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Rand Markiel
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Union City, CA  USA http://www.youtube.com/channel/ucpupxamab0qebi4cip4idng Joined September 2022
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Band : The Retsej Genre: Spoken Word/stories/podcasts Alternative hip hop Review Date: Feb 4 2023 Song: .vmpire Wow!!!!!!!!! a real interview with a real vampire!! Or a little kid in a grown mans body who believes he is a real vampire and never grew up a lot like as to say a little kid possessed by the devil demon vmpire this movie/storytelling Spoken word as if to say / song format and Peter pan of a little boy kid who really not just believes it that he is a real vampire talking in this/podcast storytelling/ interview with a vampire this song /format / storytelling Spoken word interview here is a real little Peter pan of vampire world of the and who never grew up and absolutely rules this role as vampire demon lestat/retsejdemonexcorcisthorrormovie demon like Reagan played by Linda Blair in that classic scary of all scary movies horror classic , based clearly on the movie interview with a vampire by novelist award winning for her bestselling book novel by that name which was made into an Oscar winning movie hence this interview with a real vampire shows all the world just how everybody is a secret member of the secret society sex wealth and power classy rich superior upper class member of that secret club DP and how we are all really real vampires too and we all fancy ourselves as such being a vampire ourselves in real life too as does Rand Markiel a white upper class superior tasteful wealthy unbelievably rich and classy and with sophistication and sophisticated upper class well to do high society tastes. this interview spoken word song a real interview with a real vampire like is superb acting if he's just an actor Rand QMarkiel sweeps the audience off their feet with what is sure to win Grammys and at least one Oscar and the direction is amazing to say the least if I had thought of this I probably wouldn't have believed it could have been done or pulled off with the script obviously done along the way by Rand Q. Markiel as the voice of lestat or lestat retsej should i say a demon /Lucifer possessed character larger than life stunns the audience with his little kid classy and rich adult little kid child vampire rich wealthy owner of corporations and multitrillionare the well to do superior upper class well to do sophisticated and top hat wearing classy beyong imagining upper class rich aristocrats and stock market tycoons are always known to be vampires who are of that superior upper class educated sophisticated sexy little kid and charming boyish good looks obviously knows he's sexy to kill for people to want to be him to be a real vampire who has immortal youth and rules the world financially and with their vampire powers of sexual and intelligent seduction Rand as the demon vampire demonically exorcist movie based also mixed in possessed by rules this sure to be highest as you can go in the movie reviews as this crazy wild eyed sharp teeth classy rich wealthy and upper class college educated vampire it was so funny hilarious the whole thing I love the part where he talks about putting a dead body in a place of pure evil under the mental escapes under the Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California where he goes on with his fun beyond imagining and make you tear up and cry, funny and crazy little kid imagining or should I say he believes in what might be thought imaginary like an imaginary friend the Retsej lestat vampire demon possessed character being interviewed throughout the recorded tapes being recorded by the interview with a vampire based on the movie this movie/podcastspokenwordstories theatrical play like a radio horror movie show reminds me of they used to broadcast back in the roaring twenties which is where this vampire is obvoiously from that time period in history is strikingly present as an outstanding mood is set as the vampire proceeds with the interview inm still laughing.hahahahahaand acting wild and as a little kid in an imaginary world of still having never