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Bedford, Beds  United Kingdom glass-cage.com/dianas_blog/ Joined July 2004
Songwriter and multi instrumentalist
I am a Musician and composer, playing Keyboards Violin and Guitar, but I also work in IT doing programing so I am sort of geeky. I was also involved in starting an artists agency. I have a partner that I have been with for quite a while. Official Bio About Diana Stone Diana is a performing composer and musician playing Piano Violin & Guitar, synths and other stuff. She was a founder member of Rock/Roots band Elephant Shelf and also the Delta Ladies. She composes in a variety of styles from pop to rock to Jazz and and classical music .Diana is also expert in multi-media recording and music production. Glass Cage is the name that Diana's solo projects use. have been playing various instruments since I was about 15. I started on Harmonica, because it looked easy and it was cheap. I didn't get on that well with it though. I had always enjoyed the Piano but where I was living it was not possible for the family to have one frustratingly. We tried to get my Grandmas old piano, but sadly we lived in an upstairs flat and could not get it in. I made do with something called a reed organ, which was a bit like a harmonium with an electric blower. I did learn some basic things on it though. I also had a guitar which I made serious efforts with too. One instrument I had always really liked was the Violin and I started playing that too. You can read more on my blog https://www.glass-cage.com/dianas_blog/
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Lockdown Days in England June 2020 Jun 18
glass cage - Fallen Stranger Well, it been a bit of a week. My anxiety levels are creeping up and there does not seem to be much I can do about them, other than just try and chill out as much as possible. Yep, its hard work for sure. I guess there are a lot of other people who are feeling much the same right now of course. I have been trying to carry on doing stuff. I have tried doing a little drawing and sketching to get my mind into a different place and it helps a little but the bizarre intrusive thoughts are quite overwhelming at times, as they often are even at the best of times. I have had a good crack at all the usual techniques for this over the years so I do have ways of trying to keep the demons tied down sufficiently. But I feel trapped. Actually I am not really as I have open spaces to visit and space to do stuff but I really do miss social contact with people other than my partner. We are people with very different interests and under normal conditions that actually works quite well for us. But right now its not. I do phone calls and video chats and stuff and that helps but it is often not really enough I find. There is a big difference between being face to face with someone and seeing and hearing them on a screen. Its looking likely that we will not be seeing anything remotely normal for 18 months or so. Perhaps by August, the pubs will be open again. At least some of them. Its not likely to be the sort of places that I have played music at though as these do not allow for social distancing sadly. Also its difficult to tell if any weird symptoms are the bug or just anxiety and other stuff. I have had headaches which might be stress or hay fever or maybe just not sleeping well. My back has been playing up a lot and making it very difficult to use the PC so one way and another its not going too well. I find myself getting very irritable too.