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...I hate being profound in a tiny little illiterate riddle. I mean to know Nastrodamus in this world in the ghetto is deep. How mystical he is to someone is just like scarface..which is like crack! I mean could you pictureme in cahoots with a pakistanian? commraderate to me was a hard word to finally master. am shaka I think of the same riddle day and night! profound for just being a terrible thing. Its lonely at the top, if you knew my magic trick you would be the NEXT NAS? I hate being super producer all of a sudden playing "WATCHER" -Dr. Dre only my story the opposite...they worship me. Only I don't know why every humane isn't on the same level...
posted by MucciJones on Fri Jun 2, 2017 @ 12:48 PM     post a comment
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Dxck head
I hate when my dad makes all the decisions in my life...I am surprised nobody considers being jealous of a god? don't you wish you could just control the lightening and thunder in somebody else is life? am supposed to be my own wheather man. was a thunder storm..scale ten like Exodus....its not good for another to make decisions for another! to have the keys to another mans eternal life, pee hole almost closed(NEW ONE, whats next? tomorrow the day after that for years? who didn't cut an ambilical cord? and why does a bi*** just sit tere in the house? who didn't learn to beat up a loafer? "CALLLL OVER THERE?" now just scatter!) and I can tell it is the wine bottle he skipped. I don't care for who you are...part of being religious is giving people space, am a star! and for women it is not good for man to be alone...a man! don't just walk past decent people as though they did something and according to Nostrodamus amd sure this new desease will spread! I mean who walks past you when there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? see no evil do no evil!
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 07:53 PM     post a comment
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One day.. sure somebody's thoughts gon drift this direction...but what if you dealing with money in pain? how much do you think I would be worth in loneliness? do I rank as high as what? where am I in a social campus? where should I be? who is the puppet master? a psychopath or just a pretty lady on a social pyramid? who does she call 10 boys just like me? when she saw my house on fire why didn't she call 911? and than one day her heart gon turn this direction? she gon hit a jay and say how profound is a kid? on a scale from 1 to 10? and what should I do? to what degree?its a scenario where one person at the party was just dead.
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 02:27 PM     post a comment
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Like minds
am miserable...but how many people are? am tired of blog after blog, typing. No reward? someone does less and they ride around with a sex patner? even if you drove me around? would you buy me food? a 6 pack? and I'm mean team a vs. team b? are people as intelligent as I am iq 90 not gon make a move while person after person gets a new child?as 100 girls all say I have a boyrfriend when did I become a minion? with too many that look up to me? respect, grande in Spanish! am another veteran..but you not gon aid me? like a nurse the one the most enjuired? I go to the gym and its acward? so change your life style all together and lets all live the same way! why not to me if environment? but girls just like me 3 a.m. gas station car all by theself?money? why me? suffering lonesome forever and beyond like Hitler? tattoos and geechie? Asian. My dad really is a loner, he indifferent..but me? am a socialite. With it, and than you walk past me like I deserve it.MAN DOWN so are people gon continue hitting the strip club leaving with a boy, designer drinks like Ciroc, fat trel, club, some boy, phone number, call blow job, baby and me still ruler? exhausted and point of view of life I only want to spreadMYSTICAL? even a lady of higher echelon thought its your place IF ALL FAILS THE SAME AGE...IT USED TO BE COPS..PULLING US OVER FOR NO REASON AND ARRESTING US NOW ITS YOU A LADY IN THE CULTURE