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Melvin Alan Album "Wonderful Life": "Wonderful Life" is a foray into Melvin Alan's consciousness, and provides an enchantingly introspective look at the human condition and its contrasts and paradoxes. The story unfolds as a 12-track alt-rock LP - a 4 piece consisting of Corey Curtis (bass), Alvaro Rojas (guitar), Sam Cartwright (drums/percussion), Tyson Nelson (keyboards) and last but not least: Melvin Alan on vocal duties. The album was produced and recorded by Eric Mosher (AC/DC, Nickelback, Keith Urban) in the legendary Wareho...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Cooking up structure, Building a cake,...?: building a new song from scratch, to mix metaphors, was fun last night. We cooked up a fine drumbeat and guitar section - and i suspect it is a bit difficult to nail down a drum track when the guitar drops out for 16 and plays for 16 and drops for 16 again and again - but our last take shows Dave capturing that oddity. sometimes, when doing duet tracks, we stop when one of us stops - you know, so we can start another take, as that silence probably signals one of us lost it and are waiting for th...    
my old car: well i pulled my old car out of the tent where it has been sitting for about a year. some how the driveline got out of balance and vibrated the transmission case in half yep the transmission broke in half right at the bell housing anyway it's been hard to find a two speed automatic transmission for a 1962 ford falcon but i found one in grants pass Oregon now i finally got the car out and raised up in the air on cinder blocks i was underneath it all day yesterday unhooking stuff getting it ready ...    
Introducing Raven Salve' And Her New Single "Rock With Me": Pensacola, Florida's Ebony D. Weatherspoon aka Raven Salve' is ready for success, and she wants you to know it. The 28-year-old Escambia, County, FL native is creating a strong buzz with the release of her new single "Rock With Me," featuring Big Pokey Bear. The single was released on October 17, 2017 on the WEEBAD Record label. "Rock With Me" is currently available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on all major platforms. "Rock With Me" is an upbeat dance tune with a positive message fo...    
Working on the new full cyberspAce LP recording todAy: Working on the new full cyberspace LP recording today. In the recording studio now at Gear 51 electro sound unit. Adding A lot of electronics to the guitars and instruments. Twisting and turning the vocals into aliens. Gonna be fun! Please listen to the first song on the LP in my playlist. "Don't Make Me Say Goodbye." Let me know what you think of the first song. Thanks, Lenny    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Support local music by supporting the owner that booked the band: How do we show our support to local music? I was at a show last night to show support for a band that three close friends and another good friend perform in and so i went to the club, bought a pizza i wasn't hungry for and gave slices to friends as they visited the table. typically i don't sit, but the place was somewhat busy and so i needed a table to order and when one opened up, i grabbed it and ordered. See i stopped drinking mass quantities years ago so spending money to move the cash reg...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
new instrumental a drain on the drainfly: Im pissed.......IM on top of things.....as much as I can be.....this is a nuisance because they carry diseases.....and I have filled my house with every smelly spray that kills bugs....THey are drain flies..and far be it from me to kill innocent insect life.. HELLLLLL NO... they think there boss......Im there with bog spray in hand......I simply dont like bugs...never did and never can... I have morgellons....a phobia that is very disconcerting from being in an accident and winding up tasting mu...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Catching live music, supporting live music!: a local band that is drawing a good and kind crowd is playing this evening in Dayton. I plan to make the trek even with our first measurable snowfall piling up in the driveway. It's been a couple months since i have been able to catch them. Arrows of Neon, a line from The Grateful Dead song Truckin' is the band and some of the members i love to support in whatever musical thing they're making happen. So it is, at best, very likely i'll get to be shakin' my bones in a Dayton club. It is a good ...    
Christmas Video from The Snowdonia Lounge: Three different keyboards - 3 different tunes - have a good one!www.soundclick.com/thesnowdonialounge    
Richi.h. is working on a new album!: Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.17 The songs go through different genres again and sometimes they are quietly wild or romantic. The album is in the middle of the year 2018 in all major Music portals available. Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Cravings and making it happen! : I am craving orange cake. i found a box of orange supreme cake and started looking for orange frosting, none to be found. so i bought the orange vanilla confetti type and plan to add some orange flavoring. I am not sure i need an orange flavor frosting, but i am planning to go for it. Dave contacted me and asked about collaborating, i can't tonight, so hopefully we'll be back at it soon! I want to run my bass guitar purchase ideas by him, he is a wealth of knowledge that has never steered me w...    
