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Coros-IV's SoundClick blog - Addiction
[to Always Have A Choice by Havoc]

They-wont let me re~lax, pressure to succeed at
solvin hatas problems, makes you wanna relapse
watch the heat as it comes down like a comet
botchin a job that makes your boss grovel like a hobbit
..i been, reppin my squad wit tears
blood an sweat like beers, pourin for fallen peers
Cant forget jeff, heroine was his answer
..maybe it saved him, jason died of cancer 16, when we were sick feens
maybe chemo fulfilled his needs
don't know, i just know its ancient history
death time an space, remain a mystery
if only they didnt need to pump for redemption
like shooting remington eleven eighty-seven
like Floyd, i 'may weather' the storm
of Bias but may not thats why im the underdog not hooked on booze, im hooked on livin
in tune with its rhythms
booze reflects earth's ugly not beautiful side
rehabilitators kill-but I don't choose to die

im the underdog cuz im the victim not
the one on drugs influencin me to take sh*** to heart
thinkin someone's at your throat when its just
drugs messin with your brain, pullin your chain
if i went for the throat you'd know it for sheez kid
i wont go for it for no reason
an i certainly wont give myself a reason to
i aint on E pills, weed or booze
just O-T-C herbs, for sober thinkin, theres no prescription
better off takin pills with no description
the victim is the innocent one
bitter cuz im recoverin from
the sweetest drug..
the most evil bug, spreads through needle blood
but you think the worst drugs aint legal what?
c'mon must be on some..


not gettin front back, and side-to-side inside the ride that
i'd modified i tried to slide an glide but i'd collided
an i'd of died yet my death i defied it
took it in marchin strides truth aint hard to hide
started searchin far and wide to find it
an i'd have eyed it, if it lied hidden i'd of spied it
i'd abided by the guidelines i'd complied wit
the god i'd confided in was not the judge that tried my sins
presidin over hearings i'd have bided time to coincide with
the guy that fried inside a chair in a 5 by 9 where i'd reside in
due time
never said i deserved to die, but my remarks that were snide implied it
now im pictured with hands tied down an widened eyelids
a cell was my bride i pried the door an tried to slide it
then cried til my eyes dried beside it
you cried an died inside the ride riptides provided
i decided my divided sides denied it
an i didnt wonder, why'd i lie to try to hide it
if i died i died for pride that got me high like my supply did..
like a freckle face jekyll, hidin hyde inside him


posted by Coros-IV on Mon May 24, 2010 @ 10:40 PM     post a comment
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Yes In Spanish

[to Guns Is Razors by Alchemist ft Tony Yayo]

cant box like dempsey
one hit could knock 'off the top' dog if he's not a emcee
i tend to see-the future tenatively! not what i intend to see
u neglected now u gotta tend to SEA
got a homicidal tendency
if u dont get it please dont pretend to see
the absent minded, need no attendance sheet, even flight attendants see
less clouds, whats the vitamin tonin' tendons? C
how many will be at my show? attend and see
pay 110 a seat in the box im the 'land lord' makin blind tenants see
from Talahassee to Tennessee
take notes like, sax tenor c
frontin tough like a macho man call him Randy Savage, but~is he tender? si..

thats Yes in spanish
banish players and your stress'll vanish
say bye, but sea waves when the weapons brandish my full court press to manage
dont say ya style aint feminine, unless its mannish*
Yes in spanish, banish players and your stress'll vanish
..go ahead make the claims in ur text outlandish
..but dont say ya style aint feminine.. unless its mannish

claim im Imitatin cassidy, but u aint surpassin sea
u lack the same tenacity, accuracy
reserve brain capacity, to outlast da sea
insane audacity, chasin bitter with a citric acid sea
the net is part of the game, not jest to Agassi
yer lost in a world u made up, a child's fantasy
broke, still stylin while filin bankruptcy
tryna be clear, but there aint a transparent SEA
its 'over heads' like projectors with a transparency
where's the coherency
i combine elements not fire air an sea
you dont feel the temp slaves, the bringer of the plague was mousy
the little people, u teach em to believe a fallacy
group showering's for masons, u aint as foul as sea
here's a 'deep cut', i better let the nurse see
str8 ownage ur dependant as a flea for mercy
im circling ur tracks, jackie joyner kersey
call my big hammer sledge like percy
but the truth is undisputed, controversy's caused by a liar si?

thats Yes in spanish
banish players and your stress'll vanish
say bye, but sea waves when the weapons brandish my full court press to manage
dont say ya style aint feminine, unless its mannish*
Yes in spanish, banish players and your stress'll vanish
..go ahead make the claims in ur text outlandish
..but dont say ya style aint feminine.. unless its mannish

*Adj. 1. mannish - resembling or imitative of or suggestive of a man rather than a woman; "a mannish stride"
Related word: unwomanly - not womanly; "the logical clearness of her arguments...condemned her as eccentric and unwomanly"
2. mannish - characteristic of a man as distinguished from a woman; "true mannish arrogance"
Related word: masculine - associated with men and not with women

posted by Coros-IV on Tue Apr 20, 2010 @ 06:58 PM     post a comment
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Im Dead Right! (Pee Fetish)

[to Rude Boy by Rihanna]

word he wasnt feelin me on that R.A.W gangsta beat by Daz Dilly
Ready And who knows what he looks or sounds like
prolly a dike chick, feelin that pussy Shit, DJ...let's try that new Rihanna hit
and show this "dude" how to Prove who's faster AND more accurate
show and Prove right?...Ime dead right!

