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Oryginalne Plaszcze i Szale Damskie - Serwis Online: Blog Online - Nasz Polski swiat mody slynie z tego ze odrzucany jest na drugi plan za sprawa zagranicznych nowosci. Czesto mowi sie ze moda polska w zestawieniu do innych krajow dopiero raczkuje, ale gdyby jednak przyjrzec sie temu akuratniej polscy handlowcy sa w stanie zaoferoac nam godne uwagi projekty! Od najmodniejszych fasonow po wysokiej jakosci materialy. Gdzie nastal przeszkoda nabywcow? Brak dostatecznych predyspozycji projektujacych czy tez ludzie sa za bardzo rygorystyczni w...    
Twist Master Ink(C): Welcome to America Making it happen Dear Momma Why I thirst for drama We gone make it I promise Even if I have to Break out this llama And check om"em For ever dollar Tired Working a nine to five On constant throttle Striving To shake this poverty Put down the bottle Only losers follow I'll go Straight to the pen Before I beg or borrow Not much for sorrow I'm taking it If is see tomorrow Where my car note House and nice boat Mugging your dollars Starin in the eye Of death ro...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Please share your early inspirations: What moment or moments can you trace back to your earliest desires to play music? A friend brought me to his friend's house, we went down into the basement there and I watched as three guys played a couple dozen tunes. They were interacting as they played. Their eyes on each other and smiles all 'round. The music was charged with passion, tension and release! Before I ever picked up a pair of my sister's bongos and hauled them to a Grateful Dead show in Buffalo, I was already inspired by that m...    
How to play improperly: Never look back. Never practice a single piece. Throw the junk under the rug, and stuff the archives with humility. Put your best piece in your pocket, and renew your strengths through the art of listening. If it doesn't feel right it most definitely isn't. When it flows from your being, release the experience even higher. Push your limits and yet limit your access. Your musical heart thrives when fed, but gains untold inspiration when in abstinence. Believe in only the pure thought, whi...    
An innovative piece.: " such an innovative piece. Power for guitars."? (Charles Gregg) " TESLA'S DREAM " NEW SINGLE AND FREE DOWNLOAD, https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13719428    
Ben Dunham Partners With Award-Winning Songwriter Dave Gutter On New : Producer and musician Ben Dunham announced today the release of his single, "Talkin' Down," on Friday, February 16, 2018. The exclusive release party will be hosted at Sweet Melissa's, 4 Langdon Street, Montpelier, Vermont, at 9:30 p.m. The release party will feature original live music and is open to the public. More information on the venue can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/190286301552235/ Recorded at The Halo Studio in Portland, Maine, "Talkin' Down" was written by Dunham w...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
SUBCONSCIA: new post of a song I did a long time about and I believe that Drumnjon did the drums on this jewel......    
Richi.h. works on a new album!: Richi.h. works on a new album."Dark Shadows Become Light And Dreams Come True"It goes through the different genre again and it shows the versatility of Richi.h.The album will be available at all major music stores in late 2018!Only the slightly different people need other music! Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany    
Pleased to present " TESLA'S DREAM " : Pleased to present " TESLA'S DREAM " NEW SINGLE AND FREE DOWNLOAD, Hope you like ;-) comment and let me know what you think , hope you are all having a great 2018 so far ;-) believe in love Trevor sizzle https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13719428    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
new song..... BABY DOE AND HER PRECIOUS SPRING: this just has so much in it.......I am floored by my own intro lol.........I get such a charge from my own listening to my music because its like a montage of pictures from my life set in beauty.......It truly is a sojourn through so much in metaphor hidden like treasure.    
TruAF #1 in Hip Hop and Freestyle with Blast Off and 100 Grand: Thanks everyone for making TruAF #1 before the drop date of my new CD. TruAF:Gold releases May 10th!!! The reason we aint dropping sooner is because none of my tracks have been done in a bigger budget studio and we jus made a deal to pop in a sweet ass studio with real cool sh** ...so I b workin, we have hotter songs by far...WAIT AND SEE!!! MAY 10TH TruAF Gold songs like: Gold, Hate Me, Fetish, Ntoxicated, Gotta Let You Know, Pistol What? Aint Comin Back, Where Did You Go? Everyday,,,...    