CREATIN ANOTHER PAC? OR NAS...WAYNE?WITHIN ONE SMALL LIL DMV AREA HOW CAN YOU SAY OUT OF JUST 300 ONE IS WORTH THIS MUCH SUFFERING, SLEDGHAMMER DAILY AT 30, BUT ONE AT 20 IS WITH 3 30 YEAR OLD MATURE WOMEN? HOW MANY SINGLE OF THAT ECHELON? CAR AND PLACE? AND HOW SMART AND HARD WORKING? BUT ME NOT A PUNCH?THAN whose really that authentically attractive among friends? can you say a boy james dean or a girl Marilyn Monroe? girls look like betty boop..dudes like who? MAYBE THE SUFFERING ROCKS PAPER SICORS SHOES LOOKS. CUZ MY LIFE GON DEPRESS EVERYBODY. WHY NOT JUST EVERYBODY INCLUDED LIVING THE SAME WAY..EVEN IF YOU ATHIAS WHAT DOES PAIN HAVE TO DO WITH IT? WHO WON'T GET 15 MIN. RIP? ECT? AM I TO BE GOD?SELINA...but why the top and not someone like my friend that's idle..because he proportioned as in more weight? older as in a person just watching anime's? 365 same carry out?him because of a De Ville? laptop, YO GOTTI "LIFESTYLE":"if I give the wrong person money am a make the streets mad!" well, what about pussy?-me . it was 10 boys at a party...a black party!...not a white boy... now you only put a sun up for 9 as though he from space? studying dude. a fox in bed with jay realz...what about his raport world wide as an artist? am in the future he ain't release since 2010 doing nothing...but a full figured woman daily on benning rd. so why not moco? car included and lucci?a kid from any other kid from uptown but am a complaint cuz am in so much pain? a call what is that to men?even African women, pretty rabbits dating young men at the bus stop at Glenmont obviously sex but me? the Americanized one "AM A NUN" speak a different language? mysterious...OPERA!
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 08:32 AM     post a comment
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History repeats itself
the world owes me copy after copy of person after person living the same exact lifestyle. I don't doubt Jesus...saying its true. Person after person has to be John Doe till the whole world learns right from wrong....MY WINE.
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 07:32 AM     post a comment
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The De Vini code.
a lady rolled a note...down stairs...threw it and than I attempted to commit suicide. why she wrote"no sex" i'll never understand as though she can control people if they not violent and has a husband and plenty men on conneticut ave. did she watch or did they talk? how many steps a head is she?DRACULA I even saw her baggin coke in a zip lock bag and am above the average thug...seen guns walking up the street, flirtatious, el chapo. NOW am the worst rapper? off beat? thought you said Jack Smith who is Jack Smith? Nostradamus . you know bugs bunny...and I mean my girl fully left me. did she listen to the lady? my dad, the gov. ? did she do the same with another man? yet am a boy? how am I a boy when she no older in any way?cause of society, but why does the community in power her? why don't people consider someone's darkness? like a killer? does a killer make a face when they angry? or you can somehow just see they anger? right!,Now at my new place not allowed to drink? why? I have no family or friends....and am far from negative.....what rule you gon make next?NO RAPPER VIDEOS? why not even people over? if am respectable...and why not sleep overs without rent? is that how relationships work in the 5th hour? so how did you get married lady? its a scientific fact you cock blocking for a lack of better words.....
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 07:17 AM     post a comment
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beauty is skin deep. I mean from when I was born...someone is hot in they time...elimentary school and Hollywood jenifer gardner. Even Mona Lisa, but even people walking past me based on design I can look at someone and say your look was hot in Napolean's time. France, look at Paris in the 1800 and say who was considered hot? its no different the bonified joe I want to know who maxing!!!!!
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 06:35 AM     1 comment    post a comment
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Numbers mane.
