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Teddy Calderon
@Audio Labb Studios
London, ENG  United Kingdom Joined May 2018
I am a music producer that is always looking for new talent and other producers to collaborate with.
In 2005 the name Audio Labb studios was created and registered in Barbados by Teddy Calderon a Music and video producer, Teddy’s passion and love for Music started at age 8 while attending primary school, being a member of a dance and singing group, he would come home after practise to his mother Heneritta Calderon who would encourage him to keep on going even though he would be teased and laughed at by some of his school mates, he took this advice and continued on his path. These humble beginnings have taken him on a journey travelling the world and working with creative people in different areas of music, video and photography, he has built strong friendships and a respected career, being a proud Barbadian Teddy has overcome many obstacles and challenges. Teddy has worked with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros and NBC to name a few and has gained valuable insight, which has evolved his focus. Teddy Calderon is always looking for the next hit song or origin story that can be told in a collaborative way, empowering artists and inspiring new, young talent. Today Teddy is embarking on a new project called Intertune in which he believes it can flourish and be successful.
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