL-WIZARD on you under the Cosmic Funk Orchestra banner.

So, YES: I Have a song about DC being attacked by ZOMBIES, complete with FX and Characterizations of trapped scared people waiting for the "Jet" to arrive (at 7:47!!!). Plus, the track ends abruptly--and ON PURPOSE!!--at 7:47!! The "Jet" was a BOMBER!!! Buh-Bye DC and it's ZOMBIES!!! (Man, wasn't "RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE" one badass idea, or what!!)

Enjoy the spacey, experimental wildness that is my NEW Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra project: "PsycheCosmicFunkeDelix"

PS: For all you "Scared-To-Take-The-Musical-Plunge" pussies out there, a NEW OSMOSIS project will be under way and uploaded soon. Infidels!
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Sat Jun 21, 2008 @ 01:47 PM     post a comment
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That's Right,:

Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra/OSMOSIS is opening up SHOP, and offering the ENTIRE Music Page for FREE DOWNLOAD, from Sunday, December 30, 2007 thru the FINAL WEEK OF JANUARY 2008!!

Meaning, keep your EARHOLES OPEN: There may be some NEW FUNK Dropped Into The Pot!!!

FILL UP THOSE iPods!!! LOAD UP THOSE MP3-Players!! BUY THOSE 100-Pack CD-Rs!!! Cosmic Funk/OSMOSIS is giving YO ASS some FREE FUNK!!

TAKE IT!!!!!!!
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WHAT Will Cosmic Funk/OSMOSIS Have In Store For 2008?!
Good Question.
Damn Good Question.

This year (2007) was officially my Second Year uploading music on the web (I started in October 2005 on BROADJAM), and my First Year as part of the madness known as SOUNDCLICK.

Let me tell you, this year has been my BEST (and Most Prolific) recording year since (I'm NOT LYING when I say this) 1985!!! Yup, Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Back in the "Home-Taping/Cassette-Album Era". I guess you can say that from 2005-on is "Web-Era OSMOSIS". And, it's primarily been the OSMOSIS project side, so far.

Plus, for the FIRST TIME since 1983 (MAN! Do I have some HISTORY behind me, or WHAT!), I am part of a BAND---
only this case, it is a (fully-functioning and 100% Acitve!) 'Virtual' CyberBand called The DAILY DOSE OF FUNK.

At first, I thought Maurice (The FUNKASAURUS) wasn't even gonna pull this off ("JOIN MY GROUP, DAWG!!" went some of his MySpace e-mails to me! LOL!!), but he did, and indvidually and collectively, WE DID!! (and will CONTINUE to do so!)

HELL, we even caught the attention of P-FUNK. Fantastic.

All-in-All, like I said, 2007 has been extremely prolific for me (count 'em: 4 all-new OSMOSIS Albums/MP3-Albums in this year alone, making up for my 'slump' during all of the 1990's!)--
HEY, I'm even closing this year out with Not One, but TWO Top 50 Christmas Singles:

One from the parent project, Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra ("MERRY TWISTEDMAS!"), and one from that (now HIT-MAKING) OSMOSIS Project ("EVIL CLAUZ!").

Plus, as part of The DAILY DOSE OF FUNK, Me and the dudes have a running 'Storyline' (a'la P-Funk's classic "Mothership Connection" and Roger Waters classic "Rock Star Pink" sagas), with The Daily Dose's WAR against The EVIL Radio bi***!!

WHOA-HA!!!!!!!!! WHEW!!!!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooo, What Will I Have In Store For You FUNKLESS HEATHEN INFIDELS in 2008?!

Well, if 2007 was any indication, then 2008 will be 10th-Gear CAR-RAY-ZEE!!!! And, OSMOSIS and The DAILY DOSE OF FUNK will take ALL of YOU along for the Wild-n-CAR-RAY-ZEE Ride!! So, strap yourselves in, 'cause it's gonna be WITHOUT BRAKES!!!


Soundclick and Everybody Here, I'd like to close out 2007 by wishing EVERYONE a "MERRY TWISTEDMAS" And A "SLAP-HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

And remember, in 2008, "THE NUCLEAR CRUSH" Will Be REALITY: "LOOK MA, 'NO BUSH'! BANG!!!!!"
DEMOCRATIC for 2008!!!
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Fri Dec 21, 2007 @ 07:34 PM     post a comment
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---because, after Monday, November 5th, 2007, the single "FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar)" will be available for download at the monstrously low price of $0.75. So, while the HALLOWEEN Holiday Week is in full swing, grab your MP3 while it's STILL FREE.

(Don't make me have to send YGOR after you!!!! ^_^)

"FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar)" by OSMOSIS (& The BEATMASTER 1)---FREE ('til Nov. 5th, 2007).

Come Get The Monster, and "DAAAAAAAAANNNNCCCEEE!!!"
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Tue Oct 30, 2007 @ 04:52 PM     post a comment
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DAILY DOSE OF FUNK's Campaign Of NonStop New Tracks
Yup, that about sums it up---

NEW TRACKS EVERY FEW DAYS FROM THE DAILY DOSE OF FUNK Cyberband Members. And since our number has been upped to 6 (Myself/OSMOSIS, The FUNKASAURUS, GothaDelic, The BEATMASTER 1, DragonFish KillSwitch, and just added, The MoFo Erectus), we're not about to slow down. We appear to be on the same creative bent as this past April-July.

Plus (thanks to me and a upgrade to my PC), the DAILY DOSE OF FUNK has also expanded into video ( This, along with The FUNKASAURUS dropping a Weekly "DAILY DOSE OF FUNK Internet Magazine" over MySpace (, means that, as an internet-band, WE Mean BUSINESS---

and everyone wins and benefits from it.

So, N-Joy The Funk, 'cuz we haven't even started to dropkick your minds, YET!!!
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Sun Oct 21, 2007 @ 12:56 PM     post a comment
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The NEW (Replacement For Bobby Pickett's)
The DAILY DOSE OF FUNK (in this case, yers trooley--OSMOSIS and The BEATMASTER 1) has come up with something to carry on the legacy of the late, great Bobby "Boris" Pickett's "MONSTER MASH":

"FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar)"

So, stop on by my music page, give that bad boy a FREE DOWNLOAD, and do what "the monster" says and.......

N-Joy The Funk, ya'll!!
posted by Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS on Tue Sep 18, 2007 @ 06:52 PM     post a comment
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