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artist:    Dr. Bob's Jazz Boppin' Bebop Quartet - JBBQ play hi-fi download mp3  Blues
title:    TWELVE O'CLOCK JUMP - For Clickers Club 11/11/17 Jump Blues
  user rating:5      
artist:    Dr. Bob's Jazz Boppin' Bebop Quartet - JBBQ play hi-fi download mp3  Jazz
title:    FEELIN' DOWNBEAT UPBEAT @ Clickers Club/SoundClick Bebop
  Musicians and other music lovers know the meanings of Downbeat/Upbeat deep in the center of their hearts and bones...the mind meanings are cited below in the Song Story. But this song is about FEELIN' DOWNBEAT UPBEAT...So DANCE!...@ Clickers Club.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Ascenzion play hi-fi download mp3  Electronic
title:    Groove Cube (makes me wanna...) Dance
  Written for the Clickers Club dance theme challenge Nov 2017.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Faunaserene play hi-fi Alternative
title:    EXPECT TO SWEAT for dance ditty challenge Indie
  For Clickers we were asked to write a dance ditty.... this was mine......and I had so much fun creating it....and yep it was a challenge for me.....
  user rating:5      
artist:    Carlo D'Anna play hi-fi download mp3  Jazz
title:    Dance The Hippie Free Style Jazz Fusion
  Start flailing your arms exotically and sway like a tree a-blowin' in the wind. It's time to dance the Hippie style.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Doomtrain play hi-fi download mp3  Rock
title:    REVOLUTION ( A side ) Rock n Roll
  song entry for Clickers Club November 11th 2017
  user rating:5      
artist:    The Smivets play hi-fi download mp3  Country
title:    Raggy Bluegrass
  Ragtime reggae anyone?
  user rating:5      
artist:    Alan L Cole play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Electronic
title:    Lets eRock Dance
  My 2017 CC Dance Ditty Challenge Submission.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Keith Mitchell play hi-fi download mp3  Jazz
title:    A New Dawn Jazz Fusion
  user rating:5      
artist:    FendrGuitPlayr play hi-fi Urban
title:    In The Groove Funk
  Dance dance dance
  user rating:5      
artist:    Velkro Merkin play hi-fi download mp3  Urban
title:    Love Fondue (DEMO) Funky R&B
  Recorded semi-live
  user rating:5      
artist:    Sounds by Ramolly play hi-fi Classical
title:    Habanera Symphonic
  Arrangement for guitar and symphony
  user rating:5      
artist:    Musan Dera play hi-fi Urban
title:    Soul Church R&B/Soul/Pop
  For the Clicker Club's Dance Ditties Challenge on November 11th 2017. "Nice intro and then it kicks into high gear with cool electro vocals it feels like a DJ club in New York."
  user rating:5      
artist:    Musan Dera play hi-fi Instrumentals
title:    De Stoomtrein Dance & Electronic
  For the Clicker Club's Dance Ditties Challenge on November 11th 2017. "Smashing dance track with many diverse musical passages and elements to keep you on the dance floor moving your body."
  user rating:5      
artist:    MelancholySoulGirl play hi-fi Electronic
title:    C'est Le Mot (CC Dance challenge)COLLAB EDM
  Russian artist DEREX asked me to put vocals/Lyrics on his dance track :-)
  user rating:5      
artist:    Relative Rabbit play hi-fi download mp3  Pop
title:    Lies Power Pop
  user rating:5      
artist:    The Footnotes play hi-fi Rock
title:    She Dances Flamenco Rock General
  Written for the CC "dance theme" challenge Nov 2017. A song about dancing, and a song you can dance to.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Dyalock play hi-fi Pop
title:    Dancing away Pop Rock
  New version uploaded 18th of November 2017.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Alisha Poor play hi-fi Metal
title:    Dance Death/Black Metal
  user rating:5      
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