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Kaley Willow
USA Joined October 2001
My Music
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Jan 18, 2009
Hello Kaley Thank You for adding the song ( His World Is Coming Soon ) to your station, keep in touch Tom
Nov 24, 2008
Hi Kaley, thanks for adding Scott and Me :) Big Hugs
Sep 23, 2008
i love your songs, i find it relaxing....thankzz for the add though..Godbless
Aug 08, 2008
Dear Kaley, Just 'Poking' around the almost overlooked corners on Soundclick, and discovered you.Found you through Dani's site. Your "Forever Is A Long Long Time" is beautiful.Listened to both versions.The instrumental begs for the lyrics and fortunately you were able to accomodate 'Par Excellence". Beautiful song and GREAT songwiting. All The Best To You, Gene Thomas
Mar 07, 2008
Beautiful 'Soul' Inspiring music! Thumbs UP!!!
Feb 16, 2008
Hey Kaley! Great song! will add more later! It was my pleasure! I want to put on my Station what I think will Minister to people! And touch their Hearts! For the betterment of their Life!!! To put them on the right path, or keep them on the straight and narrow path to the Truth(JESUS CHRIST) BE BLESSED!!!!! WildBill
Nov 25, 2007
Hello Kaley, Many thanks for your very kind words and for visiting my page.
Jun 26, 2007
Hi Kaley, Thanks for adding "Simple Country Girl" and "Worth Calvary" to your station, and also thanks a million for purchasing a copy of my CD "Simple Country Girl". God Bless You.. Your Music Friend, Trinity Lane www.trinitylane.net
Jun 19, 2007
Hi Kaley! I got your thank you about adding your songs--but I don't see it on my message board either! I'm still figuring out the message boards here--it seems hard to reply to people. So... I'm replying here... maybe you'll see this someday! LOL. Linda