..fake H-N-I-C* got a pee fetish
..imitate prodigy? gotta be jealous
Ime con~troll~in my e~motions
slice off yo stick bite your own dick

.."he'll be back" SEA wont head for the light
that's what they'll say...Ime dead? riiiight
..they lucky ime controllin my emotions
they know they were frontin, and it got me ferocious
..who you provokin C-fo's a true opponent
..your nemesis, wont make me lose my focus
..dote try to play me i will never be Yo bi***
.....rather leave you in a ditch'd rather listen to Rihanna's hit
than Party with a hundred guys in a sausage fest
cuss the Only chick is his mom known for workin on the strip
..her man came along, thugs have fun on this

..fake H-N-I-C got a pee fetish
..imitate prodigy? gotta be jealous
Ime con~troll~in my e~motions
slice off yo stick bite your own dick
..fake H-N-I-C got a pee fetish
..imitate prodigy? gotta be jealous
Ime con~troll~in my e~motions
slice off yo stick ryde your own dick

..say "prodigee" he'll have hissy fits
like your thinkin bout a coward posin on the internet!
always talkin that "hit men" sh*** (fag)
G-Unit hittas, will body prodigee for 'fitty cent'
so who is rough enough? let em come
i'll eat my arm an bludgeon um with a prosthetic one
or ask for a last request then get a brew
hand um a poisoned one that looks identical even hisses when you twist the top off!
back in the hood your dead hittas get dropped off
Think Im dissin you-on Half Steppin, I am
nukes kill your plan Ime with Bin Laden in-Iran..


..straight ownage.. spanked in front of peers
..bitch you gon' set blacks back a hundred years
..please dote rep
"Prodigee Killa" gon' get put on a wall like a hundred beers
why-you act so scary cuz who's Pee?
payin whores to fight your wars cant scoop me
on the bus cant swoop G's
only 'rollin' you be doing's in a rug, in the trunks of hoopties
killed you on Pee On U, he must have a pee fetish like R-Kelly groupies
you need to stop threatening to shoot me
before your forced out a plane hearin "you forgot your parachute Pee!"
it's not if it's when i'll arrange it
a paid hit? thugs will spray your grave and flower arrangement
then google "FAKE SHIT"
to find ALL your gay scripts and start erasin'
infect em with viruses on some plague shit
only ugly mutations like Pee can take the beauty from my pages
Ime not responsible, what I say in ay diss
directly reflects these hatas

*this aint about the real Prodigy of Mobb Deep aka HNIC, it's about a imitator
who think he can get away with it just cuz its on the net, but
i cant stand imitators, he even spells his name the same...
at least dudes from SCC spelled it different...
so i changed the spelling in this post to "Prodigee" so you know which Prodigy Ime reffering to...
cuz this phony aint worth a misunderstanding which is all his purpose in life seems to be...
an he has the nerve to front like the hardest G, yet bein OG is about ORIGINALITY...
he prolly 14!..ha haaaa!
but he IS good for target practice i'll give him that!
posted by Coros-IV on Mon Apr 19, 2010 @ 03:20 PM     post a comment
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Pent Up

[to Double U by Layzie Bone]

"east 19, east 19, east 1999.."

Pent up when Ime runnin amok, an you can bet a n*** like me likely livin it up
not Givin a f***, middle finger is up, to the world or a girl when I finger a slut
kids Url when the licka twirls mixin it up, they sick, Earl's spittin it up
ime Thinkin of much~better ways out the matrix laced with education like aesics
..learn the mic basics or all you can do is put your finger in a dike like gay chicks
..can i live negative on my feet not AIDS positive on my knees I dont taste dicks
..if it aint mozzarella, I can honestly tell ya, I aint ate sticks
..i aint dead but moneys on my head cheese bread an beef make a great mix
on Waiting lists if they're told play the roles of mental patients
old like relics ancient, their flow's hella basic
found underground like cellars basements
seDuced by the mystery of the west coast saw my first UFO-either way its a problem
..cause if they believe me Ime wanted if not Siv's tossed in thee asylum

Fed up, bound to win my enemy's trust
got it Pent up, Mount Saint Helens ready to bust
dote get Wet up, round-here theres so many of us
soakin Wet up, on scales-your bout as heavy as dust (uh) ..x2

"east 19, east 19, east 1999..east 19, east 19, east 1999.."

..crazy energy..Blazing hemp you see smoke billow
..hazy memory's, vague remembering a real pro
..the lady's heavenly, with an ass to kill foe
baby let me hump that rump to sleep then use it as a pillow
..young, dumb, full of cum, dote know which way to go
..git drunk, hit skunk, or roll and lay with hoes
..drop, top, and roll, putting the flame to dro
..pop, drop, and roll, thats how the cases flow
..Ime, not, gone speak, on stuff I wouldn't know
..but, I, got, heat, becuz the hood is cold
..I, might, be, conceited but you boast the most
..Ime, ev~ery, emcee I rep from coast to coast

Fed up, bound to win my enemy's trust
got it Pent up, Mount Saint Helens ready to bust
dote get Wet up, round-here theres so many of us
soakin Wet up, on scales-your bout as heavy as dust (uh) ..x2

"east 19, east 19, east 1999..east 19, east 19, east 1999.."
posted by Coros-IV on Sun Apr 18, 2010 @ 06:30 PM     post a comment
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[to Where You From by MC Eiht & Da Road Dawgz] tryna co-exist.. theyre tryna disrespect
..but only if it dont mean they gotta risk they neck x4

..a dolla here a dolla there thas how im livin so
do i believe em when they say im old? no
im full? thas bull i still aint got my shot at the top
spot an im not tryna take it out on birds tryna co-exist
like interns i learn while tryna live an let live
yet all u wanna do is disrespect
since u let emotions get da best of u, dat aint professional
an when u bit i didnt trip, i let u cruise
meaning that, i gave u a pass
knowin that by doing that, u'd still have fans even if, ya debut was trash
but You-dont wanna trade-shoes an mash
lets trade prollums same age as you-on my mash
a paper huntin marksmen
always wuntin anotha plate from starvin
while u sent yaself to da angels for cash still gay like marvin tryna co-exist.. theyre tryna disrespect
..but only if it dont mean they gotta risk they neck x4

no adults ay-lowed? this aint da kiddie playground
those who hate style aint got none
i aint tellin u to stay down im tellin u to rise up
if ya use my jewels as steppin stools its all to the plus (but dont bite)
trust me, money aint all its cracked up to be
i aint rich but they would think i lived in luxury
out on a limb, makin bold moves with text
but neva simple minded, and one sided
wit blind criticism of the government
cant get facts exact, but assumptions stink
ima realist, hatas tryna scratch me off a real list
gotta reason wit em its the only way?
for peace an harmony gotta meet em halfway?
if they dont get along jealous bi***es end they own existence
i dont gotta compromise for co-existance
diversity makes us strong we all fall when no one's diffrent tryna co-exist, theyre tryna disrespect
..but only if it dont mean they gotta risk they neck
i'll pull a razor n if they pull a tec
an spare my life my knife's upgradin to a pistol wit a laser
..the same g that made me a pioneer for wealth
was inspired by a pioneer himself
yet thru the screen im seein resentment in ya eyes
too high on cess to realize

