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david a briggs
Ernie Ball 12 string Slinky Custom Gauge 2230 (Nickel wound).: A special 'Hi' to any players of 12 string guitars out there here on Soundclick. I've always struggled with the string tension on both my 12 string guitars. I own a beautiful red Yamaha Pacifica PAC303-12 and an electro-acoustic Yamaha APX-4-12A. But now I believe that I've now found the perfect set of strings that suit both guitars...this gauge of strings is perfectly fine for electric or acoustic guitars in my opinion... Ernie Ball 12 String Slinky Custom Gauge 2230 (Nickel wound). The gauge...    
struggling forwards: I've been home for a few weeks now struggling daily to move forward. It's a very slow process. Never the less I am moving ahead. I am supposed to be taking this drug called Zytiga for my cancer along with another in combination which I don't see happening for a while due to the cost of the drug. It's going to set me back $3,000.00 a month. What I get from retirement a month wont even cover half a month supply. I'm already in debt for a couple of other drugs Lupron $1,800.00 for one injection whi...    
the frog in the box: remember that cartoon where the frog sings but only to the guy who found it? the frog is me I am like that but worse I cannot use the microphone at all or even write or mix any of this stuff when anybody can see or hear me. it's a phobia or something I mean I go out in public but even that makes me get the hee bee jeebies. I do not know why but it does. I only do this at all because I really like doing it. I get wierded out when I hear somebody listening to something I made. I guess I am the wei...    
Thank you Fruity Loops!: I really appreciate a musical production program that comes so cheap for such a great Value. I'd recommend it to anybody that enjoys producing. Make sure you support them and buy it. Its not that hard to come by $99 for it. Its well worth it, and you get everything needed to make very good sounding tracks right off the bat!    
I Just Posted My Latest Podcast: Yes coming to you direct from the garden city of St Catharines in Ontario,your ever friendly host Fred Wilson is here yet again and he's bringing to you more cutting edge music, more original sounds, more creative ground breaking Musicians so lets dispence with the chit chat and lets get on with the music. Go to http://marcusdavis402872.podomatic.com and also www.seriousnubian.com    
Gar Francis Releases A New Album Titled: Gar Francis Songbook Volume O: Gar Francis Songbook Volume One by Various Artists Album Presale: 3.9.18 Official Release Date: 3.16.18 Featuring the following Songs and Artists: 01. Baby Let's Go - Tom Vicario 2:42 02. Come On Come On - The Easy Outs 3:10 03. I Won't Cry Anymore - Genya Ravan 4:35 (Ten Wheel Drive) 04. Satisfied - Tyce Green 4:17 05. Born Dainty - Kelly Caruso 3:44 (American Idol) 06. Meet Me - Ricky Persaud Jr 4:12 07. Sweet Sunshine - The Satisfactors 3:38 08. Rush On You - Mark Lindsay 2:40 (former Lead ...    
Great Manchester Run: Amazing turnout, amazing weather, incredible money made for charities. Manchester sure did it BIG on May 20, also giving a big two fingers up to terrorists - just two days off the anniversary of the Arena Bombing. My son Anthony and his partner's sister Aimee ran for #SandsUK - an organisation that looked after Anthony and partner Charlotte when they lost a baby at 4 months due to a birth defect last June. Shall I train up for it and do it in 2019? Well if I'm still in the land of the living I m...    
Hustla Theme Musik
BEATS MADE BY DJ DETRIOT JAMEZ OF HUSTLER THEME MUSIC: FACEBOOK sc_internalMP3 bandID="967311" / Grinding by a few things just begin with the am on Monday I love to work hard on my sounds to find out!    
walmart: I was at Walmart yesterday and they have locked up all the men's underware "yep can't grab any at all" you got to push a button and wait for a guy to come and get some out for you. but that's not all! the dude has to take the underware up to a register of your choice and you can't even touch them to read the label until you pay for them that's just plain weird! they have also locked up the razors and the bicycle inner tubes. more and more things you don't even get to look at before you call a g...    
Dead Roses: J. Merritt J. Merritt Presents Dead Roses... This project was a concerted effort and promotional campaign closing the era and body of work that totals 328 beats! the training wheels have come off and going forward all tracks published will be strictly for the artist and the listener. Before I sat down to write Dead Roses, I decided that I will no longer publish free beats. So I produced these tracks as an homage to the freestyle beats arena. Now I can focus more on songwriting and theme. ...    
Ravi Nay
My new hit single : Purchase my Explicit tracks by me, "Better Days". Now on iTunes and Apple Store. Follow the link, http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1356396057?ls=1&app=itunes.    