LI$TENI don't know how many people listen to Jay-z but can you anymore? as though they not coming back? as though old feelings don't return as though they not genius and you still a want to be and minion? the most exallent thing you can do is play by the rulez. I mean does the new world order have to hear what am saying 30 feet? I know cousin love me? but why go against piracy! am a golden child none the less African but that's how the streets are, shaka. I mean you a lady going with pride and force not phat what you doing going with features(I mean as a con artist I have to love a Americanized brother in appearance... do I test? no, but imagine the kid I hang around on my dick...he rides me around I get rode around thug after thug and I mean he just imitation, smart imitation but imitation HIS NAME EB AS IN EBRAHAM NOT EDDIE BOWER BUT YOU DON"T SLEEP WITH A GUCCI? AND YOU FROM THE INNER CITY?HOT LINE, am the cooley high member.). the shape of somebody nose. I mean beauty? no one on this green earth truly is beautiful...due to the fact they not special. is god gone say Britney spears is better looking than mary? ever? I mean you think someone can work they way into prophecy through sheer looks? think of it this way...the cougar you are are sexing boy who plans on fist fighting me. Not a 10 grand lick, not 800 dollars of weed sold in a week, and in a day. a 500 dollar swerve in crack, a 8 ball in 15 min. and a ree....and I mean clean cut jack spiral figures. conignment 4 pounds of weed and beyond(spectacular in the streets bought a gun impressive how do you know? and the same person seen me turn down black market gun figures 300 machine guns and created the black market in apartment 202 on cannonbury square in Fleetwood and a hero like el chape a minion said"they say you the drug dealer that used to stay here? a real legend in the game for selling all the drugs! well," now picture me luring Krista Bain a 7th day Adventist into the streets being shallow!?Shallow as in am a a literal king to the streets...everything goes through me. Krista is a starlet competing but she up against a whole neighborhood.RESPECTED. now you sleeping with a jump-in in gang member fully brain washed! either that or he a blessed in. am a ayatollah cuz am both a thug and religious...thuggin isn't something I could escape but become the best because I always was a Jonez!THE CRIMINAL PRINCE...who left real winner statistics even in beef...status free burgers where it was special, dmv skippin line TRYIN to book girls at the counter....etc. but the virgin.MARY
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 05:39 AM     post a comment
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constant contridictionz
I was the best athlete, I was spoiled,video games, never that interested the cool kid, spoiled clothing but also clever a Jones. A Junior Baller, the freshest kid in Junior HIgh school history. Averix, 10 Iceberg shirts, Gucci, and Coogi, sweater, with hood. well known, g-town. but than the virgin? lol, Neno to other boys, the first to rob somebody, the first to sell drugs, buy a gun in a down hill battle but last to get a girl to dance on? nerds dating? I was al pacino! what is this karma for the kid who used to just skip line and get free burgers? I was in Gucci and no one spoke so who not monkey business? now its hipsters because they wear atheletic boat hats? other races apart of culture more than I am? I sold drugs...I had yo gotti! the man you dating wanted to smoke weed with me 2 3 years before he ever heard of yo gotti flow. AM SO APPALLED HOW DO I END THIS? than str8 traders you hang with? he stabbed me in the back for a girl? picture me being the person 9 out of 10 people score points off? and am the last person you would ever come strip for? clothes off with a wine bottle. why call me a spade? when am just a wine bottle?
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 05:06 AM     post a comment
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Better hand
I makes dudes jealous and wearing a scarf infront of the engineers friend said "you a star!" a hooligan. intimidating in fist fighting...the problem is too many like drake started a resistance. am cocky am a conceited . mole under my right nipple...taught krista bain my beauty secrets. just act hot ain't too hard to understand..its in lyrics wear a shorter dress and eye shadow. the problem is when my skin turned whiter from drug trade am like sulton. I didn't mean to break the law but people broke the is it everybody in vanity affairs but me? to most dudes I got a better hand but girls don't relize it applies to you. mystical...the irony behind 100 girls saying I got a boyfriend why is it I can't even get a number? starlet, its whip season! and men, starlet, if she walks past me why do you drive past me? with someone label thot? love no a sap? the babe.
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 04:45 AM     post a comment
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Right Now
for about six months I've released about 100 stuff..videos and produced to LPs, mixes and chopped up my mixtape....produced it for every mood. The whole rap game doing it now...the new covers chopped up. The problem is as I walk around the neighborhood am the star...but am I to be called YOUNGSTER or GUCCI MANE. The problem is Larry could be dating the rad Indian chick infront of Riteaid...and the French Spanish lady could be willie wetting and the girl at Cricket could be in love with a MC I built. I built one and he already got suntrust attention...suntrust shawdy was located on official Suntrust stuff...a theralbred Spanish kid I taught to express himself and delivery and beat picking and producing and releasing..i even taught one of his crew members packaging calling a copy of my mixtape "A RHYME SCHEME"...I don't know why its me against the world. I Thought like Biggie "TWO Pacs" was against the law...
