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Italy Joined May 2004
I'm the big, 6' tall (184 cm) co-founder of TWM, the chillout and prog electronica band named "The Wimshurst's Machine". Music and soundtracks are my passions, as well as cinema. I love irony and fun (but who doesn't love to have fun?).
"Aquarius (the best of TWM)" out in 2010! Jun 21, 2010
ENGLISH: officially presented by The Wimshurst's Machine the 1st "Best of" collection of the band. WIll contain 22 tracks, all in alternative mixes or radio edits of some of the most-wanted tracks. Will also contain 2 previously unreleased tracks! Probably available since December 2009 (for phisical CD) on CDbaby and January 2010 for the downloadable versions. "Aquarius (the best of TWM)" is now available on CDbaby! US$ 10.99 for phisical CD sale and at US$ 6.99 for CD download! :) https://www.cdbaby.com/twm6 ITALIANO: presentato ufficialmente dai TWM la prima raccolta con il meglio dei The Wimshurst's Machine. Conterrà 22 tracce audio, tutte in versioni alternative o nuovi mix in "radio edit" di alcune delle tracce pià richieste. Conterrà anche due brani inediti! Data prevista per l'uscita: probabilmente Natale 2009 per la versione CD (su CDbaby.com) e Gennaio 2010 per la versione scaricabile. "Aquarius (the best of TWM)" e' diponibile su CDbaby a 10.99 dollari (circa 7 euro) per il CD e presto a 6.99 dollari (circa 4 euro) per il download dell'intero CD! :) https://www.cdbaby.com/twm6