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Candice & Nadinne FanSpace's SoundClick blog - Went to a concert last night and later started vocal tracks:)

Last night was so cool. For those of you not in the know- Candice and I also love bands that are not Country! We went and saw one of our most favourite bands ouside of Country in the entire world, the one and only Hanson!... I know what you must be thinking but really, they are no longer the "mmmbop" boys and have come so so far since then and been through so much crap getting there- but thats a rant for another time.

What are the chances of that!! They are playing in Nashville the same time we are here!!!

We got there a little after 5pm and joined our friends at the front of the line and proceeded to wait. A little while after that our pizza showed up ( Our friends had orded pizza for dinner). Pappa Johns... it was really, really good pizza! I enjoyed it immensly! We ate and then a little while after that- Hanson showed up!

The guys along with Mark Hudson, Victoria Shaw and Gary Burr took to the stage just after 7:30pm- Victoria was the "hostess with the mostess" for the night and gave a detailed introduction for each songwriter- ask me to repeat it now and I wouldn't have a clue what she said, to be honest, I was too busy trying to look like I wasn't staring at the boys... I was failing miserably. They're so nice to look at, especially up close smile :). They played a round and Hanson's first song was 'A Song To Sing'... I nearly died. It's one of my favourite songs of theirs and I'd never heard it live until now. The next song they played was technically Mark Hudson's song but considering he wrote it with Hanson back in 1998, he let them sing it- Where's The Love. After that was Penny and Me then MMMBop. They finished with a new song, never been recorded, called Carry You There (fell in love with it) and then a group effort of Living on The Edge by Areosmith that Mark Hudson wrote.

Hanson singing Areosmith.
I think I've died and gone to heaven smile :)

By this time, my boots have decided to protest standing for 3 hours by slowly murdering my feet and making it's way up my legs and to my lower back. I was also dying of thirst. The show finished and the performers vanished "back stage" and we made our way out of the club.

Today has been spent laying the first vocal tracks and let me just say, they're sounding bloody awesome. Might be blowing our own horn a little here but I'm really proud of what we've done so far and having a fantastic time doing it!! Nothin wrong with that eh!!

I've found a new love for double stuffed oreos and choc banana pop tarts smile :) ... I can just hear my mum saying "they'll go straight to your hips!!" Love you Mum! hehe.

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Ohhhh There are squirrells running around ecverywhere lol A friend here in SoundClick told us...
"Those are not squirrels, those are midget tree climbing kangaroos that never learned to hop around on their hind feet". Hahahaha

They are also beheading all the tulips in the garden where we are staying!!

We've never seen anything like it before!!

posted by Candice & Nadinne FanSpace on Mon Apr 6, 2009 @ 10:05 AM     post a comment
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April 4, 2009 - Saturday
Sunday, again, we spend doing pre-production with Mark and not much else. Jet lag is wearing off by now and I'd like to get out and see something now! Doesn't happen. Later that night, we chat to Mum and Sean on facebook, and also Breanna- new friend I'd made. She's invited us out for the next day- I almost jump for joy- almost :P But I am pretty damn excited.
Monday! do some more pre-production with Mark in the morning and then leave to meet Breanna at the Frothy Monkey coffee shop thats around the corner from the house- we end up spending something like 8 hours with her, Holly and Lynne- all very, very lovely girls!! We go to Fido to eat, then look at some little out of the way shops, drop Holly home because she has to work, then the rest of us head out, do some more shopping and end up on Broadway- Candice and I discover a shop full of "NASHVILLE" stuff and buy a few things big grin :D. Get lost trying to find the house on the way home (LOL) and eventually make it home by about 8:30ish.
Keep watching for more updates we have had so much fun.. Loving every min we're Really!!!

