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Joey Vela
Little Rock , AR  USA Joined March 2004
I've been a musician ever since I got my first guitar for my 10th birthday way back in 1978. I am also classically-trained on percussion. I have played in a number of bands, played sessions, and played in several Houston area classical ensembles. Music has always been and continues to be for my own selfish amusement. However, if my music happens to touch even one soul, then what a great reward.
My Music
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Apr 23, 2010
Joey, thanks to your inspired playing, Electric Angels hit #1 on the Brit Pop Chart with Bob's Song "I am Burning".. Thanks for your help! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9038735
Mar 06, 2010
Hi Joe, thanks, you have some great tracks here. Martin
Nov 04, 2009
JOey! How are you? Got a new jam for ya ears, "If Only You Believe!(In The Funk!!)" I promised and I'm delivering the Funk baby!
Apr 28, 2009
Thanks for adding me to your station! :) - L
Apr 15, 2009
Joey thanks for your kind words...Candace and I were checking out more of your excellent music. You got it goin on my friend, keep up the great work! Peace through music... ~J&C~
Aug 18, 2008
Jul 05, 2008
Hey, long time no hear. I just posted a new song "Paranoid" it's no. 1 on dance punk or something like that. Hope all is well.
Jun 25, 2008
Hi Joey, Just wanted to drop by and say hello, Have a lovely day. Love & Light, G I G S
Jan 04, 2008
Hola Joey! Nice stuff since I last heard you! Wishing you and yours a Great 2008! Joe Vazquez
Apr 19, 2007
JOE !! COOL, thanks for the add as friend, hope to put more of your tunes up on my stations soon !!! HAVE A KICK ASS REST OF THE WEEK !!! RAKUKD