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Amado Alves
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Marius Amado-Alves
Masters of Silence
name: Mário Rafael
age: 54 years old
hometown: Vila do Conde, Portugal
marital status: Divorced
sexual orientation: Straight
smoker: Non smoker
drinking habit: I'm a connoisseur
children: Proud parent
education: Post Grad
  :: Amado Alves is a member since 10/16/2007 --- this profile has been viewed 62,479 times
I research or teach for a living. I compose for immortality.

See also:
In memoriam Irene, 1931-02-01, 2010-11-01: (Este texto é bilingue, português e inglês, por essa ordem: a parte inglesa aparece a seguir à portuguesa, entre parêntesis retos. [This text is bilingual, Portuguese and English: the English part comes after the Portuguese, between square brackets.])

Queridos familiares e amigos [dear relatives and friends]:

Eis um pequeno nada pelo primeiro aniversário póstumo, o 80º, da minha mãe Irene [here's a little something for the first postumous anniversary, the 80th, of my mother Irene]:

A foto, tirada por mim em 1977, mostra a Irene no seu local de trabalho, a escola onde ensinava...
"Collab" with Peter Gabriel: Rearranged Peter Gabriel's "Games without Frontiers" for a contest:

Voting is closed.

Old script:

Take a listen. And cast your vote: I don't expect first place, but an honorable mention alone could jumpstart my pet project the Progressive Rock Academy.

Thanks a lot.
old blabbering about my self: Changed the text on my profile page greatly. For whatever purposes, follows the retired text.

Professionally I have dwelt in the area of Software Engineering all my life. In Education, Industry, and Science (current status).

I have not dwelt professionally in Music yet.

That said, I am a composer since my teens. On 2007, my catalogue has circa 100 items of many genres (progressive rock, contemporary, piano solo, symphonic, etc.)

A few works have been performed publicly, but not widely enough, and have not circulated long enough to make me a known composer.

Now let's see how they strive on the Internet!

I have been meaning to webify my works for a long time now, but never go...
I am listening back: Many thanks to all who listen and comment. I really appreciate. Even in places other than SoundClick, e.g. the Cakewalk forum. There I've learnt the Duran-Starr mix of my op.17 "Dialog (Feeling Low)" has the vocals overamped. My fault. Duran gave me two mixes to chose, one with the vocals "a bit more up front", which I chose. In the SoundClick forum I've learnt my The Dream mix has the vocals a bit underamped. Thanks. Will try to fix all eventually.
Serenade to go latin -- call for lyricist/singer: Got an epiphany the other day listening on the radio to Alejandro Sanz's superhit "Corazon Partio": my "Serenade" op.55 (on Masters of Silence) has the same format and hit potential. So this project is to replace the current English lyrics and overall too "Western" arrangement with a more "Latin" style. Probably Castillan (aka Spanish) lyrics, but Galician, Portuguese, Italian would also work. So far I got this hint for Castillan: where the English version say "girl", "say" (spanning three notes), the Castillan version could say "llamame", "bejame", and the rest of the lyrics would develop a correspondingly romantic, sexy, story, "llam
GarageBand now plays my Quartet right : I found out how to make GarageBand play General MIDI, and with that solo strings instruments (which are missing in the GarageBand default sound banks), and with that I made it play my Quartet op.86 as it should. Check it out.

(Next is the promised "marimbas mix" of Dialog op.17. Also, I think I can import SoundFonts into GarabeBand too, so watch out World, my demos are going to really rock soon:-)

Photo: "Castelo de Ourem II" by Paulo Vaz Fernandes (C) 2005 - some rights reserved.

The power of demos - Dialog spurred Serenade: Encouraged by the success story of my Dialog op.17 (on Masters of Silence), I've taken the time to produce a MIDI demo of another of my circa 100 compositions: Serenade op. 55 (also on my Masters of Silence page). Opinions, performers, plays, downloads (gratis), all very welcome.
Fully covered now!: Vocals are no longer missing in Dialog (Feeling Low) op.17, see the Duran-Starr mix on my Masters of Silence page. Grant Starr contributed his great rocking voice to produce a truly full mix of this song. Grant worked with multi-instrumentalist and producer Michael Duran, from my original "score" and "email directions". This "pure composer" is now extremely proud and thankful of this extraordinary network of musical friends. Now it's up for "listening" friends to push this great song to #1.
Top 100 artist: I just noticed at least one of my "songs" (1) is a SoundClick Top 100.

