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Fresh Meadows, NY  United States www.soundclick.com/jesusoldman Joined January 2018
Some of you remember me from my previous life. I died. I came back.
The most important thing I can ever possibly do is get you all to believe in yourselves. Got Jesus?
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John Lennon's Best Mate, Pete Shotton, Comes To NYC...Witnesses All. Jul 20
After the first day, Pete having watched us record the song we all wrote together in his hotel room that morning, BETWEEN HERE AND THERE https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13814198 "BETWEEN HERE AND THERE" by JESUS OLDMAN (with Pete Shotton) realizing, that it was true, that I really do channel John Lennon & George Harrison as well, Pete said this: "You bastard. You knew. You knew, didn't you. You knew that if I saw you work, I'd know it's you." John laughed and said, "I've only been telling you that for Two Fuckin' YEARS, Shotton". Pete sank back on the couch and said: "Fuccccccccccccccccck" Here is one of the photos taken in this time period... check the photos section of the Jesus Oldman Music Site here at SoundClick, to see the rest of them. Jesus Oldman