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Brandon Norman
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Meeker, Oklahoma  USA Joined May 2017
Boundlis aka Brandon Norman is a true artist. Not only is he a hiphop artist, but he is a Freelance Graphic Designer. He inspires to be a break through Comic Book Artist. He had alot of hiphop names. Some of those names were b-dog, b-nice, b-luva, Luva, Luv Doc, Phantom, Ballistic, Spearhits, Grimlock, and iLLsick1. He joined the Wu Tang fan club online. He is one of the 400 Wu Tang members. He was originally born and raised in Washington State. His roots are from Oklahoma and New Jersey. It was Washington thought that he ran with an asian clan name Bacardi. Boundlis then went to the south and got into a group called Creative Mountains in college. There he was MCing in Texas. Moving to Meeker, Oklahoma, he learned about trap life. B33 or boundlis really stuck for his hiphop name. He didnt MC after awhile, but because of the love upon the art, he went back and started rapping. He is mainly called boundlis. The reason why he is called boundlis is because he is bounless beyond his art style in everything he works on.