I suspect that about everybody here is a Top 100 artist (there's a lot of crap on the top of the charts), but it feels good anyway (even if there's a lot of crap on the top of the charts).

Thanks all!

(1) 1st mov. of my string quartet op.86 played by artificial string sections courtesy of GarageBand
I have been covered!: Renowned Internet musician Michael Duran has taken an interest in my op.17 Dialog (Feeling Low) composition, channeled on my Masters of Silence page. Michael has no classical training but he knows more about music than most such musicians. Michael worked from my MIDI+vocals demo to create the splendid guitar rock mixes you may now ear on his page and on Masters of Silence.
Hi, Thanks so much for your comments and interest in my music. I appreciate that very much. I have some more current music, which I did with my wife before she passed away from cancer, in April, 2014. Not sure what I'm going to do now; haven't written anything in quite awhile, but I'm trying to move on. Don't hesitate to reply! Your new friend, Michael Maroon/NightHawkrock.
:: posted by nighthawks2000 on Mon Dec 15, 2014 @ 12:15 AM     
Marius! Just wondering how everyone is doing here at the "Click" and you're on the list. smile :) Peace, FTK
:: posted by FrankieTheKid on Mon Sep 1, 2014 @ 12:16 AM     
Thanks for the great review of "indemnity" Marius - I truly appreciate it!
:: posted by seth smivet on Mon Apr 15, 2013 @ 05:29 PM     
:: posted by FrankieTheKid on Sat Apr 13, 2013 @ 09:42 PM     
Hello Marius. Man with the Golden Ears... if you have a moment please drop by and listen to "Sailor". It has a few bumps on the road but the groove is pretty good. Tell me your thoughts.. have a Blessed year.. take care,
:: posted by Johnny Yellowheel on Sat Mar 30, 2013 @ 09:48 PM     
Marius! Thank you very much for the comment on "Son of Osmosis". Haven't had a lot of time to listen to everybody's stuff, but I did manage to spend some time with "The Masters". Very impressive work! Nice to find out you're getting back together... let me know when the reunion tour gets to the Boston area smile :)
:: posted by FrankieTheKid on Sat Mar 23, 2013 @ 11:21 PM     
Reserected is an excellent piece. Funny thing most folks miss.. that immortality is a birthright..
We have an "Allan Edgar" and we call him Allan Edgar Poe.. which if you knew him you would understand how fitting it is.. Hope you are well. Thank you for your kind review.. Johnny
:: posted by Johnny Yellowheel on Fri Nov 16, 2012 @ 09:30 AM     
The Dream sounds great Marius, shoot me an Email lots going on. Congrats on your collab with Peter G
:: posted by Grant S on Sun Jul 4, 2010 @ 03:36 PM     
Hello, Thank you for visiting my page (Symphonic Band Performances) and adding it to your fav bands. I really appreciate it. I like your classical music page, especially your contemporary music. Thanks again, Ivan T.
:: posted by Ivan Tavarres on Sun May 10, 2009 @ 01:26 AM     
[last edited on Sun Mar 15, 2009 @ 04:31 PM]
Hi, got your message. I write songs professionally. The song that you refer to as "too simple" was originally commissioned by a publisher - the brief was for a "simple rock/pop song" & was not intended to be complicated. The songs you criticized for a loud guitar were outside my control as I merely provided a vocal overdub over someone else's completed songs - just for fun! Music is largely a matter of personal preference & I found your comments a little arrogant, condescending & rather rude. As a professional writer & musician, I feel it is good etiquette to leave positive reviews - irrespective of my personal tastes. I prefer to show appreciation for an artist's efforts rather than offer a critique or impose my opinions on other artists' work.
:: posted by rodrica on Sun Mar 15, 2009 @ 03:49 PM     
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