core blockin awards, was a blessing in disguise
in my eyes, its the best thing that i
coulda Did for em, think im stoppin him from risin?
i swear ur lyin, where's the cries in his delivery?
misery from genuine sadness from bein needy, greedy ass bi***
if he ever is sad dont give his ass shit!
i aint make a haiti rap yet, cuz i dont feel guilty
unlike most americans, i dont waste shit, an theres no telling
how many haitians, are prone to be americanized an do the same thing
waste food an money like it aint shit, dissin those who be savin
jealous f***ers never ate shit
dont b mad at me cuz u ate mud, it beats slugs
where you from? my hood's american
never gettin credit, guess that makes me a good Samaritan*!


*In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan. In it, a Jewish traveler is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road.
First a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by.
Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured Jew.
Jesus tells the parable in response to the question of who one's "neighbor" is.
Portraying a Samaritan in positive light would have come as a shock to Jesus' audience.[1]
It is typical of his provocative speech in which conventional expectations are turned upside down.[1]
The colloquial phrase "good Samaritan," meaning someone who helps a stranger, derives from this parable.
posted by Coros-IV on Wed Mar 17, 2010 @ 02:41 AM     post a comment
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redemption - real quick key
redemption cuz a nameless bi*** got on me about my 'bars get spotted
like deadlifts' punch...can u believe that shit?

bein hood is a mentality
my mindstate formed in da hood wen Boe was a fatality (R.I.P)
its not about how he dressed
his clothes could change, from one day to da next
wen da ski mask come on an i aint in da slopes
ule know whats hood, god bless like words from the pope
rope-a-dope in da ring's not my style
but wen someone hits hard thats all u can do to not go down
clinching, sticking to subjects that are hard to prove
hard to define, runnin cuz im hard to move
in the center of da ring center of attention
a balanced 'core' fake bars get spotted like your benchin!
redemption! even leavin lifers strangled
i 'take hooks' like da big fish if our 'lines' should 'tangle'
im knife fight king, your dancing queen
ima problem for da bomb squad approach me from a sniper's angle!
nah mean

an thas basically where im comin from who are they to judge me on that sh*** my total time spent feedin an helpin em improve dwarfs ther time exponentially...yea your career might span 15 years but i garantee i still put in more time in my 13 year run...u a part time emcee dog gimme my credit, u need at least 12 credits to be full time n*** u on some COMMUNITY COLLGE stuff im like a PHD grad from Princeton U dog u cant be serious i BEEN puttin in overtime son...niggas like me get our mash on like thanksgiving chefs...nah mean? dat lyrical stuffing we gets it in my due!

next time show some respect dont be so quick to let off shots
my fingers on the red button at all times bottom line

an i apoligize for cursin i dont take curse words lightly so dont get it confused...i dont even take words in general lightly but i had to express where im comin from cuz for whatever reason, they still dont seem to know
posted by Coros-IV on Tue Feb 23, 2010 @ 06:15 PM     post a comment
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(to Let Em Hang beat by Alchemist)

i aint Good for ya health like selenium
im not the guy u might expect to get a penny from
my name'll live plenty of milleniums or should i say millenia
i aint lending ya shit, save ya pennys up
your tripping thinking of sipping or drinking from my henny cup
my linear string of hits is many ones, 'single' shit
..float like butterflies h** might touch the sky
im Sending ya to heaven an im stingin when im bringin it
my Prognosis is smoke spliffs large doses
..sublim shots i notice, i let no diss Slide u know dis
..i was made wit a precise design
..ur skill to deal wit hatas jist aint as nice as mine useta facin heavyweights an cruisers weightless losers
got no brain i'll cut dis dope like caine abusers
..choose ur weapon mane use discretion
my skins so thick, halo tips an blades leave bruised depressions..
str8 bark on em, pull the verbal tray 8 spark on em
chase an stalk Jason, hock on him (*lugee sound*)
..leave em stinkin wit da biscuit
kill em so quick that, anybody blinkin finna miss it
killin Shaft so fast, karma cant catch up wit me
put ya lighta up u cant match up wit me
if it aint a river youll be dumped in a deitch
u garbage, litter, thas what u call "son of a beitch"
not one of u kids'll turn into crooks
i roast Madd notepads like Enron burnin the books much heat i dehydrated felt tips
picked up a Crayon.. an str8 melted it
now, im bout to show these children what a Killa Verse Is
after this theyll be short about a million hearses
..the peacemaker, i bomb an leave spots quiet
put the flame to ur hood like cars in the Watts riots
like Bush your the last chump we'd give a vote to
only the company wit the gecko would quote you
only fools give a sh*** about a salamander
if Genghis Khan lived longer he would've conquered Alexander ..

pay attention, lames who didnt didnt last
push my button, thas elevation without the shaft
cats clown an laugh at ya paragraph
verbal Shots split wigs, like i chopped hair-in-half

posted by Coros-IV on Mon Sep 28, 2009 @ 06:42 PM     post a comment
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he says hes the "catalyst", the motivator.. when its liars like him that make me NOT wanna work..
cuz i turn into a quote "mean ass jew"...thinking "is this what we work for?"
a prick that makes u wanna kamakaze his whole network?...yo

fleas cant eat no more, they dead wrong
wishin I was dead last just becuz im headstrong
an proud, f*** gettin out your way
cuz it's YOU who "found" lanes my style paved, i'll make
u a inmate wont HAFTA worry bout your way
he wont care about a plague holocaust
til bodies fill mass graves an they haul him off
sprinkle some crack on em, tinkle an crap on em
who the hell Cares, i-dont-get health care
an-my tax dollars go-to-their welfare
tax my Life was almost lost to earn
buildin shelves in a warehouse a crab caught my shirt
with a Beam he dropped an almost pulled me down
i speak On crabs who's buckets aint no pails
dead men tell no tales
but live men take lie detector tests-an-dont fail

they a Gitcha, in the courts they dismiss ya
whether Young or old, whether your drunk or sobe
if youre Sick from, them buy the cure they a fix ya
in the fields of war, they a splitcha
whether piece a sh*** or innocent citizen they a hitcha
to cover their tracks when youre the witness
theyre strong as a horse but in the labor force they dont whore witcha
git the pitcha?

