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Jaycee Sparks
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Ottawa, ON  Canada Joined March 2017
Sparxx Vizion/Productions was created in 2004 by a man named Jaycee. JayCee created this organization to promote and shine light on Canada’s Capital music industry with an emphasis on Hip Hop and Rap. Growing up in the Vanier projects Hip Hop and music was naturally in his blood from a very young age. Jaycee has had many influences with music in his life, but none larger or of greater importance than his Father. At the young age of 10 years old, he would accompagny his Dad to different events that his Father was hosting or DJ-ing and studied his every move, learning the skills he would require to pursue a life of music. He learned quickly and soon was DJ-ing on his own. In the early 90’s he and a couple of his friends started a Rap group called the Duxe. This group although a childhood dream of stardom, allowed them to find their expression in a world of politics and hardships. After the tragic and brutal murder of their childhood friend they felt the need to take a stand and speak their minds through the only way they knew how, by channeling their emotions through music. Unfortunately many other obstacles followed challenging their dreams and the group split up in late 1998. JayCee continued on his own, doing small shows here and there but could never find the venues to get his name out in such a large industry. Now, father of a young girl, Jaycee keeps himself busy with what he loves most....music production, graphic designing and video editing.