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 04:11 AM     post a comment
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New York in D.C.
D.C. used to be a righteous home..i don't know why people brung the big apple here. they put me in Black Rob's "LIFESTORY" am far from a loser...even if BLACK ROB was am like a Romeo kind of figure...I still think about that hip Trini girl getting my friend Romeo's number in my face...its my daily routine. He buys me seafood, am the mane. The problem in my life girls look me in my eye and do are funny! they know when a French woman sleeps with them they cursed....inner lurkings be like"I AM..." Yo not Jay-z if you looking for Mr. Bentley its he. am Milwakee Best Heineken that man....French fries him? skittle me...why you chose me? I think the kid goldie...lonely. they created slang "U UGLY ASZ SHVT" At Tree top, just for appears! I HOPE IT AIN"T JUST ME...
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 03:54 AM     post a comment
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thuggin in my life time was all out...that's what gleesh means. it has no respect for intelligence...and I say intelligence because in my own eyes that was the gift. even in music my intelligence is misunderstood. am being told am off beat over and over as though it was a practical joke...I don't like minions on a none level. it makes my life pretty makes me blaspheme... sex was a stress reliever but instead krista sister wants to sleep with everybody but me. am a player to a game spiritually where people feel safe and ok after knowing every riddle biblically...what will god do after my life? if I aced and people still left me depressed. no measurements and rulers just all out darkness and gleesh. no number just people walking around like chicken....
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 03:44 AM     post a comment
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RAH RAH my lifetime ..thuggin on a scale past mafia. I don't know one positive kid...even positive kids appear to be kingpins! kids that work construction seem to be the charisma. kids like karlen. I don't like being judged...when I was the number one fresh kid...if in clothing I was donetella Versace. I hate when krissy lola Monroe...when I knew los in person. belittlement! I can understand knowledge but hate competition...why does this witch velvet play queen in hoodlum? and am the loser? and sold drugs...record breaking level. but if that's why am also disdained...why are there no positive people before hand? to the point thuggin in my eyes was a blessing? smoking weed. I was teased all my was cool cause I was African and was green...but for me to flip the script hurts my head when Dominican girls are on the bus with theral breds. AM NOT COOLEY HIGH!
posted by MucciJones on Thu Jun 1, 2017 @ 03:36 AM     post a comment
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depressed. my dad wine...he makes me insecure!..i hope the feeling spreads. is it a poison? or a way to ease the mind, the heart, had a bad day got caught up in a storm. don't watch can I? cell phone is neglected...girls are sheep, but none at my farm! dudes, all in prison? rapper? not one below. women...not on one intellectual level..or beauty. I thought convo did the trick, sex and bottles and girls? not type? I thought it was wayne at 7 here hustler music 7. 7 jeans,...ebony yes or no. government gave my wife citizenship...with bad character. Langley park's number one paid for. krista bain citizenships been voting since...18 a 90z baby...unhappy! am secluded.
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Hip Hop is dead
i'll never understand life...why people just sit in room after room. like a concentration camp...I don't know if a emperor on earth the dude in north korea with the bombs or just blonde pigs with boobs forgetting their Christian religion and science sex is a grown up act. its what makes a boy into a man...people used to trip a trader now krista bain and truth aletha kamara are still at mangos? what about infamy? rappers like star can you still rub shoulders with someone idle? am intelligent why give krissy so many views for excersizing...a fat chick to begin with now wants to replace me? never picked up a pen? my album was made 2010. with what intelligence? COPPIN STATE SEMISTER WITH KING LOS IN THE FLESH...promoting signed to DIDDY!!!!!ROCKWELL? are people really becoming heathens? what happened to class? and the new world older? now its gold teeth and ass?and lets do the math between a girl that went to a community college for choo choo trains to the brains of a church? singing on a stage to compete? with no sophistication but to take what I made? cuz we was together for years? and she really made a baby with a real criminal? and really hangs with real guns, smoking and no arrest this generation. the crew just at a park? all together till they get 100 deep? same story and physic...but a university vs a community college...? a girl who was obeaste keeps a full time job with two attempts? me since high school with friends? favoritism, hired on the spot? me over worked? how is it krista is a ayatollah and has had a job 4 years and a child? Christian society gives her a sex life? and me? over chewing in writing? no call, but my dad you do? am I to open the door for you? am you think my image the real deal without the prettiest woman by my side? or car outside? did you get head line news? or did you forget to add a single view?21 century view.....Big Dub where are you? ty to, jenny , Brandon, Britney the whole crew? am too blueeeeee...not cool?
