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Mike Lizonitz
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Hughestown, Pa  USA Joined May 2004
Hi all, I love listening to great new artists. I also like to discover new songs to used for putting background music to our family movies or photos as a soundtrack, etc. I am looking for songs on a few ideas. If you have any suggestions or can come up with any songs I would love to hear them. Some of the themes I need are about 2 brothers growing up, 2 sisters growing up, kids growing up in general, husband and wife sharing 35 plus years together, family holiday times, old photographs, things like this. I also have a song challenge for everyone. I need a version of the song "I'm To Sexy! By Right Said Fred! Only I need a version that would pertain to a dog. For example, I'm to sexy for my leash, to sexy for my collar, I do my little turn on sidewalk, etc. I could come up with more lines if anyone is interested in doing this. You would get tons of hits as millions of people are dog lovers so this would get you lots of attention as an artist. I want to use it for a slideshow of my son's little black pug to give to him. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the talented people for sharing their abilities with the rest of us. (:-) You have no idea how much I enjoy finding new songs I like on Soundclick. Mik