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Kevin Kevin
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Richmond, VA  USA Joined January 2017
Laid back brother cool calm and collective i move with the leadership of God so theres no possible way I'm gonna get caught up with anything not of the word of God.I love music because it quiets some the evils of the world,I love all things beautiful because were free to go and do anything that we want to, so live life have fun I'm a very quiet type guy so I'm very cautious of who's in my immediate circle because trust mean everything but check me out I'm Kevin Redd Ceo of Redd Hott Beatz Inc where i create my own style music so on that note welcome to the world of Redd Hott Beatz Inc
change the world Jan 29, 2017
As artist we gotta help change the world and not be lead down the wrong path know whats best for your life and don't let people choose your destiny because their lives are unhappy demonic spirits are trying to control how the world operate in all industrys so choose wisely but love what music stand for and how one simple piece of music will change the world and how we live today. peace yall Redd Hott