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How to make free calls from internet | anywhere in the world: hows you how to free call to any mobile or lan from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. No software required. Website 1 : Website 2 : ATTENTION!!To use cal2friends you need to Disable AdBlock?    
Thank you to SoundClick and the listeners for another #1! : 4th #1 in a row (Creator,Let Me Blog That Solo Version and S.A.T.T.S.S Radio (BlogTalkRadio) Intro and now Let Me Blog That (instrumental).- Lynwood Libra highest in charts: # 56 (1,778,859 songs currently listed in HipHop) highest in sub-genre: # 1 (2,492 songs currently listed in HipHop Nerdcore) today's position: # 56 in HipHop today's position in sub-genre: # 1 in Nerdcore    
God Answers Prayers: So many people are searching for answers all the crazy that is happening in the world, the USA, neighborhoods, and families. Has the world gone mad? What is going on here? It is difficult to see ANY good in all the "bad!" People were Surprised by what happened during, and since November 2016. But, God was not surprised; God was Aware of the things going on in dark places, and what happens in the dark will be brought into the light! People of color were crying out for justice, for co...    
Acoustic Trance - San Francisco Music Duo Love Lyzardz Modernizes Psy: Love Lyzardz is thrilled to announce the release of its new four song demo. The release was scheduled to coincide with the advent of the so called Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. The demo will be accompanied by the launch of its new website and various social media outlets. The Love Lyzardz was formed in October 2014 when a casual invitation to jam evolved into a hypnotic blend of rock, folk, country, psychedelic and classical music that was indefinabl...    
Silencio BeatMaker : Silencio - Good Vibe no Trap Beat. Tempo: 3:30 BPM: 128.00 Composicao: F#2 - E2 - C# DAW: Ableton 14 Tracks    
Let Me Blog That (Instrumental) races to #108 on the Hip-Hop chart!: Let Me Blog That (Instrumental) # 108 in HipHop out of 1,778,889 songs # 2 in Nerdcore out of 2,492 songs S.A.T.T.S.S Radio (on BlogTalkRadio) *Intro* # 1 in Talk out of 24,254 songs # 1 in Audio Blog out of 3,723 songs    
Loofah: I did not know this! In everyday non-technical usage, the luffa, also spelled loofah, usually means the fruit of the two species L. aegyptiaca and L. acutangula. The fruit of these species is cultivated and eaten as a vegetable. The fruit must be harvested at a young stage of development to be edible. The vegetable is popular in China and Vietnam.2 When the fruit is fully ripened, it is very fibrous. The fully developed fruit is the source of the loofah scrubbing sponge which is used in ba...    
Let Me Blog That (Instrumental) debuts on the SoundClick charts! : Let Me Blog That (Instrumental) # 357 in Hip-Hop out of 1,778,883 songs # 3 in Nerd core out of 2,491 songs Thanks for listening and downloading!    
New Album Release: The Way to the Rainbow: Dear Friends, Im so thrilled to release my second studio album The Way to the Rainbow and happy to inform you that the album is available on: ? iTunes INVALID 4 ? Amazon ? Google Play The album has been recorded live at the incredible Vladimir Osinsky recording studio, Moscow. N...    
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Halloween Hootenanny Player: From October 17th until the end of the month we will be celebrating Halloween as usual with our Halloween Hootenanny Player. Yes's time to dust off those scary songs, release those melodic monsters and play those chilling choons! And if Halloween means something entirely different to you, then we want to hear those songs too. Any song with a Halloween theme is fine by us. You may submit up to 3 songs - they can be old ones, new ones, originals or covers...we're feeling free and eas...    
Tony Range Spices Up The Dancefloor With His Massive New Riddim 'Love: Listen: Canadian producer and artist Tony Range is causing a heatwave with his new summer anthem, 'Love Story.' After hearing this track for the first time, you will immediately start skankin' to Tony's tropical vibes. 'Love Story' describes the experience of two individuals who find themselves in one of the inspirationally hype parties at which Tony's tunes are usually played, and fall in love on the dancefloor, with at le...    
Slade Actahvis' New EP 'Draft Day' Is So Cold It Sent A Draught Throu: Listen: Slade Actahvis shows why he would be first pick if there were a draft of top upcoming Ohio rappers, with his soulful, addictive EP 'Draft Day.' The EP mixes smooth, club-ready production with ice-cold bars to create a blistering project, which will leave Slade's competition frostbitten. Having made quality tracks for years, Slade uses this EP to show exactly why he is one of Ohio's biggest talents. The EP's lead sin...    
DroiDroBeats AKA 7KOnT3NN3T : DroiDroBeatsAKA7KOT3NN3T "Presents A Unique Way Of Putting Heart And Soul To Boundaries Of Unfamiliar Melodies And Tunes ;;;;;To The Public Viewer And Listener is More Different,Since 2005,Producer & Artist DroiBroBeats Changed The Music And Outlined Its Genre As Its Own Unique Preference.As you Listen A Part Of You Is Joined With The Tunes DroiDroBeats I Audio Engineer Independent Concept Writer Song Writer Instrumentalist POSITIVE IMAGINATION AND REALITY AUDIO CONSTRUCTION 'I'm the...    
george c scott: that's it i know what it is about trump. he is that lovable guy that George c scott played in the flim flam man yep that's who he is for real he aint acting he has the ability to sell you a bridge in London he can convince you that he can make rain and influence the tides but it's because he must have watched the flim flam man. he pat's babies on their heads he throws paper towels to people who have had their houses blown away. he's just a guy who can say most anything and make you think it's bu...    
10//13/17 #1 (talk) & #1 (audio blog) charts simultaneously!: S.A.T.T.S.S.Radio (Intro) is #1 again! Thanks again to SoundClick for the platform and to all of the listeners, supporters and fans.-Lynwood Libra    
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first name:Luis
user name:scorpio1980
age: 36 years old
hometown: Bethlehem, PA, USA
my page:
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hobbies: Music,Concerts,Football
favorite bands: Linkin Park,My Chemical Romance,Green Day,Coldplay,Silverstein,matchbook romance,Chiodos,Saosin,Keane,Relient k,all american rejects,Trapt,yellowcard
favorite movies: Shaun of the dead,Batman,Tranformers,all the saw movies
I'm 26 soon to be 27 hispanic/Italian love to play football I have a big love for music mainly rock thats all I really have for now
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