Jim Carrey is painting: Not only is Jim Carrey a spirit cooker he also paints and mocks Americans all over the country. He is a mockery to Hollywood and should be ousted.    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
new song.... in memorium of my father title OF THE WAS OF MY LIFE: April 28, 2011 anniversary day of his passing........ I love you my beautiful Father......i miss you so much.......THe name of the new song is OF THE WAS OF MY LIFE......Dad died of COPD Cancer of the lungs and ALzhemers...........    
police station closed today: well yesterday when I rode my trike to town I found a wallet it had a whack of cash in it and I was broke so I had bad thoughts about it tempted to keep the dough but I took the thing home and went to bed today I decided to do the right thing and I actually fired up my old car and headed to the police station to give them, the wallet I had thought about mailing it or just dropping it in a mail box but I kept thinking what if he don't live there any more or what ever. I wanted to make sure he got...    
Birgit Beier
55. Birthday: We had a birthday party at work, in the morning time. I have brought cake and Irish Cream, as it was a special birthday. I had some good weeks since I am back working. Doing clients as well, despite Arthritis. I wasn't paid fully last month, so they wrote to me that I get the missing payment this time. Which means I can buy my special guitar amp and go singing in this nice weather on the streets of London.    
pubs and crats: you know I think it's just a natural thing for the really poor to resent the really rich. and that's part of the reason I don't like trump to me he represents all the excesses there are. way to much money way to much power but even if I set that stuff aside I also think he is a liar a big one at that I think he say's things people want to hear and acts like he is the one to do them and the things he doe's do are more of a after thought kinda oh yeah i'll do that because I can and that will pleas...    
Dyverse Productions
Various Artist Featured on Our Albums: Djripridah Updating Our Blog and I wanted to tell you about our Current Auctions for Bay Area Rap - 2 CDs K-Rek No Roads Can Hold Me & The Levey w Various ArtistsAvailablehttp://r.ebay.com/zasPBC Featuring Various Artists-,Ripridah of Dy-verse Productions,Nitris 211 of Grip Tight Productions,K-rek of Dy-verse Productions,Mateo Net aka Menace of Inka Tattoos,Cali Joe of New Formula Records,Timmy Stone aka Mr Optimo of Bad Seed Records,D-rugz of Bad Seed Records,Various Blends Aka Dj Rasque, Frit...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
I saw an accident and some people doing it right: I saw a crash today! I was back maybe four cars but as I heard the thud, a loud bang, really, I looked to see a small car flying through the air some as the tail end had been slammed, and the tail end went up in the air maybe 8 feet. An elderly couple were in the car. I stopped and asked if his back and neck was ok, the driver had gotten out, he was walking around his car looking at the damage. A woman had beaten me to them and was on the phone with 911 as she comforted the woman. The husband to...    
Facebook tricks: Facebook has moved more than 1.5 billion users out of reach of European privacy law, despite a promise from Mark Zuckerberg to apply the spirit of the legislation globally. In a tweak to its terms and conditions, Facebook is shifting the responsibility for all users outside the US, Canada and the EU from its international HQ in Ireland to its main offices in California. It means that those users will now be on a site governed by US law rather than Irish law. The move is due to come into effect s...    
TheVerse (SF) Concert History: TheVerse (SF) Concert Timeline: May 5, 2016: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA. May 10, 2016: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA. May 18, 2016: Stork Club, Oakland, CA. January 9, 2017: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA. January 14, 2017: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA. November 26, 2017: Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. December 21, 2017: Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. (CANCELED/RESCHEDULED FOR FEB 18, 2018 - SEE NOTES) January 13, 20...    
Patrick Lew Band Concert History: Patrick Lew Band Concert Timeline: Date / Venue / Location Oct 08, 2017 Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA Aug 06, 2017 Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA (CANCELED/RESCHEDULED - SEE NOTES) Oct 07, 2016 Red Hat in Concord, CA (SEE NOTES) Oct 02, 2016 The Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco, CA (SEE NOTES) Jan 11, 2016 The Promised Land Inc in San Francisco, CA Oct 28, 2015 Music Touch at Shops At Tanforan in San Bruno, CA Aug 14, 2015 Cafe International in San Francis...    
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user name:magwa
age: 13 years old
hometown: [unknown], Norway
my page:
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hobbies: Motorcycles, travelling, psychology, history, languages
favorite bands: Kevin Welch, Rammstein, Shania Twain, Pink Floyd, The Prodigy, Linkin Park, J.S.Bach
favorite movies: Lord of the Rings and anything with Samuel Jackson or Ed Harris in it!
favorite TV shows: British comedy/crime/drama. Not soaps!!
favorite books: Lord of the Rings - read it every year
favorite magazines: Psychology, history, science, computers
Organist, singer (Roots, Americana, bluegrass, Indie) looking to expand my horizon and circle of music friends, and perhaps find someone who'd like to collaborate on new stuff. Can send recordings upon request, but I cannot upload anything here, as it is not originally my own material. Work mostly in the UK, but the world is my playground.
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