keep Cockblockin truth an youll never make it thru the devil's payin you
God is a mirage oasis who is the only one helpin u
dont make him crush ya dreams, sayin f*** your team
coveting true secrets from sovereigntys who eat fish, while u eat grits
this mongol ruler he's rich, a rapist
gay pigs dont fly str8 did apes make him? the debate begins
an dickrydin continues
guns are a Problem.. to lil dudes
most cats Dont-get-mad til u rob em
glad theyre alive and that u aint shot em but-by then its usually too late ..
why wait for crabs who're cockblockin to put fate
in their hands an murk u?
ya Need-to-make the first move scrape~food clean-the plate
if~thas-the only way-to-not feed-the hate


never Ran wit a gang but trust, im dangerus
becuz i'll claim the color of whoever puffs the angeldust ..
half-you-tough guys cant spell fabulous
and u trust a threat dat wets u let ratchets rust
city slickas think a country dwella's still a squeala
cinderella waitin until it's 12 to kill ya
a hoax enslaves a vexed mind like a fiend
no one's brave wit tec nines to the spleen
nah mean, they really think they killin me
cuz for liberty theyll give me lethal needles for my killin spree
live artillery screams payback
SEA makes tracks Ezay, dj's will play that
radio station crazy rotations, standing room only so they gave me ovations
shady locations where i spray mothas that made-they brothas
kamakaze cause theyll rob me one-way-or the otha

posted by Coros-IV on Wed Aug 26, 2009 @ 05:15 PM     post a comment
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(to Smooth Operator beat by C-4)

should u Match my amount of lines? please do that
its too Long u bout to whine like some pre-school brats
dats why Mouths-are dry an, i dont feed u cats u act
like it takes an hour's time to read true raps

da last Moheek, i murked your evil network of lies single-handedly
thinkin "damn" ya "see 4" problems and it's me
myself i and Mini me, in-ya-cheeks No 'blunt' its a penis ..
99 percent conceited* is real?
who wrote ya verse-the 'fake one'? like a counterfit bill? ..
i'll school u on how to spit real...
accurate rights.. with hooks an not jabs-that-hit light
unforced unlike u, i dont need a week to do it ..but enough flippin ya new script ..
dont count whats above, the truth speaks volumes i dont need novels to school kids

boy u dont get it, a sham
like a car salesman.. thats as close as Sales gets to 'man'
i must be a OG hog cuz he's nowhere near God
and thas as close as Salez gets to ham (he muslim)
like bi***es, Salez' pitch is underhand
couldn't 'get ahead' if u were shoppin for lettuce and
drug Sales are in the red as if this 'dope' is unpopular medisan
u bit cuz above my head i lit up bulbs like Edison
spittin wit 'Tekks an Max' increase, in~accuracy
writing like he fixed the fight then mixed crack-wit-his weed
though bombin forests he wouldnt 'hit trees'
if he took boredum tests hed git Z's, if he took beat sales tests he'd score rust
he'll [Get 'A-round] on (His Block)' like Pac on a 'tour bus'
your sluts tits are more f***in soggy than soaked overnight corn puffs
and yours just fits in her size 44 plus
so take 'dismissal' 'to-your grave' witchu.. like secrets by victorias
like fat on Sales my flow sticks, despite hate votes i still was able to corrode Trix
spittin the facts your so simple-an-wack~its Pitiful, it should be a criminal act
like how im Rippin-you, givin you-crack
while ur sittin on-backs like shells of hermits spittin fictional crap
vermin, still got the little kid-in-you-black, confirmin that no one's givin-you-dap
AND ya career's worse than that queer Pee-Wee-Herman had ur like-the-worst standup dude
tryna kill wit no humor, terminal ill tumor havin fools in bad moods still laugh at-you
why cuz u outcha rabbit ass mind bears wipe~their ass wit-you
Salez knows damn well those lines werent half as true
as mines callin u Tekk's an insult to Tekk
vote explanations "i aint buyin" u cant believe its 'Self' i vote against
confused my voice with boys tryna rape like pastor's traits?
u taught me how a fake 'master baits'
pussy figured he, should provoke the lame jokes to claim victorys thinkin he, knows the game
yet against me, did he claim 'victory?-no' like Shane
who'd bet against me if we both were paid to battle ?
he wont challenge me all u can do is laugh at no facts in his diss ..
he'll post both raps sayin "vote for me" givin asses a kiss
if im pussy what dat make u if im chewed like, tobacco to hicks?
gittin 'down an dirty' like the south is
the REAL pussy scared to put his money where his mouth is
satan give him a 'deal' he cant beat like salez when they go outta biz
he sounds jist like biz markie, nobody beats the biz
but when ur old u'll be doin infomercials like the biz (lol)
why light a bridge on fiya? i already know im burnin
is it necessary to confirm it?
first disses are shams.. fake bet handshakes
not pre-signatured checks with picturesque landscapes ...

