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Lenny Wiles Lionstar
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Hex County, PA  USA www.supernaturalgears.org Joined November 2017
Strange things are going on here in Hex County York Pa. I went to the tunnels in 7 Valleys. Snapped a pic of a real Reptilian staring at me through the gate
I'm the creator of Lionstar Graphic Novel Space Rock Opera COMIX series and a Supernatural Gear Songwriter, Filmmaker for HEXabaloo Pictures, Guitarist and recording artist for the Virtual Cyberspace only Guerrilla Gig Minstrel unit The Marshmello Angel Popsickles from Hex County York HEX Pennsylvania. Belong to the ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. Hex County is one of the most paranormal supernatural regions in the world. I refer to my music as Psychedelic Rock N Roll Phantasm with a raw rural sound. Witnessed many UFO's growing up on a diary farm in rural Hex County. Had an encounter in the woods with a UFO and aliens in a clearing on the family farm in a woods clearing underneath a powerline on the farm. Saw many crop circle formations in the fields. Encountering these supernatural events helped to shape my view of life and interest in creating unusual music. Please feel free to download and use any songs in the collections for commercial or non-commercial use. Thanks for listening and hope you can use one a song for one of your projects or for listening pleasure. Attribution require for use. Please provide link to site from your site http://www.supernaturalgears.org/song-vault.html or give credit to Lenny Wiles Lionstar, SupernaturalGears.org
Lenny Lionstar - World Of Aurora Borealis. Admiral Byrds strange world Jul 6, 2019 Mood: adventurous
World Of Aurora Borealis