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Mario Strormann
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@snowball johnny
Rotterdam, ZH  Netherlands Joined April 2004
Not embittered/ bit of a lonely man (56), troubled by life with the blues as therapy, thus enjoying the pain and sorrow at most, singer/songwriter since 1974, free floating spirit, anarchy/vegan culture, 2 children with 2 women as nature prescribed.. This august (2007) 30 yrs Atheist, European Bluesman, Singer/Songwriter and Bass/Guitar player will bring out his 29th CD, Name: Rotterdam.. Songs: All new songs multitracked all instruments by SJ..
Last FM May 6, 2009
Last fm asks money for streaming! And my music was there for free.. What now? This is what I did: I changed my account name to Adolf Hitler and then removed it, this is a very important step! so youknow.. I wrote an emai;l to them: Hi, > Hi there I am Snowball Johnny, singer songwriter from Rotterdam the > Netherlands. I understand that you offer my music to your payed > customers. My music is free, but it is not allowed to stream or opt > download at a paid radio station like yours. So I friendly request you > to remove all my music from your servers! Thanks Mario Strormann > https://bluez.nl/ mail to: snowball@bluez.nl and I got this answer whitin a day!: Your music has now been removed. Thanks, -- Last.fm Music Team Thats what you do with sites that make money out of your FREE stuff, it has got to stay FREE.. Art is no business it is expression of feelings and emotins in a musical way, money is slack and dirties our job, which is to entertain! Snowball Johnny may 6th, 2009