opinions dont win sh*** we all have an ass
save emotions for the birds i win cuz of facts
backin up the next man's words..dont make em any less wack
sayin my text rap, to Trix was "rippin him a new ass.."
BEFORE i voted against u when u an NJ had fought
then u had a sudden change of heart, like da pain was brought
we WERE soundclick friends did that give him the crazy thought, that id really suck his cock?
ur eithe
posted by Coros-IV on Tue Aug 25, 2009 @ 03:14 AM     post a comment
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tough an sarcastic smart aleck hides his soft side
frontin starved yet fat is seen in his cheeks
i'll hit this wrestler wit a taser
then my razor, starts makin his heart bleed like REAL sympathy
why do responses of his say "honestly"
it goes without saying if u know true honesty
u aint spittin no real punchlines obviously
he does not even feel his self, LUNCH TIME!
quality over quantity is how it'll always be
i learned that on Heavyweights u got me in a time machine
wanna change the rules? drop some change fool drop a G?
rebel wit no cause effects no laws
i swear to god this piece a sh*** never tells the truth
not believin ya own words as facts thas tough
or u would back em up with time spent on deep thought instead of actin up
gotta keep speculatin dont u, frontin like u know dudes
makin accusations based on no truth, just assumptions
does the truth hurt that much? its like he has Factaphobia
facts are like flies in his web of lies what's arachnaphobia? huh
i squash crabs tryna run up, spiders get mashed
smeared on the wall i'll go to war like MASH
if u consolidated all the crabs
id be smaller than the giants eyes pick on kids your own size!
big baby tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
but dont be surprised when ur the guy (real) killas dispise
whats wrong not proud of me when i boast u mad?
the most potent if i cant do it, no one can
mad when i say u might lose ya life
but erytime u diss wit no facts u prove me right
erytime u aint militant minded
erytime u spend less to put your money where your rhymes is
and sacrifice time if youre right die for it
cock block my elevation? i'll make ya reach the sky for it
how could i block u in cyperspace? nah i tried to co-exist
but u hated on my pride ur suicide sea foe assists
the meaning of verbal murda...i killed u in self defense

tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
but dont~be-surprised when, ur the guy real chiefs dispise
damn, i cant look into ya closed eyes
ya rhymes look good on looseleaf, but beauty's in beholders eyes
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u kiss ass for props, lick ass for props
ur wins start when my feedback stops
u got raped by ur pops thas why u wrote songs dissin him
raped by cops u only praised songs dissin them
lettin out emotions, u need counselin
ur feed is too sweet, u need insulin
f***in fag, i'll stuff ur ugly mother in a bag
like ur dad f***in her wit no rubber so u were had
mother had to boot cha
put u out thas how u got ya name wolves f***ed cha like karma sutra
in the near future, after those ur near an dear shoot ya
when rags u wear suit cha, u'll pass by pushin a shoppin cart
i'll stab u in ya heart unseen cuz its dark
then cover u wit ur own blanket
so u look like a bum in the park takin a nap trick
i'll have u hit on the spot an not get caught
im use to puttin in work ur known as Jerk
in Autozone's bathroom masturbatin
even shrinks couldnt fix u, only castration
ur 300 pounds but ur dick is anorexic like diabetics
a flea could floss its teeth with ur erection
ur just a junkie, a drop out
u dont matter on a diss track only ya homies say is hot clown
dirt spec, im connected to that record exec
the one that had ya demo shot down
i aint NEVER changed my name da f*** U TALKIN BOUT bi***??

im undefeated cuz i throw big crosses
i beat ALL the kids that gave u 6 losses
the sea'll choke the life out chu, im dangerous
i could Prolly assassinate this bi*** with a paper clip

wow, some life ya got there...disrespecting mentors over pre-selected instrumentals
and being the best liar anyone ever met duke...
keep at it maybe one day youll represent u (f***in prosecutor)
gassed off thee opponents of me, but how hot are blunts when theyre thrown to the sea?
the name wont sizzle, his games played it fizzled
his once torrential 'rains' a drizzle, spittin the lamest drivel
didnt think he'd 'blow' with the 'wind'? this bum plays the fiddle
his thumbs stay with twiddles, waitin for me
to find him i had to go over the rainbow, yum taste the skittles
found a cent on the ground like a hound picked it up to give to this bum
to see what he does, he might toss it at me
either way it'd hurt less than if it was a dolla piece
ive got an ego, who's perspective is that?
haters seein my time spent on rap, in the most negative of ways
take his head out the haze Mayweather talked way more sh*** than me
an didnt sway the global jury didnt beat oscar de la hoy convincingly
i didnt see u chewin Floyd's ass out cuz u know da boy has cash piled (coward)
while here no cats made it, cuz who 'holds em down'? broke ass haters
pullin em to the ground
the type that true freestylas with the heart to make it dont be around
celebs no one wants to read about if they blew, who would big up this place?
thinkin "f*** a hater if i could I'd spit in his f***in face"
cuz he's the father of corruption
a f*** up, so youre the son of a dumb bi*** called Assumption

if u grown up then act like it...youre nothin but a mini me
u copy erything i say to u now your tellin me
to grow up? yeah thats real mature
when i was your age i never did the stupid sh*** u do...U aint Core

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mics Rapin like pastors, shakin ya ass up
like Max was naked in Alaska like paint cans i'll tag ya
drag ya thru pain's garden cant go a verse without sayin my name cuz Max sucks
cant race shottys so how the f***s he plan to chase a 'fast buck'
how u plan on knockin out a ram
cant predict the future flow i might spit
but with enough control u might write it
so unite wit ya butt buddies form a train of dick
cuz ya punches aint connectin like a chain link fence
here we go again wit bold accusations
assumptions from a chimp no factual statements
this fags a mason
usin symbolism to communicate his messages
with no trace of evidence (show an prove!!)
incoherent sentences lines of randomness
mouth felt droughts like "i cant find the cannabis"
dreamin im phony, im no fantasy a nightmare
its quite clear, u bite scared to fight fair
wheres your beat mines right here:
soundclick dot com slash gladiators arena
bring disaster to your 'keys' like Katrinas
wit HEAT like a team from Florida take this swine to the cleanas
watch me slaughter a subordinate your death wasnt sold in stores
Foe was forced to order it cuz core is um
sick ur 'well' like where peasants got their water from
ima make his daughter 'come' like i trained a 'bitch'
'boxer' verse Bulldog like 38s my 'hands on the tray' like a quarter of
creative wit punches fade him like airbrushin
ya wouldnt be a 'knockout artist' if i fainted from the un~ventilated paint on ya brush tip
i eat lames like u eryday wit my lunch kid
yawn, my hands on my head like trainin wit crunches
youre dickryding garbage bitin core like ur life's support's sprained im its crutches
bet ya car's a P.O.S yet u think u can 'start shit'
arguments that stain your rebuttal arent harder hittin
no specifics, u wouldnt 'pump iron' in the yard in prison
all ur writtens lack hooks even ya audios which is all u do
call me rude get offended testy like i rubbed him
wrong like bad massages why is spoken rhyme such a touchy subject?
cuz its all he does, sh***
i remember The Book Of Maximus: as Never Will Be Published
your shit's all quantity like splittin a donkey, half ass...
isnt that what u used to say to me at Shang?
too bad Core got the last laugh
it just cant get any more wack, than that whore Max im tellin you
sooooo, whats the latest story youre sellin dudes
why would u claim to already have signed up, an not tell us who?
or where to find this mystery freestyler who can hold his own?
so u can play the down ass go getter who found a better site on his own