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Date: 04 Apr 2009

We're in Nashville now lol just arrived

Saturday morning we wake up around 9:30am, I really dont want to sleep the day way although I'm still sooo tired! Mark informs us that Lindsey (his wife) is going to take us grocery shopping. We go out around lunch time and go to Kroger- first things first, toaster and kettle! "Oh, we've got a spare toaster at home, I'l bring it down for you" Lindsey exclaims. Excellent! So where do they keep the kettles? "Kettles?" Linsdey askes with a blank look..."oh, do you mean coffee maker??"... no... I mean a kettle, the thing you boil water in... "Noo.. we dont have those... we use the microwave for tea and instant coffee"... D:- that was my face. Microwave?? are you serious?... *sigh*. Okay, I slowly but surely work out that they do. not. have. kettles. Only my aussie friends on here would appreciate the mind boggle that is :P. We do our shopping and head back to the house- Candice and I unpack groceries and then later while we're in the studio with Mark, going through some songs, Lindsey pokes her head in and informs us that the tornado warning siern is going off so we should turn off the computers.
Um, What??
Did you just say TORNADO WARNING SIREN????.... yes, yes we heard right, that high pitched wailing going on outside is the tornado warning siren. Fabulous. My first day in Nashville and I'm going to die!. I silently start to make out a will in my head while Candice asks Mark if this happens a lot- No, not really... oh... so should we be worried?? Nah, you're in the safest place if a tornado hits anyway (basement) but we'll let you know if things get worse. So, Candice and I bunk down in our room and turn on the tv to watch the extreme weather forecast while listening to the siren go off every few minutes. The storm starts to come through and we both fall asleep :P. Jet Lag wasn't going to let a little thing like a tornado get in its way!!! We wake up around 7pm, the storm has come and gone and all is well in the world... we make ourselves some dinner and are asleep again by about 9ish :P.

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April 3, 2009 - Friday
Ongoing Our trip to Nashville
The flight from Tokyo to LA was uninteresting- aside from them running out of the beef and leaving us with a choice of salmon and oh look! some more salmon!...(we dont eat salmon) we ate the bread rolls and the little dessert pastries on the tray...
Oh, we also nearly missed our flight from LA to Nashville.. damn customs and security... lines that go on for bloody ever and they just take their time *rolls eyes*. I must have set my watch wrong cause we thought we had plenty of time, checked the flight board when we got through security and it said "final boarding". WTFFFFFFFF???!
So we raced down to the gate- which of course was right down the other end of the terminal!! So we get there and the doors are closed, there's a lady standing there and we go up to her- she calls the plane to see if we can get on cause they've already given our seats away (eep!)- they say yes but we cant take our little suitcase with our change of clothes etc, that has to be checked in. It gets taken off of us and we rush onto the plane, get told off for being late (Uhm- WASN'T OUR FAULT!!) and told to find a seat anywhere. We get to the first available seat and me being the great big sister I am (by two minutes I might add), tell Candice to sit there and I'll worry about me. Get down a few rows and there's another free seat. Yey. I sit down and find my laptop wont fit standing under the seat and wont fit lying down because then I have no where to put my giant handbag. I look and see the little old lady next to me doesn't have anything under her seat, I ask if I can put my laptop there- she looks at me, smiles and says "I no speak engli"... oooohkay... so after a bit of pointing to my laptop and then pointing to under the seat, she understands and nods enthusiastically. I say thank you even though she can't understand me and smile widely to show my appreciation. I then turn my attention on the man sitting next to me. I ask ever so politely if he's travelling alone, he is! I then ask would he mind terribly if he swapped seats with my sister as I'm a very anxious flyer and she knows how to calm me (complete and utter lie btw- I'm fine with flying)... he looks suitably freaked and agreed straight away. So he and Candice swap seats and YEY! We're on our way to Nashville! big grin :D
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Our trip to Nashville
Our Nashville Trip The story so far .... lol
Category: Music
The journey to Tokyo was uneventful which was good- Tokyo was interesting, we arrived at 6am and nothing was open in the air port! We had a minor scare when Candice couldn't find her passport, some frantic searching later and we discover it in my handbag... I still swear I have no idea how it got into my bag!!. We figure out where the American Airlines counter is so we can later go back to get our boarding passes for the next leg of our journey and then go in search of something to eat. You would think this was easy... it wasn't.. oooh no.. In our terminal, there were either posh cafe's with Japanese food or their version of starbucks with stale sandwiches (we know they were stale as we later out from desperation we went and bought one each- had two bites and threw them out).
We give up and then decide we might as well try to call home- again, easier said than done! Ohh lookit! an internet cafe!! oh, doesn't open for another hour- buggar. We sit on some airport benches and try not to fall asleep- you know when you're going into a deeeep sleep and your body twitches?? Both of us were so tired we were doing that while awake!! I end up amusing myself with taking pictures of the strange Japanese toilets :P Eventually the internet cafe opens and yey! it's free for as long as we like!! We book ourselves in and sit down- the keyboards are a mix of English and Japanese and one wrong hit of a key you start typing in Japanese... was rather frustrating :P We went on facebook and see that my baby is online! I chat to him, explain about the phone situation and ask if he can sms Mum to let her know we were there safe- he did and Mum ended up coming online so we got to chat to her as well big grin :D We stayed for about an hour until it was time to go back to the AA counter- that took another hour.
With our boarding passes in our hands, we go in search of the Day Room- a place we can have a sleep and a shower- Oh look! there's one! big grin :D We go in and ask- $45 AU for 4 hours- at that point it could have cost $1000 and I still would have said SOLD! :P We get our key and go into the room- silence.. oooh pure bliss! We waste no time in settling down, setting the alarm so we have time for a shower etc and completely zonk out for a couple of hours. The alarm goes off all too soon and we take turns in showering (again- absolute bliss!) and when we are ready, still have an hour of our time left. We're both hungry still so we forego the hour and drop the key back.
Right! Food! We're hoping that by now because it's 1pm there should be something edible open- nope! So after tramping around the airport for nearly an hour, we decide to go back to the starbucks wannabe cafe and get a ham and cheese thingie, along with two coffees. We get it and then decide to find our gate and park ourselves there. We make it about half way before deciding to sit on the floor and eat lol. Two bites later, we're less than impressed and toss the food- the coffee is leaving a bad taste in my mouth so that gets thrown away as well.
We get up and there's a little shop we see near our gate- we go and investigate... I'm around the other side of a display when I hear a gasp come from Candice. She comes around to where I am and I see her holding the most beautiful thing....
A TIN OF PRINGLES!!!! big grin :Dbig grin :Dbig grin :D we both do a happy dance and get a tin each- I then spot some bottles of Coke- so I get a Coke Zero, and it's normal Coke for Candice. We pay, delighted with our purchases and go down to our gate to eat!

