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CaNdIkIsSeZbAbY's SoundClick blog - Why So Shy Baby
From the first time I met you,
I knew you were special,
The girl of my dreams,
I wouldn't know how to tell you.
See boo i'm not the type that likes to scare people away,
That's why I try to remain the same,
In everything I do.
I saw you in my dreams before,
And damb you sure do look pretty,
When your around me it's like the whole room stops.
I know you probably think that I am hitting on you,
But let me let you know darling,
It's true I am.
See you don't have to be scared or even shy with me,
I can take care of you,
Listen and if you want me to,
I'll be glad to walk you through this,
So just give me a chance.
Trust me,
You won't regret it,
Because I am way different from all the rest.
So stop being so shy baby,
Let your self go,
It will all be better in the morning baby,
Because I will still be there.
Written By:
Brianadiamond Renee
posted by CaNdIkIsSeZbAbY on Wed May 5, 2010 @ 03:23 AM     post a comment
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