the defense rest for the wicked i reside in his nightmares
his disses are like parents concerned like a mother's nurturing mind
why would a guy care bout what i do on my time?
better be careful who u talk may come back to haunt u
dont u see the str8 punk in him for bitin? thought da Wu woulda taught u
what do u want from me, What's Your Deal?
SEE? the "core of hiphop" is SHOW & PROVE and KEEP IT REAL
not eat a meal of swine then like a stuck pig scream an squeal
the real is who the squealas stalk
i could go on an on mane thats how u know u lame... real f***in talk
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so hungry i'll lose my hand, stealin a meal in Iran
lose my appetite at the sight of it and do it again
and STILL smack you all
constipated rappers cant shit, they'd make a line at the bathroom 'stall'
step up, we'll f***in chuck a staircase at you
an-not give-a-flyin f***-like sex-in airplane bathrooms
..Im allergic to airplay ATCHOO!
f*** the radio get a fear fame tattoo
the studio aint suitable for airplane travel
usin DAWS computer software makes rap tunes
f*** a radio remove the back panel
i'll turn it on by stickin my dick where batteries go
my free's are dumb as donkeys
i guess i killed too many brain cells, from mad 40's
my freestyles have cerebal pausy
all i bring's a bike helmet, mics will be provided for me
so much flow an volume i torture beats
the Humane Society's outside wit signs bout waterboarding
gotta hide from journalists reporting
gotta stay inside so they wont tape record me
i thought i told yall...
if this leaks i'll hit up your whole Society like O-dog
they were so wack i
didnt clap at night an when i heard claps back it wasnt the gat type
so get ya facts right
you talk all that boom ping badabing sh*** when you aint livin that life

youll 'see hawks' like Seattle youre the coyote in the shadow im the anvil
scaldin like tea kettles, ill like cancer patients i like deez battles
the 'bald-win' like pianos, losin wigs wit 'keys' fillin coffins like thee ammo
clips wearin beauty pageant sash slugs like i be Rambo
"kids flip flop" like tiny sandals
git handled wit twin llamas lookin like tiny camels
stupid shots loop an pop like grimy samples
how-you gon shut-me out? you cant even survive these rambles
so a 'blowouts' about as likely as run flats or your name on a cake wit 90 candles


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(yo) wit no licks he claims he isnt playin much, talkin shit, he isnt sayin much
puttin chips where his mouth is? he isnt payin much
'text' spittin on da net he isnt sprayin much, we can see u assume by the way u judge
like presidin over hearins, sayin f*** kris no homo, the non gay ryhmes is over here an ..ur nowhere near em
da way i slice Adams apples makes jaws of 'Eves drop' like overhearin
cant grow a pair when, u plant fruits wit dime figgas, rape chicks who pull 9 triggas
so ur kid a have nuts yours'll never grow a hairline bigga, heffers kill me
like yo ex-wife who said u never will be, a dad wit no sex 'life' youll never kill B
yet an still better write ur will B, f*** what might or will be, he's what coulda been
laced like a corset chief u couldnt win, a race in a corvette see the hood im in
a place where da war vets thieves an hoodlums sin
a case isnt Coors yet-it-feels too good to binge
wasted an more bent from first degree cases than vermooth
troof is im eatin pudding wit redrum-n-raisin ice cream washing down bodies of evidence wit 187 proof
no explanations translation of the metaphor says no hesitation
when i dropped who like a vice an left his eyes needin ice from mice?
a fake boss too broke to pay costs, too dull to slice the price
c was half as mean should u take that to mean (that) he was twice as nice?
congratulations! u made graduation, after celebrations they hadja stationed
in Iran, like what they said i aint did u aint big by any stretch of thee imagination
agitation's gone im free of stress sea's above like hippies giving free love
picture me dancin on ya grave to this, seriously, what's the chances of u makin it?
advancin up where angels live, like kissin ass is the key that lets a man in front of gates get in ..
levitation gits u nowhere ur taken yet u dont wear, the pants in the relationship ..
im cancerous wit plagues i spit while he claims hes in the top spot, he stays in my shadow
not amazin in battles, (why) his pot shots aint grazin like cattle that already ate 'an shit'
who u fazin when your comeback's as cute as Roxanne's Revenge dude I dont plan to end
my reign til its 40 days an nights gone by
bringin death to the phony god that gave you life dont i praise the 'light' ?
nah if yo pops 'raised a sun' he wasnt raised to fight
claim you buy Kane an prices clientele paid was twice that
i raise kane just like dat, like snap like bets an upping bars raise him right
hung over the precinct ur set's above the law, cats can bet their lucky stars i'll raise a knife
make a razor slice ya neck an cut ya jaw like ya shaved at night without rays of light
to aid your site, tryna be 'clean cut' like a 'Guillotine' blade'll slice?
thoughtchu Was a dope thief who rolled deep an was so street you dont need to hold heat
cuz aint a Jake in sight, or bum in a cold pipe wit no heat but a banger
i write tight he bites like i wrote a peach in Atlanta
to life on streets ur a stranger my 'rule's a cardinal thang your
might that u stake aint believable like tabloid article claims
u'll die an go where, barnicles stay my arsenal maims wit arson an flames
try an grow but u'll die an elf, go buy yourself a 'pair of balls' like a carnival game
then go by yourself to apartments in queens, that're targets for raids
or projects wit fiends who're armed an have AIDS
showin heart like he's brave his-main artery gave
his friend pounds his heart now i taught him how he oughtta behave
after hard punches dump him in a Watery grave, a diluted blood bath-is-how-he Oughtta be bathed
what's dat? a text diss to an audio slave?? f*** that
let this Blind bird hang like a bat til his-carotid arteries 'cave'...dass wassup man

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an we live..

