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Jim Star
USA magnificentlystarpower.page.tl Joined October 2022
A nice white male here seeking great friends! Is that you? I'm tired of dead fucking garbage! I entertained and performed live 35 or so times. Ran my record label from 2002-2012. My music is rocking pretty nice. Take a Listen. I like to create a fun environment, atmosphere. I am trying to attract those, whom, are like me, my kind, also. Reasonable, open-minded people, whom don't take life way too seriously. Those whom like this fun, creative, & open-minded, atmosphere. Do you like it? Contact me, if you do not, and I could try to make it closer to what you like, and what I like, both. Let's try this too, ok!? I like to have fun. I believe that life should be fun. You? - Anti-tattoos, piercings, smoking, & drugs. - I am like 40 other things, won't go viral, the way this country is. - Not dead. Pretty alive. - What are you up to!? 708-794-8593 Feel free to text Jim by contacting this site here. Nice teen white girls, contact me. Make sure you check my website, http://shrdictatorship.page.tl
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