Twice The Holiday Feel-Good Vibe From NYC Indie Rockers: For 25 years The Baghdaddios have churned along, trolling the seedier dive bars of New York City that were fortunate enough to have a sound system and a cabaret license. Occasionally they graced the spotlight of some higher profile venues (including their third-ever show at iconic punk birthplace CBGB). Somewhere along the way, between the indie CD releases, music videos, trips to other countries and criss-crossing various part of the U.S., they got a bright idea in their 5th year that resulted ...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
CLARETA Haddon's Billboard Single "God With Us" Gains Mainstream Radi: Gospel sensation, CLAR?TA Haddon enters Billboard Charts On Gospel Indicator's Most Added list with her worship and rock infused single "God With Us." The single is from CLAR?TA's edgy Gospel album release, "Contagious," and is going for more radio adds in the coming weeks. Co-written by her brother, Gospel superstar, Deitrick Haddon, "God With Us" is an anthem styled worship ballad that invokes listeners to join in a melody of hope and assurance that God is definitely with us. It is the first ...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
a bass guitar question, want new but under $400,...?: I was pouring over the music instrument websites looking for a bass guitar last night. I want a bass but am not in the market for anything more than a few hundred dollars. I am wondering if a $250 four string is a better grab than a $350 five string. I've never owned a five string but when bass was my main instrument, i had gone the distance to play the Music Man i bought in 1996. now, decades later, i am thinking i need a bass for recording these new original songs i am putting together. Any t...    
Today's stats:False Alarm & Angels (DEBUT at #3).: Angels live version (2015) # 3 in Talk out of 24,287 songs # 2 in Religious out of 5,720 songs False Alarm (2013) # 94 in HipHop out of 1,775,337 songs # 53 in Hip Hop General out of 1,007,098 songs    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Colonialism and damn it, cut that dumb-ass shit out!: while i ate a delicious bowl of chili, bombs fell, IEDs exploded, women and children were killed in the name of oil, heroin, and colonialism, and the distaste of being told how a people should live created more hatred of future generations of my neighbors. I mean to say, that chili was awesome, and it was yet void of any comfort or satisfaction. I am so tired of my warrior, hawkish leaders and their colonial quests. Without question, because history has shown without exception, colonialism will...    
Natti Natasha, Ozuna "Criminal" Video Nabs #1 Spot on YouTube Music G: The hit Pina Records single "Criminal" by Natti Natasha and Ozuna is now the #1 music video in the world, according to the just-released YouTube Music Global Top 100 chart for the week ending 11/9. The video finished comfortably ahead of mega-hit "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee and "Havana" by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug, with nearly 70 million plays recorded for the week. "Criminal" is in heavy rotation on the multi-platform VidaPrimo network and has now surpassed 600 million lifet...    
Clickers Club
You & Yours & Your Music: This month we are going to delving a little deeper to discover where your musical skills came from, where they are going, and how those closest to you react to your musical meanderings. We would like our members to discuss and answer the following questions: 1. Do you come from a musical family? Are other family members musicians or interested in music? 2. What does your family or those closest to you think of your music? 3. What do you think of your own music? And how do you feel about its...    
Clickers Club
Festive Season Songs Player: It's time for our 2017 Festive Finale...yep, you've guessed it...we're having a Festive Season Songs Player! Any genre, any style - we're looking for festive season songs...or if you're less traditional, we're happy with songs that tell us what December/this time of year means to you. Note the slight change of rules for this one:- You can submit up to FIVE songs, but this will INCLUDE any collaborations. So if you want to include those extra songs, maybe now is a good time to contact your col...    
How the Patrick Lew Band works live...: Patrick Lew Band was always tech-savvy when it came to the music and putting it out there. If you were at the show I did at Brick & Mortar in SF. I played guitar through a Vox amp hooked up to a Boss DS-2 pedal and the other sounds you heard like the drums, bass and extra guitar parts came from my laptop running Apple MainStage. Its credited to Madeline Lew of course. But in this case. Shes a supernatural spirit controlling those sounds from the MacBook live. While Im not the first musician to d...    
Robot Wives: Theres talk about robot women replacing human women as potential long-term wives for lonely and unlucky men in relationships and dating. Or alternatives to it. I fully embrace the idea of having an android wife. Im too jaded about the human race in todays society and generation. I dont do well in dating because of a myriad of reasons. The AI wife should be something that can fit the final piece of the puzzle in Patrick Lews personal life perhaps. If this becomes sold on the market in the future ...    
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What good this is ya boi Roy Boy. I am a music producer & website developer out of Raleigh, North Carolina. I have produuced for several Local artist of the North Carolina Area and Georgia Area which includes artist such as Manda Danella, Shandi, D.A."Deadly Alliance",Jynx Da Ruby Snatcher, Nyce Da Threat, Big Mike Da Governor, Knockaly V. Dot, Dity Dan Diicco, Alicia Diamond, Insane G. out of Atlanta GA. and more. My background also includes website development for artist and businesses such as Jamel Daniels aka Lil Lue, Lewis Transportation, Oakley Cleanning Service, Te's Baby Showers "Fort LTD, Florida", Bud's Snoball Stand "Longview, TX", Deadly Alliance- Official website, 92 Wayz Official Website and more....
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