u say u block huggin, but u not thuggin
u got f***in snitched on cuz u need to stop frontin
u think im old so im not afraid to pop youngins
i got endurance ur in hell soon as u stop runnin
bleed slow til u sleep yo death is not sudden
we dont support crabs, we never copped from him
showed my merciful hand to u it got shunned an
if u force my ruthless hand i'll have ya moms buggin
i aint got sh*** to prove, i stick an move
spittin To the beat kids in Britain call it a "wickit groove"
compete? naw, thas a task u aint equipped to do
thinkin u can slay a great? the way u hate's dispicable
dont make me rob green act like u know wassup
my girl got obscene ass for weeks in her briefs an her swollen butt
cheeks beefin like these prada jeans aint big enuff fo the both of us
if the pussy tight i keep a hotty crammin ur shotty jammin?
get put on ya back like im body slammin
fans are discouragin
when the fake spits i deter's the same sh*** their encouragin
with the sh*** theyre consumin
the truth ends where bling an ringtones rule like kings
u can sing Like a diva, swear u bringin the feva
but wont be a king til g'z wit more titles than me believe ya ..
claim im avrage dat makes him underachieva
of the week or month, maybe deciever of the year ..
cuz u had us swearin u was real
if u were captured, no cat would dare think u would squeal
u wouldnt scare or care starin at the half-transparent
interrogation glass u'd bare it screw a deal
wont rot in heaven's jail, u died an went to hell
your pride will never swell in a 5 by 7 cell
with a cellmate who thinks ur jailbate
an u aint won a fight so ery nite ya gitcha tail raped
u ruled on ur block where u hail from
an sell jums then took the interstate highway and stumbled
upon your death when u came my way
cuz aint nuttin but hate where i stay
where armed brigades drop from a choppa like a spida
turn ur guillotine to a 'killer' scene like ya ..
witnessed a murder
u flippin out over beef? or just flippin burgers
thinkin You can serve the guy who reigned for 6 months
thats 2 quarters and u think 50 is a clip inserter? ..
naw, u been sadly decieved
u dabbled in street dirt, but just a spec u dont matter to me
u fantasizin, eat a dick
save ya wack spits for someone u can actually f*** wit...nikka

an thats for ANY crab rapper tryna diss thinkin they worthy of
a full verse from me
f*** outta here u get bi*** smacked back into next week....word up
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When It Gets Old (quick key)

who cares about sh*** that dont matter
nothin matters except food
its cool to starve yaself for awhile
but when that sh*** gets old u either gorge or die
people like punchlines an i like honey
im a bear so if it aint lunchtime then aint sh*** funny
i write hits when i summarize
your consistent cuz ur contracts got your bottom line
i can give it to ya how ever do ya want it
like back 2 life, back to reality
but for a salary, i can spit imaginative fantasy
life aint that serious dog
an people dont like dwellin on problems only god can solve
im no brain, im designed to motivate
startin riots where they hold inmates, and str8 open gates

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pearls of Wisdom, she can only dream-of this wealth
cash Rules, it could make her CREAM on herself
my new gang, will glue-her man's team-to the shelf
cuz we'll play-him like an NBA team verse a elf
when my Minds in the gutta im trife
eatin half a watermelon wit, nuttin but a buttafly knife
imagine it like it's-ya skull split-an then sliced
Gotti style bodies pile when theyre hit-for a price
an i answer what, eva ya askin fuh
as if i was da man behind da Valentines Massacre
bag em up-like 40's on the back-a the bus
sayin "lordy" in the back a the club when shorty backin it up
i talk dirty but im backin it up, black glove ski maskin it up
no duct tape for ya Mouth? ..i'll be str8 maskin it up
youll be blindfolded while im rollin grass in a blunt..what ..

f*** around i'll throw yo ass in the trunk
ask-ya Self whats beef, then ask yaself whats grimy.......
cuz to Find B, i'll have Good AND bad boys behind me

sea is too Sick.. an its more than a rumor
his dreams were too big had to store em in the form of a tumor
now it'll all be ova soon but
when i go ima end the show when i boo ya!
who shot ya, for free wit a long slug?
i did an ima flee like a dog bug ..
f*** a offica i think i'll git high
while u get cornier like dat thing in ya eye im warnin Ya
if i slaughter ya youll think u can fly
til i toss from the only thing besides birds wit wings in the sky ..
u had the market 69 percent flooded
but Diamonds are kinda hard tuh find when its cluttered
bustas picture me holdin tec nines an they shudda
hold they breath with every line that i utta
low on fuel, this bird'll try to fly an then sputta
after fightin me psychics read ya mind an they stutta
cuz i dodged ALL ur Punches.....
i saw em comin like a Psychic wit-her muf***in mind in the gutta
mutha F***a......(what), punk ass muf***a, WHAT!..

f*** around i'll throw yo ass in the trunk
ask-ya Self whats beef, then ask yaself whats grimy.......
cuz to Find B, i'll have Good AND bad boys behind me
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(to Jack Move by Bone Thugs)

(yo) stabbed ya throat-wit-pens-u wrote-on ya tablets wit
tools slave drivers use Gon-git ta vanishin
cuz Now u a ghostwriter like, no driver that
drove-in a phantom whip, i'll Smoke-u like canabis
as-i smoke bluntz like a roach-wit banana clips
posers-git banned or git, frozen like manekins he's Slow-as molasses is
i'll spit mo shells befoe i let a h** tell on some Copacabana sh***
when faggits bring it on-i put my dome in bandanas kid like Tony Montana did
i Choke-an dismantle tricks then open a can a whip
ass while u clowns-at mass hope-like evangelists
so bow da f*** down like the Pope-does to catholics
like most of Atlanta is, my soul is black
try an 'showboat' your rank drops moe than that, boat-called Titanic did
i dont-want a candle lit i snuff flames cold as sundaes
guns blaze now your Dome's-like 'bananas split'
perforatin ur face then im impersonatin ur traits
feed-u a blend-of worms leave u-regurgitatin my tapes ...nikka
im supplyin hatred, your favorite rappers eyes dilated
i spit til i dehydrated Kru's body gyrated ..
wit no head an no clue where i waited
hard to get da truth cuz i made it
hard to date wit No body of proof cuz i ate it
now ya beef's outta site an.. outta mind faded
im overrated huh?
how's it feel to have an Avrage savage leave u thoroly annihilated..