Ravi Nay
Raskal Love EP latest album.: "Raskal Love" EP, on iTunes, follow the link. http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1312014541?ls=1&app=itunes    
Yamaha Arius YDP 143 Piano - Star Buy in 2018: DIGITAL PIANOS: Do you need to spend a fortune? EMPHATICALLY NO! There are 4 brands out there I'll mention (I'm not talking about portable stage pianos here, but home models) Casio ~ Roland ~ Kawai ~ Yamaha. Which is probably the best? I would say Kawai on touch and tone. But these are certainly not the cheapest. What's the best "all-rounder" ~ incredible reliability ~ good resale value? Yamaha. But if any of these brands come up as a "reasonable buy" in your location then just great. Check all...    
Thank you all SO freaking much for all your support!: I am constantly getting songs in top 300 spots for my songs. I really appreciate all the support you guys/girls are giving me! I would post a Chart Widget, but for some reason it doesn't copy it correctly, or maybe Soundclick has to work on fixing the code for it!!!    
The High Definition Music Card - Bring Your Own Live Performance With : sc_youTube url="https://www.youtube.com/v/9J5oCv5AMCM" width="640" height="360" / What if someone told you that you could now carry live-performance quality music in your pocket? Allow me to introduce the High Definition Music Card - a thin, portable device that comes in a USB format. The device was created by Alexander Goldberg Jero, the first winner of the Surround Sound Music Award in 2002. The music card was released with Mozart's Requiem on file. The High Definition Music Card brings the...    
Clickers Club
What Do You Think of the New Soundclick?: The new version of Soundclick has arrived - what do you think? We expected some initial difficulties (as with all new things), but nothing prepared us for these extreme changes. Some well-loved favorite features are no longer available, there seems to be a lot of confusion and inability to find things (many features are hidden and the site harder to navigate) and many of you have already expressed a preference for the original layout, feeling that is clearer than the proposed version. But are...    
New Artist : I am new to this site and I am making beats at pretty good quality. I would appreciate if you checked them out and left a comment.    
Depth By Soul EDM and 'A.E.M.' Music (Alternative Electronic Music): New age of electronica is coming, mixed with club, dubstep, hip-hop, reggae, electronica, electronic especially is bringing these genres together to create an ultimate new age genre. Lets face it, ever generation has its new genre, or genre highs n lows etc, but always a new genre emerges, hip-hop, R&B, electronic, dubstep, clubstep, drumstep, etc, you see where im going...But never in the history of music has all these come together to create a 'music theory to everything', connect em all to o...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
new tune up..... THE WILLOW APPARITIONS HEART: its bigger and better and badder... towards the end theres a surprise....A guitar synth sound that I am playing with a passion... See I cant play guitar as well so I do it on my keys... I'm a strummer with electric guitars.... I don't shrred....however I put a lot of passion in my playing with these guitar synths............yay!    
Claes Norden
When Claes talks, Soundclick obeys ;): It is very funny that I just last week wrote my previous comment where I complained that Soundclick seemed to have stagnated! Now already there's this new 4.0 version live. I could not have received a response more quickly. :) Soundclick now feels a lot more up to date with how web sites and social media everywhere today are designed. So now I became challenged to handle my personal stagnation; cannot blame SC any more for that...    
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first name:Danny
user name:the jazz apokalypse
age: your guess
hometown: Columbus, Ohio, (country)
my page:
click here
hobbies: skating (no more, bad ticker), composing music, photography, graphic Art
favorite bands: Return to Forever, The Police, Azymuth, Dynamic Twins, Yellowjackets
favorite movies: The Matrix, Transformers, Sphere, Knowing, Inception, Signs
favorite TV shows: Quit watching too much drivel/I have thank you
favorite books: Apollyon Rising 2012, Bible (KJV), Secrets In The Fields
favorite magazines: Billboard, Rolling Stone, Gig, Ebony, Popular Science
Welcome to the continuum Q. I Danny Chatmon aka The Jazz Apokalypzz greet you in the name of the One (Jesus). My journey with Him began in 1981 at bedside baptist (attending The Ohio State University) while watching the news unfold over the Iranian hostage situation. I realized that we might go to war or it might get nuclear. In either case as an immortal, I needed to decide whether I wanted the streets of gold or the lake of fire. Needless to say I decided to be a land- lover and gave my heart to Him and I have never regreted it. My life has always (in one form or another) been in pursuit of the perfect groove. I have found that perfection in praise of Him. His Holy Spirit has allowed me to be gifted to play by synthesizer too many musical instruments to name. While I am not formally trained in any instrument, and have hearing impairments (along with a lot of other things that may be wrong with me, health wise) God has chosen me to glorify him in this manner. Sounds impossible, I thought so too. But, you must remember that the One is the God of the impossible. I pray that as you listen to this form of worship, that you reflect on your destiny because we are ALL destined to meet with him. Oh, by the way never give up on your dream. And again I say NEVER give up. Gods Peace
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