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We gotta tell you something that happened to our Mum..
It started out with Candice's Hubby buying Mum an Aquarium for Xmas.. Mum has never kept fish in her life so it is all new to her. It is only a small one for a beginner.. So off we trott to the Pet Shop and she selects some gold fish and one tiny little thing called a zebra fish.. Its like about an inch long and quarter inch wide..We all thought ..How interesting is this fish gonna be?? The gold fish died in less than a week and went to toilet heaven!! but the little Zebra fish survived!! Well Mum went in front of the tank everyday or whenever she could and I swear the fish was getting to know her!! He knew when feed time was and got all excited ..if she went from side to side of the tank he would follow her ..Now Mum is a lover of large dogs .. not really a fish person lol She started gettin all attached to this fish! She was tellin everyone how she has a pet fish and how intelligent it was lol cause everyone who didnt see the fish in action looked at Mum like she was stir crazy..
Then one day last week she calls me at work during the day.. She was upset and telling me 'Flash' (that's the fish's name) died!!! I asked her why ? what happened?? he was doing so well..!!
She then proceded to tell me she ..STEPPED on him!!!! I was like what!!? Apparently Mum was cleaning the tank and had put flash in a bowl of water from the tank, he was swimming around having a good ole time.. while Mum was cleaning the tank.. he jumped out of the water Mum didn't see him! He landed on her thong..( flip flop) I think you guys call them lol but she didn't know ..well she took her thong off and was looking for 'flash' she stepped back and TROD on him!!!! lol she was devastated!! I was tryin sooooo hard not to laugh was sad but the way she told the story you couldn't help but laugh! Candice cracked up laughin!!
She couldn't believe she trod on him!!
So anyway that's the story...Poor Mum.... Poor Flash!!!
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