posted by MucciJones on Wed May 31, 2017 @ 12:10 AM     post a comment
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as alcohol! life too dark and sinister, no friends no call, no girl! I never knew hell was on earth ESCO. shakes his head as usual, religious and not vital! am unhappy like minds didn't cut the cord. women are conceited...but don't know! I never thought I was too shabby...he got salbiato on 80 I got jewelry.WASHINGTON D.C. drop a mixtape to no avail, no matter how big the moon no wine any time soon, snake! crawling on my belly!HEAVEN. lifestyle...ROCKWELL, pitts every where...up the street...same block...almost got bit another neighborhood. up the hill....skill? whats the math? am I dead? insane? is weed good? food? Mexican restaurant are they mad? I set the mood? never? commitment? none? NUN? pretty lady? no one...for me.
posted by MucciJones on Tue May 30, 2017 @ 11:59 PM     post a comment
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cell phone
project am working on..I've been using my celly for a while and the quality is decent so...gon try to make a whole album since my mixtape was solid "On Spaxe" get ready for "EternaLiF3"...its off to a good start but am as depressed as can be like a diamond.
posted by MucciJones on Tue May 30, 2017 @ 06:37 PM     post a comment
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Men R from Mars Women R from Venus
IN MY LIFE TIME...I can only be a criminal prince. I have a 7 day theory. Glenmont isn't just my Sugerhill it is also my Garden of Eden. Alone I think about how many men in power the very women that allowed me to go thirsty. If I sat in on all the trends and all the vocab starting with trifling to copesthetic to opulence and slang bait and thirst and name brands 7 jeans etc. so why did people start playing cards foul? in my life people couldn't agree...the notion of real seemed to confuse people! it was too much for me to be in on it...I could be an athlete a Christian but could never be cool! my beef is with dudes with cars...if your girl a starlet behind your back with a whip beating men knowing would you still open the door for her? would you put the fur on her back? would you lay in bed with her? am confused about how many men make women cloud 9 who than turn around and make twins ashes!
posted by MucciJones on Tue May 30, 2017 @ 08:12 AM     post a comment
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7 head cobra
Woke up this mourning thinking to myself I should make a video. watching "grown woman" by Beyoncé, she turns me on. I kind of get her message.. its a sex song if am not mistaken and might reach a million now that I just discovered it. Ripe in art I've become a criminal prince in a world this un-Nostrodamus and want to take my place with geniuses by just knowing the riddles of wise men. Lyrically am gleesh because I say what's at the tip of my tongue.The method to my madness is one it is a mere thought I took from inside to page but two because I feel as though am writing a bible. My wish is to be rid of rules but rules also make you glorious.. Scared for myself but your greatest fear could be childs play to the son of mane. Almost like being a child am from a cussing lane but appear to be 100 percent correct about life being intelligence and not strict religion. Obviously am in a religious label Baptist home but the man a Morman.. I've studied being a star my whole life and decided am gon be "Twisted" meaning a guy like me might be what the world is looking for...I could be the I phone to the world. My advice to young people your brain might be valuable if you think of things from a king point of view.Who do you look up to? Louis the 14? picture the man that made Louis the 13 just as attracted to the new generation as I am. Walking down the street as a boy if its true am becoming both a man and star I think the new generation sexy. I would never not let them use a joy stick to play video games all day! I consider myself a prophet not because am profound but because the world around me is profound. Am a artist because I give the world my 2 cents.
posted by MucciJones on Tue May 30, 2017 @ 07:04 AM     post a comment
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