(yo) its gonna be on its gonna be on, on, on
its gonna be On its gonna be on its gonna be on, on, on
when i go to my i pull out the gaaaat...Ima cock*it*Back*on-ya....
an make ya brains go splaaat
then i go to the reach under the seeeeat....then i take*yo*Ass*out....
an have u dumped in the seeeeea
cuz i dont give a you gon git~buuucked...i suggest you*Duck*down....
or your dome gittin struuuck.. cuuuz
I-dont-give a f*** about nutt-in (uh) about nutt-in (uh) about nuttin at all
an That's why Im good for nutt-in (nutt-in) nutt-in in ya muthaf***in jaw biatch

when your Beats all sound the you Really aint spittin no game...
ima take Over sh*** holdin my dick while your chicks clothes are Stripped watch her give me brain
when you Look-at me like-Im you Walk away talkin sh*** like Im gay
i'll Screw face u cross-the-line i'll pull out-the-taze
bring-the pain-an make-u wish-i-was-spittin-dem-flames
cuz Im Eevoooool..(evoool)..eevoooool..(evool) eevoool..(evool) retarted (an retarted)
I said im Eevoooool..(evoool)..eevoooool..(evool) eevoool..(evool) retarted (an retarted)

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WHAT (multis battle Vs. Bluntz)

i'll be standin over u when i piddle fool
i Riddle u pitiful little kids who still in middle school
what! now go gitcha crew
tell em Coro Said he's invincible til Scarface isnt cool

sing~to a diffrent tune ya shit's robotic
rock solid shoes got him fit for coffins call em ergonomic
on my mom he prolly couldnt take my life even if his depended on it
feedin Siv isnt economic i could make a non-religious prison get Islamic
green's lit around me its hydroponic
i done flaunted what this rhymer wanted
stand up guy or stand up comic? ur beats aint harmonic
SEA's plagues bubonic smokin bluntz he's blazin chronic
B's name's ironic SEA's name's iconic
u wouldnt be 'run-in game', if ya f***in name was Sonic
either way im bubblin like tonics
he couldnt get play in PA if Jay was the Philharmonic
he's a flooded meat market
carnivores salivate my thousand brains calculate my freestylin game's bionic
like ya legs, but my fist could rip a cyborg
kill on site like Jack da rippa dot org
win an all expenses paid trip to my morgue
my freezer's callin u its all inclusive but its no resort for a sporty top
i'll f*** ya shorty wop while u getcha knot twisted off like a 40 top
why diss Core? he taught ya, where the frontline's divided at
shit talkin flip floppers verse hiphoppin rider cats
livin next door to where homicides are at
stage leftin him, hooks alone made u exit
u confused? just ask a more open back door h** for directions
where to find it at, u kind of lack a global perspective
rotting underground like sewage nobody wonders how ya doin
how will drug usage help u blow on some fresh shit
u cant handle pressure, only time u score
is off clocks like wasting precious time's a sport
not ballin like a life of crimes a court
u bi*** an cry on a mission my long an vicious rhymes abort
u stole the crown an mimicked dog's bowels with it
all we'll inherit now is a pile a shit
bitch i even freestyled on some polished shit, spit a diss at me i'll demolish it
proving roughness is a necessary touch if i didnt bary bluntz
i creamed him like a potent stank blueberry dutch, thank u very much
his tramp wants to lean on me an not like a fairy crutch
i mean while she lets me pop her cherry, with a condom from her canary clutch
baried Bluntz with the man in the mortuary's touch
ordered by Shang, Ermac finished him as such, (what) punk ass muthaf***a, WHAT!

i'll be standin over u when i piddle fool
i Riddle u pitiful little kids who still in middle school
what! now go gitcha crew
tell em Coro Said he's invincible til Scarface isnt cool (repeat til Scarface is wack)
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(to Life Of A Rap Star by T-Mic Beats)

ur never alone, if im alive
but a lot of cats wish that i died
wish that my pride was shrunk
but, god knows that i represent him and im not a punk ..x3

i Said it before, we still equals
just cuz im lyricly mature dont mean sh*** we still equal ..
its no jive
u aint alone, as long as im alive
gangsta lean on me, chances are i been thru it before
im real fa sure, i relate so u know c-4 apreciates
ya struggle, i still juggle tryna bubble in a world where no ones loves u
this brotha's thinkin of u
where the name of the game's survival
eliminatin rivals, just so u can claim a title
i fell back, cuz god showed mercy
i showed it back even tho my hammer's a sledge like percy
im no bi*** with a gimmik called controversy
cuz bi*** has nuttin to do with gender see
thas how a merciful god intended it to be

ur never alone, if im alive
but a lot of cats wish that i died
wish that my pride was shrunk
but, god knows that i represent him and im not a punk ..x2

i can only endure so much so long
before i say no more im out da door so long
im gone, an once i decide dat...i aint comin back
see, u could be the most ruthless
an still think "please let me make it thru this"
so god spares u with some merciful ish
so to not show it to the next dude is bi***
havin nothin to do with sex
a lion that dont spare hyenas dont deserve to be breathin
u might think he's king, an cant be touched
but god's his crutch he's starski, god's his hutch
when his life's on the line, divine mercy comes through in the clutch
thats why i love god so much
if u dont want me here say so, im real i deserve that much, (what)

ur never alone, if im alive
but a lot of cats wish that i died
wish that my pride was shrunk
but, god knows that i represent him and im not a punk ..x2

it's set in stone, once i get my wettin on
it's hittin Home, ALL my sh*** is splittin bone
Pee Swore, i couldnt wet him in a storm
he wouldnt Drop sh*** if i hit him in the middle of the arm
walkin by i be gettin dirty looks why? im a dirty crook
an ery night i write 30 hooks
knowin that, my own kind'll choke me from the back
half yoke wit da gat how loco is that? ..
ery thing i write is sorta diffrent
an my Style stands out in ery city like an orange pigeon ..
dats da reason losers hate him
an c-4 aint in, a position to debate em ..
cause they didnt give him mod powers
sour, who always plays God? cowards
who Always praises God? rousers, of rebels
down to end it now relinquishin, power from devils ..


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