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Kirk Bauer
Largo, FL  USA Joined May 2004
My Music
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Dec 28, 2015
Kirk, Your as old as I am. Hope your Christmas was filled with the Lord our God. Happy New Year to you and your family and may it be filled with much joy and blessings, John
Jan 11, 2014
Kirk, BM Jam is top notch sounding and you did an excellent job on the mix. I also guessing that the background was z3ta which worked out very well with this awesome jam. Very, very nicely done. Peace and Blessings, John
Jan 30, 2008
Kirk, You did a great job on this latest song, especially for not using the guitar. It has an great theatric dynamic sound to it and would be awesome in a thriller or dramatic movie scene. Nice clean clear sound as always. Thanks for sharing. John