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Jamie Morden
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Nuneaton, Lancs  United Kingdom Joined May 2004
Now 36 and have been doing Music since for years. Initially I was a scratch mix DJ in the late 80's and was madly into the House scene (acid) and ended up going to a Studio in 88 to do a House track and got the bug. Bought my first synth in 89 which was a Roland D10, which I still have! Met up with a singer in Blackpool (where I lived for 16 years) and we wrote our own tunes and ended being together as well. Got on Future Music CD, in Sound on Sound, interviewed on a few radio stations and got signed to a Record/Management company...what a nightmare that was...right bunch of sharks! Gigged for 10 years in a Cabaret Duo with the now EX doing covers and hated it, but it paid for my gear! Split up with the Witch...err...ex partner in mid 2006 and moved down to the midlands...just trying to get back into writing now.